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4 Reasons To Invest In Nude Hosiery Now

4 Reasons To Invest In Nude Hosiery Now

You might have plenty of fashion hose options, several pairs of tights, and a wide range of stockings, but do you have that key pair of nude hosiery yet? Nude hosiery should be a staple piece in any wardrobe, but too many women feel intimidated by the idea of it. Nude hosiery is seeing a huge fashion resurgence and has been for a number of years, so there is no better time to make that investment in your wardrobe.

Summer is the perfect time to look for sheer nude hosiery, and you’ll quickly find just how comfortable and versatile those pieces really are. If you’re looking for summer hose, we suggest trying the Aura 5 Den Invisible Sheer Ultra Summer Pantyhose first. If you’re still not convinced, read on to discover 4 reasons to invest in nude hosiery right now.

  • They Always Match – One of the biggest issues many have with opaque tights is matching them. Fashionable colors and styles are ultrachic, but how do you pair them with all of your outfits if you don’t have any confidence in your hosiery pairing abilities? Nude sheer hosiery always matches, and it lets you get more comfortable with hosiery styles before you can move on to trendier, more fashion-forward pieces on the market.
  • Your Legs But Better – Nude hosiery is practically invisible, and there are nude shades you can find for all skin tones and needs. What you get is a “your legs but better” look that allows for easy enhancement.
  • That Touch Of Warmth – Nude hose doesn’t only come in the ultra-sheer variety, so you can make use of a pair in the fall and winter months as well. Choosing nude hosiery with a bit of a higher denier gives you enough layering with a subtle and understated elegant look.
  • Get The Royal Look – Nude hosiery came surging back into fashion in 2011 after the big royal wedding. Ever since that event, it has become a key part of any elegant day or night look. When you wear nude hosiery, you automatically get a touch of royal sophistication that’s often hard to achieve.

At, we have the ultra-sheer and opaque nude hosiery pieces you’re looking for to really enhance your wardrobe during any season. If you’re in search of your perfect pair, see what we have in store for you at today.

Choosing Your Size In Hosiery

Choosing Your Size In Hosiery

Like bras and jeans, hosiery is another wardrobe staple that too many women wear in the wrong size. For those who may wonder just why their hosiery never seems to last, the most likely root cause is that you’re wearing the wrong size for your body shape. There is no body that cannot wear hosiery, and all it takes is figuring out what size is best for you. Wearing correctly sized hosiery ensures a longer life, better comfort, and a sexier look no matter what type of hosiery you may be wearing.

Like other types of clothing, sizes may vary when you go from brand to brand. Different manufacturers of hosiery will use different materials and methods, so you should always check the specific size chart for the pair you’re interested in before choosing your size. Even the highest quality European hosiery, like that we sell at, will have some variations when you go from brand to brand or material to material. While you may be a size small/medium in one hosiery type, you could be a size medium/large in another, or a size x-small/small in another still.

If your hosiery fits you well, it should be comfortable, and it should not limit your movement. If you find that you’re afraid your hosiery may rip while you’re getting into or out of the car, chances are you’re wearing the wrong size. Hosiery like this that is too small is more susceptible to holes, runs, and tears as you place excess stress on the delicate fabrics. If you find that you’re constantly pulling up your hosiery, or you get regular bunches at the ankles, these are signs that your hosiery may be ill-fitting on the other end of the spectrum, and you require a smaller size than the size you’re wearing.

At, from our tights, to our fishnets, we have complete size charts for every type of hosiery we sell. We want you to get the most out of your hose, and we know that this can only be accomplished when you know which size you should be wearing. To find your best fitting hose yet, check us out at today!

3 Reasons to Avoid Going Bare This Summer

3 Reasons to Avoid Going Bare This Summer

Now that summer is here, you may be wondering if it is time to ditch your tights and leggings and prepare for the warmer weather. While this may seem like something to do, not everyone feels as if it can be done. Going bare legged for some is just not an option.

Maybe they don’t have perfect legs or the professionally done pedicure as the next person does, or maybe they have their own more personal reasons for not going bare legged.

We are here today to give you 3 reasons you can and should avoid going bare legged this summer.

Makeup for Your Legs

If you want to cover any imperfections on your legs, then it is certainly okay to look at sheer tights as a kind of makeup for your legs. Sheer tights are thin, they can keep you cool, and can give you a slight tan. They can successfully hide any hair, spots, or scars. Another big plus? If you didn’t have time to shave your legs that morning, no problem.

Haven’t had time to tan your legs since the end of winter? Also, not a problem. Ultra-sheer hosiery will soon become a staple in your summer wardrobe. They can even be worn with open toe sandals.

Prevent Leg Chafing

Chafing is something many of us have to worry about during those warmer summer months; however, wearing hosiery is one of the best things you can do to avoid this painful occurrence. If you don’t like the feeling of sticking to your car seats or chairs during the hot and sticky summer months either, then hosiery can help prevent this as well.

Tights are Still on Trend

Another big reason to not cover your legs this summer is because tights are still on trend! Sheer tights are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are getting more creative with designs, patterns, colors, and styles. You don’t have to settle for the plain and ordinary hosiery anymore.

