The Hose Knows; Bring Back The Style

The Hose Knows; Bring Back The Style

It seems as though pantyhose have been pushed to the wayside in recent years.  One wonders when a fashion accessory that was once so popular began to lose its charm. Some of the reasons why your mother (or grandmother) once wore pantyhose no longer apply, or make sense, it the modern world.

In the past, pantyhose used to run more frequently, causing multiple purchases; they didn’t fit well, either too confining or too loose; they used to make the legs look tan and sexy (but we get artificial tans nowadays); they covered a woman’s bare leg when it was taboo to show it (but that is no longer an issue).

Coming Back

The good news for legwear-loving-ladies it that pantyhose seem to be making a comeback, partially due to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.  Her classic fashion sense is envied by many, so it seems that pantyhose and stockings are back on track!  Here are what we believe to be the top 5 reasons why pantyhose are perfect!

5) They really do make you look professional and well-put-together.  Women who are empowered make a statement in hose, and that statement is classy.  If you want something a bit more fun, choose a flirty pattern or texture.  And a bright color can add a punch of perfection to any drab outfit. 

4) They let you skip a shave.  Yes, a pair of pantyhose can give you a little break when it comes to the razor. Sure you want to have smooth skin, but when you’re short on time, pantyhose will smooth you out without the blade. 

3) They keep you warm. Do you get chilly even when the weather turns warmer? Does it need to be mid-summer before you finally warm up? If you are a cooler girl, pantyhose will keep you nice and toasty no matter the weather.  Thicker in the winter, lighter in the summer, you decide what temp you like.

2) They cover up your flaws.  If you have cellulite, moles, scars or even varicose veins, the right pair of pantyhose can cover them easily and make your gams look gorgeous and blemish-free. Plus, if you have short legs, make them look longer.  If you have thin legs, make them look fuller. 

1) They speak the language of sexy! Yes, from pantyhose to stockings, men find them irresistible. They add that touch of mystery to a woman’s leg. Plus, just wearing them can make you feel sexier. 

With all of those reasons why pantyhose can improve your style, why not pick out a few good pair? At, we have textures and colors galore to make you look classy, sexy, or fun. And speaking of sexy, be sure to check out our stocking collection; think “Bull Durham.”

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  1. Hosiery is more popular in colder climates, But they are still very much desirable .

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