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4 Things You Should Look For When Buying Hosiery

When going shopping for new hosiery pieces, you should be very meticulous and know what things to check to make sure that you are making the right decisions. Remember that your hosiery will and should be around for a long time, so you can fully enjoy wearing them with no regrets. If you are planning to get new pairs and pieces, here are 4 things you should look for.

  • Quality – The most important thing to check is the quality of the item, and you can check this by carefully observing and finding out what materials are used. Is it made of cotton? Is there lace? Are there any seams and loose threads that you should watch out for? These can tell you a lot about the brand and the quality of the hosiery they are producing, and from here you can determine whether or not you should go for it. 
  • Size – Hosiery comes in different sizes, whether they are stockings, leggings, or tights. Even though many hosieries are stretchable and supported by garters and stoppers, this does not mean that they can fit any body type and size. If you do not want to feel any discomfort and if you desire for your new hosiery to last long, knowing and getting the right size is a smart move.
  • Color – Nowadays, we have more in store for you than just black and nude palettes. In fact, Hosieree has got a lot of unique pieces like the cute Platino Ultra Opaque Tights. It is very different from the usual plain blacks but you cannot deny that it stands out among the others. Just like your shirts and other clothes, the color of your hosiery can convey your feelings and mood, and make a statement.
  • Purpose – Hosieries not only have different designs, but they also have their own specialties that fit a specific purpose. Are you buying stockings for office use or for partying? Are those leggings for casual trips or for working out? What you are planning to do while wearing your chosen hosiery is also very important. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Patterned Tights

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Patterned Tights

Times are changing and as we dive deeper into the modern era, you’ll learn that is now about fully expressing yourself, creative freedom, and leaving a meaningful impression. One of the best ways we can express ourselves is through our fashion choices. This is also part of the reason why patterned tights are starting to pop up everywhere as more people wear them loud and proud. 

Here are 3 reasons why patterned tights also belong in your wardrobe and why you should not be afraid to wear them.

  • Patterned Tights Are A Fashion Craze – You might be starting to notice that lots of ladies in the streets are wearing bolder clothing, and patterned tights are one of them. While fashion is a good way to channel emotions and express your feelings, we cannot deny that patterned tights are also really fashionable. The unique design and colors have a unique and eye-catching appeal that’s got many people curious and in awe. 
  • Different Patterns For Different Occasions – Sometimes, thinking of what to wear for an event takes a lot of time. You need to choose what colors and styles are appropriate, and which pairs of clothing will fit in with the theme perfectly. That is why people are also turning to patterned tights to make decision-making faster and easier. 

Patterned tights have their own theme, and you can get one that you think will match the event you are attending. For instance, wearing tights with hand bone prints is an easy choice for Halloween parties.

  • Creative Expression And Exploration – Patterned tights help many ladies slowly regain their confidence and boost their self-esteem. It helps them explore their options and try out new things that they might want for themselves. A good example is wearing tights with tattoo-like prints if they want to know what it is like to have one, or if they simply want it for temporary fashion. 

The Top 5 Lace Tights That Should Join Your Wardrobe

Lace tights are unique fashion pieces that will definitely make you stand out wherever you go. But it may not be that easy to find lace tights, especially ones that are truly high in quality and have one-of-a-kind patterns. Good thing that Hosieree’s got what you are looking for! It’s time to end your search and make your choice with these top 5 lace tights your wardrobe should definitely have.

  • Pompea Verner Fashion Tights If you are a fan of really intricate patterns, then this is for you! It comes in a deep and dark shade that makes the lace pattern look like pretty shadows dancing around your legs. It is a very classy pair of tights that you would love to wear to romantic dinners and formal events. 
  • Fiore Lily-Rose Lace Tights Another to add to the list of ladies who love intricacy, these tights are also dancing in detail. You can also feel like a celebrity in these tights because this is inspired by model-slash-actress Lily-Rose Depp who loves to wear black lace If she can rock this look, then you can too and no one is going to stop you.
  • Glamour Lia Fishnet Lace Tights Time to take a break from tightly-knit designs to explore lace patterns that show a bit of that wonderful skin. The Glamour Lia truly is glamorous as it comes with a nice floral pattern that will go well with cocktail dresses and skirts. This is a nice and fun choice for energetic night-outs and parties.
  • Fiore Velvet Rose Sheet Tights – Speaking of floral patterns, Fiore’s Velvet Rose should also make it to your list of new wardrobe additions. This piece screams femininity and sexiness as it gives your legs a nice shape and elegant form. Every step you take is bound to attract looks with these tights on your skin.
  • Gabrielle Variette Lace Tights – Looking for something that can be worn on formal events and also on casual street strolls? Then you should grab the Gabrielle Variette Lace Tights and make them your own! The lace patterns dance over daring fishnets, making an interesting combination of fun and classy. Whether you are out for a quick coffee break, a get-together with friends, or corporate parties, you’ll be happy to have this flexible pair of tights. 

