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Trasparenze at

This week we announce a new unique Trasparenze design collection of
Spring/Summer 2011.
This inspirational collection is a great example of Trasparenze high
quality hosiery created for the latest catwalk trend.
Go ahead and express yourself this season with a new look for your legs:

Angie Backseam Tights

Becky Suspender Imitation Tights

Britney Suspender Imitation Tights

Chelsea Thigh Highs

Gypsy Fashion Fishnet Tights

Ruth Capri Leggings with a cut-out hole design

Tracee Lace Thigh Highs

Hurry Up stock is limited!

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Welcome OROBLU !!!

OrobluMakeUp20In the world of hosiery, the brand that is
synonymous to what is of high quality and the best would only be
It uses the most modern product technology with materials that are
extremely competent. The entire processing and conceptualization of
their products are handled by the most admired experts when it comes to product research and development.
The complete collection of Oroblu is perfect for every woman who goes
to experience every kind of occasion in her life. From a high sense of
functionally, a good level of comfort, durability and elegance – all
these and more make up the wholeness of the character of every

Oroblu believes in making the most out of giving
emphasis to what could be the sexiest part of a woman’s body, which are
her legs. They understand that the legwear is not just an important part
of the outfit of every woman but also an effective way to let them
express well their innermost appeal and personality.

New Brand, New Models, New Look

Less than two months to go and it will be an exciting new year for everyone!
  With that, we want to give something fresh to all of you out there with a
  new brand that we are introducing in our boutique. Perfect style, high
  quality, and utmost affordability are the three most important features
  that you will love about the Primavera brand.

  Primavera is known to be one of the leading companies that produce
  high quality woman’s hosiery items along with socks for men and
  children. The company’s humble beginnings can be traced back
  to 1964 at Castel Goffredo and through time, they were able to ride
  smoothly the waves of new technology. This led them to expand all the
  more and became more efficient and highly reliable when it comes to
  serving  their most valued clients.

The Primavera brand is known for being very intricate with their thread designs and styles, particularly with its composition. It is one true brand that you can depend on to genuine made in Italy. The Primavera products range from classic, fashion and sporty designs but we will feature some of their best women’s hosiery products.

Primavera models Shimmer, Lace, Melange,
Lucido, and many more are available now! All of these Primavera products that we have offer are of high quality material with the likings of Eco-Friendly as an eco leather pair, the Micro being set in micro legging with some tulle border, and many more that you would surely love to have!

Visit the site and order now!

From Hosieree With Love–New Arrivals From The Hosieree Brand!

As we approach the coming around of holiday season, we offer you warm and unique gift ideas with
our latest arrivals from the Hosieree brand! We have these warm yet trendy tights and leggings that
you can choose from perfect to be worn for your winter days ahead.

                                      Classic Opaque Tights Freedom
   These Freedom Classic Tights have a 50 Denier feature and can make
   your legs look sexier. Its material feels very soft to the skin and is very
   affordable at just $12.69. This style may be truly simple but it cannot be
   denied that these have been seen in various fashion runways and it can
   be made available too in bright and funky colors.
                                       Frou Frou Fashion Cotton Leggings
   This is one outstanding pair of leggings that come with a unique velvet
   ribbon by the ankle.It comes with a sleek finish and lets you remain
   fashionable during the cold winter months. It would go well with your
   usual winter attire of cable knits, boots and some jackets. It is made
   out of 55% cotton to make it utterly comfortable for your skin.
                                      Soft De Luxe Opaque Thigh Highs
   These are made in extra opaque style with a 70 Denier feature. With its
   floral lace design, it will truly make you feel more feminine and sexy as
   you pair it up with some stilettos.
                                      Tatuage Fashion Thigh Highs with Crystal Decoration
   This is the most seductive of all the new arrivals because of its three gold
   crystals embedded near the image of a rose by the ankle spot. This is
   made of 80% polyamide material.

Check out any of these brand new and genuine Hosieree items all made in Italy!

New Sculpture Collection from Cazzola Gaetano


 Cazzola Gaetano is coming our way with a  fresh collection
  of stockings and tights that are all unique in its own terms
  of design and style. This new sculpture collection is made
  exquisite due to  the implementation of caffeine treatment
  in the product.This means that they are perfect to help
  women not just look and feel great underneath their clothes
  but also help in trimming down some fats and henceforth
  ‘sculpting’ their bodies to the shape that they like. It offers
  a line of support and forming features that would help in
  shaping the curves of the body into its best form.

 The new sculpture collection from Cazzola Gaetano is
  composedof high performance products that help in
  stimulating a reduction in your current legsize. It is truly
  more than just mere clothing.

To wear them is like getting through a cosmetic treatment since it holds powerful slimming action that
you would surely have. It works all throughout the day as you choose to wear it; working double time
on various parts of your lower body like your thighs, hips, buttocks and tummy. It has very tiny
microcapsules which release a good mix of cosmetic ingredients that primarily include caffeine.Other
options for this brand new collection include the following: high-waist leggings in 3D microfibra,
high-waistboxers and panty in 3D microfibra, high-waist footless tights in 3D microfibra and Push up
Boxers in Lycra
. You can wear any of these discreetly and be able to tone up your body even without
anyone knowing.

New Arrival of Tights and Fashionable Undergarments From the Franco Bombana Collection!

If you are totally into fashion, then we believe that you have not missed out on the name of Franco Bombana. He has always been considered as a renowned Italian designer for signature labels that focus much on elegant and feminine fashion wear. For our newest collection, we are unveiling our Franco Bombana collection that is very exquisite. It has matching tops and belts that we are offering for the very first time. These are offered for the Cocco model while the matching tops are meant for the Tricote tights.

We are very proud of this new collection since the name Franco Bombana has always been a top of the line brand in the hosiery line. It has served also as the ideal portrait of various women through the entire history of fashion due to the variety of selections his designs has to offer. This includes natural yarns like cotton and cashmere just to be able to reach utmost satisfaction from the wearer and help bring out the best shape that the woman’s body has to offer.

One of the must-see in our fresh collection would be the Diva tights that are meant for women who are in search of comfort and durability. These are highly stretchable and ideal to wear due to the yarns that were used to knit and come up with an optical effect for its added features. It also has a smooth waistband that is somehow patterned after the Franco Bombana logo.