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Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

With Fall almost here, it’s time to trade out our shorts and tank tops for our warmer season looks. Cozy sweaters, light jackets, and scarves build a great Fall wardrobe, but what really sets off a look is a great pair of tights. Here are five hosiery essentials to grab to build the perfect fall wardrobe:

1. Black Opaque Tights

Black opaque tights are a must-have for Fall fashion. Not only do they keep you warm, they can help you transition some of your summer looks into the Fall season like your favorite skirts and dresses. Opt for a pair with 70 denier or higher for a truly opaque look like the Cortina 100 – 3D Opaque Tights. Make sure to grab a couple different pairs as they are such an important piece for stylish Fall looks.

2. Cozy Wool Tights

Cozy wool tights are perfect to wear when hitting the pumpkin patch or enjoying apple cider by a campfire. They are incredibly warm but still breathable and feel luxurious against your skin. The Carbonara Merino Wool Tights are a great option. They come in a variety of fall-friendly colors like navy, maroon, and warm browns. With a matte finish, they’ll match any comfy outfit.

3. A Bold Pop Of Color

If you really want to elevate your fall looks, a colorful opaque pair of tights can really make an eye-catching outfit. Pairing colored tights is easy. You can wear them with a simple black or grey dress, create a sophisticated monochromatic look, or match them with complementary colors or patterns. The Microfiber Sophie 70 Opaque Tights come in a beautiful variety of Fall fashion colors so you can find the perfect match for your wardrobe.

4. Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are perfect for Fall looks. They break up the layers of clothing with an added bit of interest and look gorgeous with your favorite pair of boots. For the perfect pair for your fall looks check out the Girardi Mood Fashion Tights or the Setia Fashion Tights With Over Knee Effect

5. Fun Tights For Halloween

Fall isn’t complete without everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. Make sure you grab a fun pair of tights to wear to wear to haunted houses, hayrack rides, and even office holiday parties. We love the Cat Tights by Pretty Polly and the Cracow Opaque Tights to transform any outfit into a holiday look. We also have a wide variety of fishnets to complete any Halloween costume.

Adding these five tights to your Fall wardrobe will ensure you always have the perfect outfit to wear. Fall tights do not go out of style, so make sure you invest in European quality tights that will last a lifetime. only stocks the most durable, high quality tights to make sure that you get the most out of your fashion investment.

6 2020 Tights Trends You Can Wear Today

6 2020 Tights Trends You Can Wear Today

If you think tights are no longer relevant in the fashion industry, think again. In fact, tights have evolved to fit into the latest fashion trends in 2020. So if you’re planning to wear a pair of tights this year, here are some trends worth following: 

1. Plaid Tights

Plaid tights will take you back to the seventies, and they’re really flattering. Wear them with a leather skirt or a trench coat to spice up your outfit.

2. Colored Tights

If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, then you know how Blair Waldorf makes her school uniforms and other outfits stand out while walking the streets of the Upper East Side. You can pull off a Queen B by wearing a pair of colored tights in bright shades, such as red, green, and pink. Wear them with evening skirts and short dresses. 

3. Leopard-Print Tights

Animal prints aren’t going anywhere this year, specifically the leopard-print ones as they have found their way onto tights. That type of print was a huge hit back in the ‘80s, and now, you can have fun with it and look cool at the same time. You can wear leopard-print tights with casual or active wear. 

4. Floral Tights

Who would have thought floral patterned tights were going to be a thing this year? Floral tights have been spotted in a number of fashion catwalks and couture shows. The print is perfect if you want to go for a vintage style. 

5. Geometric Tights

Geometric tights are back, and they come in various patterns such as diamonds, and stripes. They are flattering and can make your legs look even longer. A pair of geometric tights is perfect for upgrading a boring look, especially on days when you just want to wear plain clothes with a touch of flair, which you can achieve with this pattern.

6. Logo Tights

Logo tights are so popular nowadays. In fact, Kylie Jenner has been spotted in them at music festivals. Spice up your outfit this year with a pair of logo tights, and you’ll definitely feel like you’re made for Hollywood.