Your wardrobe will always have space for fashionable and unique pieces like these lace tights. Find them all at! 

4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Lace Tights

4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Lace Tights

When we hear the word lace, beauty and elegance come to mind. There are many fashionable dresses that are designed with lace, but what about tights? What we can tell you is that there are many unique lace tights around, and Hosieree’s even got the best of them.

We know that some ladies have reservations about wearing lace, especially when it comes to lace tights. Some are not used to this fashion style, while others are worried about matching it with the occasion. If you are still having second thoughts and need help deciding, we listed down 4 reasons why wearing lace tights is one of the best decisions you can make.

4 Reasons To Wear Lace Tights 

  • Effortless Elegance – Lace is automatically associated with elegance and wearing one for formal dinners, parties, and galas will make you look effortlessly stunning and graceful. 

The best part is you can also wear lace tights even during non-formal events, like during casual walks in the park. For instance, the Transparenze Fenice Lace Tights are great for lively parties and club-hopping on Friday nights!

  • Timeless And Classic – Lace will never go out of fashion, and using it to decorate hosiery pieces like a pair of tights is just proof that lace will stick around for a long time. Lace tights will always be fashionable and as the trends change, you can simply pair them with various other clothing like dresses and slit skirts. 
  • Be Unique And Stand Out – Wearing tights, leggings, and stockings have been a normal practice for a long time. However, wearing tights decored with lace is certainly a unique take and a wonderful icebreaker to the monotonous hosiery choices you’ll meet in the streets. Being different is good. Stand out and walk the streets with confidence in your lace tights. 
  • A Boost Of Femininity – If you are going for a soft feminine look, then lace tights are a must. Just as much it is perceived with elegance, lace tights also reflect femininity and softness. If feminine grace is what you are trying to achieve, then you will never go wrong with wearing lace tights.

Hosieree supports your efforts to be unique, graceful, and confident, and so we have made the most beautiful lace tights available for you. 

4 Reasons Why Men Should Love Tights

It is about time to give tights a chance in men’s regular fashion choices. Besides fashion, wearing tights also come with a lot of pros that you might be missing out on. If you also think that tights should become a staple for men’s fashion, here are 4 reasons to love men’s tights even more:

  • Good Exercise Partners – Tights are made of flexible and strong material, so if you love to hit the gym and work out, wearing tights is definitely a must. It also is one of the best wears for strenuous activities that require lots of movement, like biking, hiking, and running marathons! Tights are the best friends of sporty and outgoing people because it is very easy to move in them without the fear of getting torn and ripped midway.
  • Provides Extra Warmth – When the season gets colder or when the weather gets wetter, tights are better than jeans and shorts if you want to warm up. It consists of thick material that protects you from the cold with the additional comfort of soft fabric against skin. You can wear tights when going out for errands, outdoor exercises in the cold weather, or if you simply want to stay cozy at home.
  • Make A Statement – Being bold and daring about wearing tights is a very effective confidence booster. Who says you can’t wear it? In fact, men’s tights have been popular for quite a while now and if you have not worn one yet, you are missing out on the good things in life. Wearing tights can give you that extra boost to improve your self-esteem and be more confident in your own skin.
  • Easy To Pack And Bring Anywhere – Unlike other clothes like jeans and jogging pants, tights are more compact when folded, making them easy to pack and store in your bags. This means you can also bring multiple pairs without bulking up your bags too much! For sports lovers who are always traveling around on mountain hikes and long biking trips, tights are convenient to wear and carry anytime, anywhere.

Looking for men’s tights can be a little challenging because you need to be sure about the quality, especially if you are moving around a lot. For women, this also works as a wonderful gift for the men in your life! Hosieree has the finest selection of men’s tights so you won’t have a hard time looking for high-quality ones.

