How to Choose the Right Pantyhose for Your Cocktail Dress

Choosing the right pantyhose for your cocktail dress first depends upon the look you want, if you are after simply smooth and sexy legs or if you want attention getting hosiery. Many times a slim fitting, short cocktail dress is most attractive and sexy when paired with invisible and
seamless pantyhose. Under close fitting clothing such as the cocktail dress, a seamless nude look pantyhose is perfect in that it leaves the eye catching job to the dress and your overall beauty.

    A summertime cocktail dress is often light and
    airy and barely there. Pantyhose that works with
    that should be light and airy and barely there as
    well. With an invisible toe and a seamless stretch
    of lightweight fabric, hosiery simply adds an allure
    of sexiness while keeping you cool and fresh.
    The illusion of freshness in summertime is a perfect
    one. Seamless pantyhose are designed to be
    worn against the skin under close fitting clothing,
    giving the illusion of nudity. This is sexy and
    appealing to most men, likely the one you are with
    most of all. Sexiness is easily achieved with one
    of the many pantyhose options available in nude as
    well as several shades of color.

If it is pantyhose that has textures and colors that
    you are after to wear with your cocktail dress,
    perhaps fishnet stockings in a shade that
    complements your outfit and shoes is the choice
    to go with. With a lacy band at the top of the thigh,
    fishnet stockings are alluring and sexy when worn
    with a flowy summertime frock. The peek-a-boo
    effect is a powerfully sexy one whether you are alone
    with your significant other or out and about with
    him. Allure and attraction is easy with one of the
    many stylish hosiery options.

Pantyhose styles and textures have come a long way since the days of the ‘eggs’ in shades of nude, beige and black only that we all likely remember. From bridal thigh highs with sexy bands of flowers and lace to black leggings that are tattered and tough, hosiery choices and styles have evolved right along with fashion and clothing everywhere. From sexy to tough and everywhere in between, there are sure to be several hosiery styles that suit your needs. Evening wear that is glittery and sparkly or Capri pants with tears and holes, you name it and it is likely out there.

Socks: A Huge Catwalk Hit This Season

   Short and sassy socks have always
   been popular with girls and women
   alike. Socks that are made in
   lightweight and easy fabrics much
   like pantyhose are light and
   comfortable to wear even with
   the dressiest of heels and shoes.
   Stylish short socks can be found in
   many styles, from fishnets to floral.
   Socks add an element of fun
   and sassiness to the most dressy
   of outfits. While some outfits are
   better with pantyhose, there are many
   that can adapt to the whimsy of short
   and sassy socks.

Wearing socks with your dressy shoes is a way of being trendy while at the same time keeping your toes warm during the cooler months of the year. While fishnet socks will not keep anything warm, some of the other styles such as dressy
fashion socks are made of material that is just heavy enough to provide some warmth while not being clunky or uncomfortable inside dressy shoes. These socks are adorned with ribbons, bows or flowers that add to the whimsy and fun aspect of them.
Frilly socks are simultaneously girlish and sexy, as many men would agree. That is an image that lots of women seek to portray, sexy yet sweet.

   For those warmer times
of the year
   there are classic fishnet socks or
   lacy socks that simply give a fun
   flair without adding weight or
   heating up your feet. Breezy fishnet
   socks are stylish and unique while
   lacy socks add a sweet element to
   a sexy outfit. All dressy shoes,
   heels, can be accented by
   a well
chosen, pretty pair of short
   socks. These socks are perfect for
   an outing as well as for at
   home sexiness. Many of this
   season’s catwalk models are
   showing off short and sassy socks
   with kicky dress shoes and short skirts.

Socks that are designed to catch attention are always fun to wear out and about. Whether the
socks are
lacy or sheer, adorned or simple and elegant, they add a touch that pantyhose or naked feet do not when worn out on the town or at home for an elegant dress up dinner and evening alone. It fun to add lacy socks to a sexy in home ensemble, for men seem to love the sexy yet sweet look from time to time. From the catwalk to the bedroom, short n sassy socks have the potential to be scene stealing.

New Arrivals Franco Bombana Announcement

Summer is all about style, sexiness, and, elegance. If you have been fascinated with the latest summer trend, you know what you need to wear to look chic this season. A pair of legwear will absolutely make you feel fabulous this summer. The glamour of hosiery is irresistible and even timeless. Sexy and exotic legwear makes the legs appear gorgeous, attractive, and incredibly beautiful. Legwear is definitely one of the most essential accessories that should be added to a woman’s wardrobe.