Those are some of the tights trends this year. If you are looking for ways to make your OOTD stand out, a pair of any of them will be a great way to start. Just make sure you purchase them from a reliable brand. 

Here at, we have a wide selection of high-quality tights. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to a festival or a more casual event, we have a pair just for you. Rest assured that our tights are made of the finest fabrics that will last for a long time. Our tights are reasonably priced, too, so you don’t have to spend a lot to look fabulous.

Are you ready to make your outfit even better? That is now easier because all you need is to invest in a pair of tights and you’re good to go. With these trends, it doesn’t seem like tights are going away soon, and we’re absolutely thrilled about that!

The Dos and Don’ts Of Putting Your Tights On

So you’ve bought a new pair of tights and you’re excited to put them on. Allow us to stop you there for a minute.

Even if you have the best European-made hosiery like the ones we offer at, you still need to be more careful in handling them, especially if you’ve gone for tights with a lower denier like the Angel 15 Seamless Tights. The lower the denier, the more delicate the fabric will be.

If you want your tights to last longer, you need to take care of them properly. Here are the dos and don’ts to remember when you’re putting on your tights:


  • Make sure your tights are the right size. Before even putting them on, make sure that the size you purchased will fit you properly. has size charts for every pair of hose so you can pick the one that’s right for you.
  • Prevent snags on fingernails. Make sure your fingers are trimmed. You can even go further by using hand lotion to ensure that your fingers will not snag your legwear. The last thing you want to do is to accidentally rip your tights.
  • Treat your feet right. Good hosiery care starts with good foot care. Since your feet will come in contact with the material, make sure your toenails are not long or sharp by trimming them. Just like with your fingers, use a good-quality body lotion to make your feet soft. This will help avoid premature laddering.
  • Handle your tights with love. We know you’re excited about the newest addition to your wardrobe, but please take great care of your tights when you’re pulling them out of the packet. Be extra careful so those new tights of yours will last longer.


  • Stop tugging. When removing the product from its package, remember to do so gently. Gather your tights from the top to the toe carefully. Don’t pull on the fabric too hard as the material might break and you might end up with runs and tears on your tights before even having the chance to wear them.
  • Do not ever rush. Whatever you do, do not rush putting on any kind of hosiery. We know you’re busy and you probably have a lot of things to attend to, but it’s important to take some time in putting on your tights. Smooth the fabric up to your leg as you go. Here’s a guide on how to do this the right way:
    • Pull the first leg up to the knee and then the second leg.
    • After doing so, work on each leg alternatively until you get to your panty.
    • Pull your tights up gently over your buttocks and stomach.
    • Leave enough room in the toe area.

We all know that hosiery doesn’t last forever, but we can try to preserve it to get the most out of them. You can only do this by taking good care of them. Care for your tights and other hosiery items as if you’re caring for your skin. You’ll be glad you did.

The Best Tights For Every Occasion

The Best Tights For Every Occasion

Fashion trends come and go, but tights are here to stay. And they will stay here forever, we guarantee it!

Tights are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe because of their versatility. Not only are they functional in the way that they can keep your legs warm, but they can also accentuate your body or bring life to a simple outfit.

Here are the best tights you can wear for every occasion:


Add a hint of retro and sexiness into your ensemble by wearing a nice pair of fishnets like Fiore Passion Fishnet Suspender Tights. Fishnets are a great fashion accessory for all kinds of occasions, including romantic dinners and nights out of town.

If you want to make them a bit more casual for a concert or a relaxed gathering, try wearing them under ripped jeans, shorts, or skirts for that grunge look.

Sheer Tights

Classics won’t let you down. When you want to dress up smart for work and business meetings, opt for a sheer, elegant look with Pure Matt 50- Semi-Opaque Matt Finish Tights. These tights both look and feel good on your legs as they’re made of soft yet durable yarns.

You can even go for a nude shade with the Light and Cool 8 Denier Sheer Tights for a bare leg look. These can be worn in the office or on formal evenings and occasions.

Opaque Tights

Cool and versatile, opaque tights give an extra touch of fun to your overall look. Some great colors to own include navy, black, brown, and solid grey as these pair well with any dress or skirt.

The key to wearing opaque tights is experimentation! Mix and match items until you get that perfect balance of colors in your outfit.