Instead, you should be reaching for the bright and colorful hosiery, the polka dots, and even diamond patterns. Then, of course, you have the classic lace and fishnets as well.

So, before you feel that you have to go bare legged all summer, check out today for the latest in brands and styles and rock that summer tights look.

Getting To Know Different Deniers Used In Black Hosiery

Getting To Know Different Deniers Used In Black Hosiery

The denier you choose directly correlates with how thick or how warm your hosiery is going to be, and nowhere is denier more important style-wise than with black hosiery. During the winter months, higher denier tights and hose are some of the most popular, as the hosiery’s thicker structure is a better protectant against the cold. During the summer, sheer hose with lower deniers are preferable as they’re a bit cooler compared to a thicker woven and higher denier hosiery option.

With black hosiery, the denier you choose will not just give you a completely different feel, but a completely different look as well. In this blog, we at want to get into just how different deniers in black hosiery look and when you may want to opt for each different one:

  • 10 Denier – 10 denier black hosiery is quite sheer, as you can see in our Catwalk10 Denier Ultra Sheer Tights in Nero. This ultra-sheer approach gives off a sexy “less is more” effect, and works beautifully with longer hemlines. If you’re wearing a midi skirt or a long floral dress with a slit in the hem, consider this type of sheer black hosiery to really ramp up the sex appeal of your look without ever being too much.
  • 20 Denier – Our Brilliance 20 Denier Sheer Tights in Nero may not look too different from the 10 denier at first glance, but they do provide their own benefits. 10 denier tights are quite sheer and may be more delicate than the 20 denier, so those looking for a more durable option may be served better going with the latter.
  • 40 Denier – 40 denier is where you really begin to see the difference with black tights, and this is the perfect pair you’ll choose to go with mini skirts and bright pops of color. Our Cortina 40 Semi-Opaque Tights in Nero are a perfect example of the mix of sheerness and opacity you’ll find in a 40 den pair of black tights. With 40 den, you’re getting just a small touch of sheerness, enough to get a glimpse of the leg, but they’re opaque enough to tone down short hemlines and make colors pop without being completely full coverage.
  • 80 Denier – 80 denier tights will be completely opaque, and they’ll provide the most warmth. 80 den black tights like our Edelweiss 80 Opaque Tights are just what you’re going to look for to keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months. For taking your tailored shorts or short skirts into fall, 80 denier black tights are the perfect option.

Whether you’re looking for something sexy and sheer, or something warm and cozy, we have all of the black tights you need at To fill your hosiery wardrobe with a full selection of black tights, check us out at today!

Tips And Tricks For Better Hosiery Storage

Tips And Tricks For Better Hosiery Storage

With a great hosiery collection comes the need for equally great storage. In order to best keep your fine European made hosiery looking its best, storage is a big part of the equation. Whether you’re looking to store your durable and thick Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights or your more delicate Amy Fashion Micro Tulle Pantyhose, these storage methods will work for both. Some tips and tricks you can use to improve your hosiery storage are:

  • The rolling method – If you keep your hosiery in a designated drawer, the rolling method is one of the best methods for keeping your collection neat and tidy. First, fold your hosiery in half length-wise, and then beginning at the toe begin rolling until you reach the end of the waistband. After they’re rolled, they can be placed inside of a drawer organizer, or they can be simply lined up in rows from front to back. Not only will this keep your hosiery organized and protected, but you’ll be able to spot what you need in seconds.
  • Use sandwich baggies – Sandwich baggies aren’t just for lunch anymore! For particularly delicate pairs of hosiery, or hosiery you really want to protect, this method is perfect for keeping them safe, accessible, and run-free. Simply fold your hosiery to fit into a zip plastic bag, insert hosiery, and place in your drawer or designated hosiery spot. Not only do your hose stay organized, but they’re also incredibly well protected from runs, pulls, moisture, or other damages.
  • Use hangers – Your average plastic or velvet hanger can be the perfect hosiery storage apparatus if you’re lacking space elsewhere but your closet. Hosiery may be draped over the base of a hanger in sets of 3 or 4, and simply placed on a closet rod for easy organization. The best way to fit a few pairs of hosiery on one hanger is to fold in half length-wise and drape over so the hanger bisects the folded hosiery.
  • Lining your drawers – The interior of the average dresser drawer is made of wood, and in some instances the wood can harm your delicate hosiery. Before using a drawer to store your hosiery, lining the bottom and sides of the drawer with a satin scarf or pillowcase can make all the difference in protecting your collection.

Proper storage practices do quite a bit to prolong the life of your high-end hosiery. To find the hosiery pieces you’ve been looking for to make up your collection check out what we have at today.

Order The Right Size Leggings From Online Tight Stores, The First Time

Order The Right Size Leggings From Online Tight Stores, The First Time We have all been there, you excitedly open your package from an online apparel retailer and the size you thought you got correct was not. The issue with so many  online apparel companies is that each manufacturer can run differently. So the pair of leggings or pantyhose you got from one brand may not be the size you wear in a different brand. Luckily for you we know this frustration and can give you the insight you need to make the right choice, the first time. Continue reading Order The Right Size Leggings From Online Tight Stores, The First Time

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