Franco Bombana, the most dynamic and recognized name in the hosiery industry, offers an extensive selection of innovatively designed women’s hosiery to give every woman a stylish look and a sense of luxury. The options are endless. Franco Bombana meticulously designs everything from refined pantyhose and tights to sexy and classy

Franco Bombana has recently introduced a summer collection of hosiery items that emphasizes contemporary styling :

Baguette Pantyhose;                                                               Fantasy Fishnet Tights;
Fiorata Fishnet Capri-Legging;                                                
Flowery Ankle Socks ;  
Gemma Fishnet Tights;                                                             Poise Fashion Pantyhose;   
Saten Glossy Pantyhose;                                                        
Fishnet Capri-Legging Gemma

All types of leg wear featured in their most recent summer collection are inexpensive, superbly fashionable, and are designed to suit the modern woman’s lifestyle and attitude. The designs and prints are uniquely feminine and very flattering, making each style a great gift for leg wear aficionados and fashion-focused women.

Franco Bombana is committed to provide women with an impressive range of unconventional and high
fashion hosiery. Wearing a style from their newest summer collection is a perfect way to get a comfortable yet unique look.

How to Have Great Looking Summer Legs

Winter barely ends before women are considering their plan for great looking summer legs. While having great legs to show off in the summertime begins with leg skin care and moisturizers, the right hosiery can go a long way towards helping your achieve the smooth and sleek summertime look you are after. Summertime means barely there hosiery that gives the illusion of beautifully shaped and smooth legs no matter what the outfit or shoes. The best pantyhose for those summertime dressing up moments are those that are light and airy, invisible and cooling.

Great looking summer legs begin with great skin care, shaving and moisturizing often. That being said, there are many styles and fabrics of hosiery that can provide you with the slimming and smoothing you desire for those flirty summery frocks. Dressing up in the summertime means short and sexy skirts or flowing flirty frocks, both of which need sassy hosiery to add pizzazz and sexiness to your legs. Invisible hose with texture draws attention to your legs. Invisible hose that clings to your skin and shows no signs of not being your actual skin is another version many of us like to indulge in, especially during the summertime.

Lightweight and airy hosiery is a trendy and stylish way to give a slimming and smooth look to your legs. You showcase your outfit, the shape of your legs and your stunning shoe choice when you wear invisible hose that provides a silky smooth look without being obvious. Great summer legs starts with great accessory choices. For intimate wear, while bare is always ideal when it comes down to it, some allure and enticement is fun and exciting. Sleek and smooth thigh high hosiery with floral and lacy bands adds an element of sexiness and allure.

Summer legs can be bare and beautiful but the addition of trendy and stylish leggings, stockings or capris adds a level of excitement and attraction to your legs. A summery outfit such as a flowy frock can only be accented when you add silky stockings with a floral band that peeps from time to time as you dance with your loved one. Summer legs bring about memories of summer pastimes, for there is nothing like summertime. Investing in beautiful silky summer stockings only adds to your sexy summer wardrobe, allowing your casual frocks or short skirts to go from day time casual to evening sexy in no time at all.

Magic Caffeine Treatment: How It Works

Looking your best is a big part of feeling good about yourself, especially when it comes to women. We like to look our best when out and about, whether for work, school, groceries, or just out for fun. Slimming undergarments and capri are a great way to shape your legs and bottom in order to look your best in any outfit you choose. Many of us choose to wear undergarments that are shaping and form fitting. Special garments treated with a magic caffeine treatment can help you look your best by slimming and shaping as you go about your day.

Magic caffeine treatment is a special way of designing garments in order to provide you with the best shape and slimming effect possible. Wearing garments that are made with this innovative treatment helps you slim while you go about life activities. The magic caffeine treatment is when tiny micro capsules that contain a formula of caffeine, Shea butter and the like are sewn into clothing. These billions of tiny micro capsules in the garment break with the friction against your skin and activate. Once this happens time and time again as you wear the garments, the result is smoother skin and whittled away inches.

Garments made with this magic caffeine treatment are underwear, capri, thigh length underwear and the like. Sleek and slimming, these garments are worn under your daily outfit. While you go about your day, your undergarments and skin are working together to slim and shape the best you possible. Different brands of magic caffeine treatments use different components but they all include caffeine and moisturizers. The many, many tiny micro capsules get to work every time you wear the garments. The garments should ideally be worn daily for at least 8 hours. They will last through several washings and wearings, leaving you with a durable garment even after the magic caffeine treatment is gone.

As women, we are always striving to look our best when we leave the house. Makeup, hair, clothing and even undergarments contribute to our overall appearance. Feeling confident in how you look is part of feeling good and looking great. Magic caffeine treatment undergarments that help slim and shape while you go about daily life are a boost for sure, multitasking is queen these days. You can find quality magic caffeine treatment garments at and be on your way to a slimmer, shapelier you in no time at all.