The 4 Flirtiest Tights For Your Fall Wardrobe

The right tights can really ramp up the sex appeal of any look, and we have just the hosiery you’re looking for at While tights often have the reputation of toning down hemlines and making outfits more conservative, it’s really all in the hosiery pieces you choose and how you wear them. 4 of the flirtiest tights we have for your fall wardrobe are: 

1. Fiore Faces Sheer Tights – These sheer black tights feature an all-over abstract face pattern that brings immediate interest, whimsy, and flirt factor to your look. For hip outfits to wear out to a gallery opening, or a date night in the city, the tights come in black and white and look equally stunning when paired with distressed denim shorts or an edgy mini skirt. 

2. Adrian Hearts Tights – Delicate and feminine, small hearts create an all over dot pattern on these sheer black tights. The size of the heart pattern ensures that plenty of sheer leg comes through the tights and adds just that small flirty detail you want to make your look subtly sexy. The Adrian Hearts Tights can be worn with a short hemline for a date night, or even a midi skirt at the office, making these a truly versatile must-have in any collection. 

3. Elly Mini Rete Fishnet Tights – What could be sexier than a classic fishnet? The Elly Mini Rete Fishnet Tights uses an ultra-small fishnet pattern for maximum versatility as well as sex appeal. Because the fishnet pattern is so small, it can be worn with any sort of hemline or outfit while simply acting as an enhancer of your look. Tailored short shorts and pumps for a date night, or a longer skirt for a professional event – the Elly Mini Rete Fishnet Tights can be perfectly incorporated into both. 

4. Elly Resille 70 – Fashion Tights with Support – Support tights are a woman’s best friend and the Elly Resille 70 Fashion Tights with Support bring the lift, smoothing, and sex appeal you’re looking for. With an all-over subtle diamond pattern, the tights in Nero, Chiaro, and Visone are sultry with the pattern extending all the way up the leg. Not only do they add a bit of flirtiness to your look, they also smooth and shape for a sexier silhouette. 

If you’re looking to add to your flirty hosiery wardrobe, we have just what you need at Check out what we have in store to bring a touch of sexy to your looks this fall! 

Why Are Seamless Tights Good For You?

Why Are Seamless Tights Good For You?

Seamless wearables are becoming the trend now and of course, here at, we also have seamless tights for you to try on. Wearing seamless tights actually comes with benefits and we are going to share them with you.

  • Say Goodbye To Chafing – With the absence of seams and stitches, you can enjoy being chafe-free for the whole day while wearing your seamless tights. Chaffing is often a common problem by ladies who wear ordinary tights as the seams and stitches tend to rub on the skin and irritate it, thus resulting in chafing. 
  • More Accurate Fit – Seamless tights are designed to fit your body perfectly. Without the stitches, you can expect the fabric to flow against your legs smoothly. There are no folds and bumps that usually come with seams and ordinary stitching.
  • Breathable And Comfortable – If you are regularly working out or if you love to use leggings when doing errands, you would be grateful to have a pair of seamless tights as they are designed to be more breathable. Seamless tights have the ability to control moisture and are often made with mesh, which makes the clothing breathable. 
  • Fewer Chances Of Tearing – Tearing almost always starts with seams and stitches. Luckily, seamless tights are void of any seams and stitches that are prone to tears. In addition, the fabric is also lightweight and made to feel like a second skin, which means that it is designed to follow your movements with ease and without the risk of tearing. 
  • No Awkward Bumps And Marks – When wearing regular tights, ladies tend to partner it with oversized tees and hoodies to cover the entire hip area where the outline of the seams and stitches are most visible. The stitch marks that run along the side of our legs down to our ankles are also not pleasing to look at. With seamless tights, as mentioned above, you can expect a smooth and flawless finish.

It is important to also think about comfort when choosing what to wear. Seamless tights not only are trendy and fashionable but they are also made with the wearer’s comfort in mind. Pay us a visit at and we can help you choose the best pair for you.

Tough Tights For Tough Men

Tough Tights For Tough Men

Tights are for everyone, even strong and sturdy men! If you are new to do and want to give it a shot, we are here to make the experience a promising one. Take a look at our recommendations for men’s tights and feel free to choose whichever fits you and your activities the most! For ladies, this is also a great gift idea for your man.

