Full Figure Body Types

Full Figure Body Types

It seems like the world is finally embracing the fact that women come in all different shapes and sizes. We’re tall and thin, short and stocky, and a mixture of everything in between. Beauty is only skin deep, and it’s also in the eye of the beholder. At hosiree.com, we believe that you need to take what you have and work it to the best degree possible! You’ll only look as good as you feel, so make yourself feel great!

The Pear

When your hips are wider than your shoulders, your thighs and buttocks see the majority of the weight when you gain, and you have a defined waist, you’re considered to be a pear shape. Keep the following tips in mind to dress your body:

• Accentuate your upper body with shoulder pads
• Consider high boots to flatter legs
• Wear a good, supportive bra
• For leggings, boot cut is best

Consider the Addiction full cup bra that gives you full support and coverage in sizes up to G.

The Apple

You might be an apple if you have no defined waist, have a large bust, and find that your weight gain happens in your stomach. Women over 40 sometimes end up in this shape due to hormonal changes. To dress it well, remember that:

• Shirts that are ruched in the middle will camouflage a big belly
• V-necks tops will create a vertical line
• Tops should end just below the hip
• Tailored jackets create a nice V-shape

High-waist Capri leggings will control your waist and trim your tummy area while providing comfort.

The Curve

This is also known as the hourglass, and you want to do your best to play it up, even if you carry a bit of extra weight. Look for:

• A good bra that lifts you up and pushes you out
• Darker colors that look best on top
• Skirts that end at the knee and are a tighter fit
• V-neck shirts or deep necklines

Bellissima Leggings have a push up effect that will take your hourglass behind and flatter the shape you already have.

Every body type can find what they need at hosiree.com. Large or small, short to tall, browse through our offerings to find just the size that works for you. Keep rocking those short skirts with the fishnets, or the leggings with a tunic. Embrace your body and dress to impress.