New Arrivals Girardi Announcement

We are announcing our Justine Fashion Fishnet-Lace Tights as one of the new Girardi arrivals for the 2011 spring and summer season. These exciting tights are designed in an all over floral pattern that is sheer to the waist, soft and stretchy. They are found in shades of gray, blue and black, to meet the elegance associated with the Girardi brand. These tights are the perfect accessory to a light and flirty summer sundress, adding enticing variety to the everyday frock. Toss these lacy tights on under a flowing short skirt for instant flirt factor. With a seamless design at the top, this soft and stretchy fabric can be worn against the skin under close fitting dresses or skirts anytime.
Game Fashion Lace socks are another refined and classy new look from Girardi for the 2011 spring and summer fashion season. Short and sleek, these black lacy socks rock a flower pattern that is simultaneously edgy and sweet. It takes a sharp dressing and elegant woman to pull off such rocking lacy socks paired with sexy high heels and a super short leather or feathery miniskirt, for a sophisticated yet edgy look. To keep your look fresh and modern, you can enhance the appeal of these unique socks when they are given the attention they deserve in sharp looking heels.
One of Girardi’s new best sellers for the 2011 spring and summer fashion season is the ultra sheer 10 Denier Elegance pantyhose, which have been designed to help every woman achieve a smooth and sleek nude look. Light on the legs and with a subtle hint of scent, these are ideal as a foundation garment because they can help enhance and slim the silhouette. Some features of these Elegance models include cotton gussets, reinforced toes, and flat seams. The model has also been anatomically designed to caress the legs, giving a perfect fit no matter what your size might be. Before you put on the perfect little black dress or skirt, for work or play, an elegant foundation is essential. A sheer look can be achieved with the strength of microfiber. Evidence of this is in Top Ultra Sheer Microfiber Pantyhose, which are a new addition to Girardi’s 2011 spring and summer fashion season. They are strong yet completely sheer. While normally microfiber might be associated with opaque tights, these top of the line sheer pantyhose use the microfiber to add extra stretch and a cooling effect to the fabric, without any change in appearance. Other facets of these sheer and elegant pantyhose include cotton gusset and flat seams, making them a perfect accompaniment to any summer wardrobe.

Color Spring/Summer 2011 Trend

It is common knowledge that stockings come in a variety of textures and styles. It is perhaps not as well known that hosiery can be worn in a variety of colors as well. The typical thought is that hosiery is black, white or skin colored. This spring’s and summer’s color trend lends itself to Easter egg, summery cool pastel colors as well as some darker, more smoldering colors. There is sure to be a color that works with your outfit and your mood of the day or evening. Hues of blue, soft light gray, pink, floral patterns and the list goes on.

Sexy hosiery in the form of short and sassy socks come in white, flower pink and sky blue colors that accent your spring or summer outfit with ease. These colors attract the eye and add an element of whimsy to dressy clothes or carry on the fun theme of more casual ensembles. Lacy tights are often found in wedding dress ensembles or intimate wear clothing. Shades of gray or blue are available in addition to the traditional white tights. Soft blue tights with a floral pattern add zip to that summery frock or those short shorts and high heels.

The spring and summer 2011 trends in color lend an element of fun surprise to hosiery. Capri leggings paired with tank tops are cool, comfortable and eye catching. In deeper shades of blue, purple as well as pastel pink, these leggings are ready for anything from a day on the lake to a night spent dancing. Color adds such a zip to any outfit when coordinated with both other colors and the mood of the evening or day. There are even fun tights that appear to be thigh high boots. These are fun paired with a short skirt, causing people to look twice or even three times.

Trendy hosiery has come far beyond plain old pantyhose or sexy
thigh highs meant for the bedroom only. Fashion has evolved to include
lacy thigh highs and hose with
criss-cross ribbons or
vertical stripes as part of exciting evening wear. Many men confess to being allured by pantyhose of all kinds, with thigh highs being a personal favorite. Wearing sexy thigh highs with a short skirt and high heels is perhaps one of the sexist ensembles you could come up with for an evening out on the town with your man or an intimate supper at home.

Why I Love Pantyhose

When I think of pantyhose, I think back to Sunday mornings going to church with my family. Pantyhose were always part of those mornings, either my mother’s before I was old enough or mine as a teen–always needing replacing due to the ‘runs’ that materialized before my eyes every week. I remember those ‘eggs’ in which we often purchased pantyhose in tan or beige shades. Hosiery has come a long way since the days the egg pantyhose. When the right styles and textures are paired with an outfit,
stockings are stylish as well as providing color and smoothness where desired.