  • Adrian Mask Men Fashion Tights – Leading an active and sporty lifestyle? These Adrian fashion tights can surely keep up with all your movements. You can go all out during a sports game and you will never have to worry about your tights in-game. If you’re a working man, you can also focus on what you’re doing. The tights will not restrict your movement at all! If you want a little aesthetic, the mask print by the ankle is small and subtle but does the trick.
  • Sport 60 Men Opaque Tights – Many stick to a strict exercise schedule and it does not matter whether they workout indoors or outdoors. That is why a pair of tights that can be used in those two different settings is a huge help. The Sport 60 tights are not too restricting for exercise nor too thin for them to be worn out quickly. 
  • Squares 50 Men Opaque Tights – Getting all covered up from hips to toe is actually comfortable. This pair of tights also goes with a fun unique pattern of interlocking squares! The fabric is also soft against the skin but don’t be fooled because this pair of tights is very sturdy and will not rip so easily no matter how wild you move.
  • Support 40 Tights – Be brave and bold with these nude-colored tights! This pair is specially tailored to fit and follow your form, enunciating every dip of muscle and every curve. Of course, it is also made to be worn comfortably! 

A lot of men are into wearing tights nowadays but it can be challenging to find a pair that perfectly fits your needs. That’s not a problem here at!

Tips For Wearing Black Tights And Leggings

Tips For Wearing Black Tights And Leggings

We know that black can be paired with any color but we can always do better than just random tops and shoes to go with it. A simple ensemble with black tights and leggings can still be effortlessly fashionable and we are here to show you how! 

Take note of these 4 tips to be extra glamorous with your black legwear:

  • Wear Closed Shoes – Black is naturally an elegant color and pairing it with closed shoes, which are usually worn in formal settings, amplifies the sophisticated effect. Black tights and leggings that are worn with closed shoes, whether they’re flats or heels, can pass off as semi-formal wear that you can wear for dinners, parties, and even casual get-togethers. 
  • Black-On-Black – Wearing an all-black ensemble is such a powerful move and despite the monotone style, you are bound to turn heads and attract attention. Put your hair up in a simple updo, choose a plain black top like a fitted shirt or a turtle neck, and throw in a pair of black heels or boots to complete your head-turner outfit. It’s like you jumped out straight from a fashion magazine!
  • Dress Boldly– Speaking of colors, you should also take note of the other colors that match black the best. White, gold, red, and silver especially stand out and shine when worn with black clothing. In this case, you can wear shoes, shirts, coats, and even accessories that are white, gold, silver, or red and they will all automatically be highlighted in your outfit.
  • Black Tights With Other Bottoms – Ripped jeans are usually paired with fishnet stockings and thigh highs. What many may not know is that they also look good when worn with black leggings or tights underneath! Not only is this an easy fashion choice but it is also really practical especially when the cold weather is approaching. What a fashionable way to keep ourselves warm!

Black tights are a staple and if you haven’t got a pair yet, has got you covered.

Going Back To The Classic Black

Going Back To The Classic Black

The world will never run out of beautiful selections of tights. From colorful pastels, elegant sheers, to adventurous bright-colored pairs, you are sure to find one that suits every occasion. However, we always somehow find ourselves drawn back to wearing classic black tights and leggings. The opaque black color may be plain but the lack of prints and patterns is what makes opaque black hosiery a timeless favorite.

You can partner these pairs with almost anything, from dresses, coats, skirts, to oversized hoodies! To help you get ready for the day, here are five of our best opaque black hosiery you can wear anytime without worries:

  • Calzitaly Opaque Tights As we slowly approach cooler days ahead, you would love to have your hands on this pair of tights. Calzitaly’s opaque tights are made from wool and viscose yarn that is sure to keep your legs warm against chilly winds. Pair this up with a lovely coat, turtle neck, and boots, and you are good to go!
  • Cecilia De Rafael Opaque Seamless Tights –  A little more dash of sexy is always a good decision and these seamless opaque tights are just what you need. Besides being completely seamless, it also does not come with a gusset, thus promising you a flawless and smooth look on your legs. Its seamless style makes the Cecilia De Rafael Opaque Seamless Tights perfect to wear with low-riding shorts and skirts.
  • Fiore Opaque 3D Microfiber Leggings Anette Need an extra hug? These 3D microfiber leggings are happy to give you one! It is made with 3D yarns that are super elastic and can hug your body shape perfectly, highlighting your curves and shaping your legs to give you a smooth and sexy silhouette. 
  • Dimension 50 3D Opaque Microfiber Tights –  Sprinkle in a bit of glam with Dimension 50’s fun twist to their opaque microfiber tights. This pair has a light sheen 3D effect that makes it unique and effortlessly fashionable. The extra soft waistband also ensures that you feel comfortable the whole day while wearing it!

The fun thing about opaque black tights and leggings is that they are flexible and can go with any outfit, shoes, and can be worn in any type of event. Go grab a pair from’s opaque collection and style it however you want!