Pantyhose can go a long way towards adding color to legs that have yet to be kissed by the sun, whether due to the weather conditions or just lack of time. Some people prefer to avoid the sun’s rays and provide smooth texture as well as color to their legs through wearing brand name hosiery that is stylish and trendy. The many varieties and styles of hosiery available these days allow for unique style and expression in choosing what hose will best go with a certain outfit and shoes. Pantyhose have many textures and colors, with something to fit every need.

There are different types of pantyhose for different occasions and weather types. Formal pantyhose are the smooth, understated yet unique style hosiery that compliment your legs and add to your formal wear with style. Smooth and sexy legs make you feel wonderful and beautiful. Formal pantyhose can be full hose or they can be thigh highs with pretty garters. These are especially fun for your wedding or other formal event when the sexiness of such can be enjoyed. Summer pantyhose are lightweight and airy, hardly felt against the skin. While many of us prefer naked legs in the summertime, some occasions and outfits work better with stylish summer pantyhose.

I love pantyhose because they allow me to add color or smoothness to my legs no matter the outfit I choose to wear. They are suitable and adaptable in any kind of weather, in any situation. Some types of pantyhose help with shaping and sexiness as well as color and texture.Thigh highs are attractive and sexy to wear to a formal event with your loved one while full pantyhose can provide slimming help and smooth lines. Pantyhose are only limited by your imagination, just as the outfits and shoes you choose are only limited by your imagination.

New Spring/Summer Arrival From Cazzola Gaetano

If you want to carry out that extremely hot look this coming season, then choose from the cool celebrity styles from the Cazzola Gaetano brand. All its feminine hosiery items are sure to make any female wearer to look at their most seductive appeal especially when they have wider stylish designs to choose from for the new seasons ahead.

From ankle socks ( Jucy , Exclusive) and lace leggings ( Fem, Venus ), you can surely choose a lot from the set of new products that will come your way. Majority of these new sets will bring out that fresh look from you that would make you stand out in every event or crowd that you may be a part of. Whether you are wearing a pair of pants or some mini skirt the new designs for the ankle knee socks will make you feel comfortable and most of all gather up some attention from others.

The brand new lace pairs of tights ( Abis ) come in more interesting designs and patterns this coming season. Whether you like the rocker look in seemingly tattered leggings like Rock or maybe the sexy look with the opaque design like Kimber or Victotia , you can surely remain chic and fashionable all at the same time.

For others who prefer the fishnet decoration (Glamour ) that carry the feel and perfect sheer fit, our spring and summer collection is ready to provide you with everything you need to maintain your chic look regardless of whatever season you may be currently in. So watch out for our soon to come new collections for the new season by Cazzola Gaetano.

High Quality Pantyhose – Two New Additions to the Hosieree Collection

Hosieree has recently added two new, highly raved about high quality pantyhose products to its collection.  As is the case with the other products that they have joined, these new models are of extremely high quality in terms of both fabric and production.  As such, they fit in very well with the rest of the collection and have just as much to offer the customers who buy them.  In fact, the customers who have already bought these pantyhose and tried them out have rated these products, which are sure to become bestsellers, very highly.  One of these models is a support pantyhose, while the other is a sheer pantyhose.
The support pantyhose product added to the Hosieree collection is called Carezza 70 Low Waist Support Tights.  These high quality pantyhose are made up of a 70 Denier count and offer a support of 13-17 mmHg.  It also has a really soft waistband, so it shouldn’t feel too tight or constricting.  Some tights that are on the market right now can make your legs feel achy and tired if you’ve been wearing them for a while, but these tights can actually make your legs feel relaxed after a long, hard day because of the great support that they offer.  This product is also good for spring, fall, and winter, keeping your legs warm when it is a little, or a lot, chilly outside.
The second product that has been added to the Hosieree collection is a sheer pantyhose that is good for the summertime.  This summer pantyhose, made with a 10 Denier count, is called the Etoil 10 Ultra Sheer Pantyhose 2 Pair Pack.  It is super sheer and light, making it look and feel as though your legs are completely bare.  Some pantyhose can make your legs feel hot and sweaty on a summer’s day, but this high quality pantyhose is designed to make your legs feel cool and relaxed during the summer.
Both of these products have the Hosieree stamp of approval, which carries only the highest quality hosiery offering the best prices.  They are both functional and stylish, which means you won’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to look good if you buy either of these high quality pantyhose.  Also, since one is summer pantyhose and the other is support pantyhose that work for the rest of the seasons, the two of them together will make a great addition to anyone’s hosiery collection.

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