For more casual days, why not try adding a pop of color to your ensemble with Blues 70 Opaque Tights? As for more formal occasions, opt for black or solid grey tights and pair them with a smart jacket or a skirt.

Patterned Or Printed Tights

For a bolder and more playful look, you can’t go wrong with patterned tights to further accentuate the beauty of your legs.

Joy Sheer Fashion Tights are perfect for casual dates and parties with your girlfriends. On the other hand, you can bring out your inner diva with Fashion Tights Caty. Pair them with a leather skirt and a solid top, and you have a great look for a night out with friends.

With tights, you’ll never run out of styles to pick, especially because they’re great for any and every occasion. We at pride ourselves on our vast selection of quality hosiery. Check it out and find the look you’ll love.

Styling Bold Statement Tights

If you’re feeling fearless about your fashion choices today, might we suggest making a bold statement through eccentric yet elegant tights? From a pop of color to weird patterns, coming up with ways to add statement tights to your ensemble isn’t as tricky as you think.

Tights are absolutely versatile. And wearing black opaque tights every day can get quite boring—it’s time to let your creativity shine through! Adding a little bit of your personality into your wardrobe won’t hurt anybody.

Adding A Touch Of Color

It is so tempting to stick with the basics: nude and black. But you have to let loose once in a while. Bring out your best dress in a neutral hue or your cute, little denim skirt and pair it with Cortina Tights in Petalo, Soleil, or Tropical, whichever compliments your style well.

Putting on those bold colors will make you feel more confident about yourself. Show the world how flexible your wardrobe is.

Get Wild

Animal prints will forever be chic, no matter what other people say. You might think they’re too bold, but hear us out. You just have to make them the star. Give them the spotlight, and you’ll be able to pull them off with ease.

Pairing your Leopard Opaque Fashion Leggings with a solid top or a sexy leather jacket is a surefire way to make heads turn wherever you go. It’s a sassy yet gorgeous combo!

Fun Yet Formal

Want to inject fun into your formal outfits without losing their formality? Make a statement at any party or romantic dinner by paring Rox Geometric Pattern Tights with a simple top. These tights will make your whole ensemble look extra fancy.

If you want to show off your favorite little black dress, try pairing it with Argo Fashion Tights by Trasparenze. That floral pattern will allow you to show off the beauty of your legs.

A Little Witchy

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to use these bad boys. Paired with a solid-colored dress, Tarantula Fashion Tights by Adrian will bring out your inner wickedness. They may be a bit unusual, but they’ll have you standing out in the crowd any day of the year.

Statement tights are all about having fun and bringing your creativity to life. They challenge you to think outside of the box and be more playful with your styling.

Now while it’s great to follow the latest trend or even start your own, don’t compromise the quality of the tights you’re going to get. We at offer only top-quality European hosiery that’s perfect for your wardrobe. Check out our wide product selection at today.

Four Easy Tips To Make Your Legs Look Longer And Leaner With Tights

Four Easy Tips To Make Your Legs Look Longer And Leaner With Tights

The best thing about wearing tights is that you can achieve any look you want. You can enhance your natural beauty with the right pieces. If you want to have the look of longer, leaner legs, there are some simple tips that can help you do so. Here are our top tips that anyone can do:

1. Match Your Shoes

Matching your shoes creates an uninterrupted line along your legs. Wearing shoes of a different color creates a visual barrier between your legs and your feet. Removing this barrier by wearing shoes of the same color as your tights can help your legs look miles long. Fortunately, tights like the Brigitte 15 Denier Pantyhose come in a wide variety of colors so they can match any footwear.

2. Choose A Darker Color

Dark colors like black, navy, and royal purple are naturally slimming. This is because dark colors hide any shadows and create a visual illusion of thinner lines, especially when worn on the legs. Luckily, you don’t have to stick to black. We have a beautiful selection of darker colors like the gorgeous dark magenta of the Sevilla LIbero Seamless Glossy Pantyhose in Cruela or the stunning emerald green of the Diamond Shimmering Fashion Tights in Smeraldo.

3. Opt For Opaque

Opaque tights with a denier rating of 40 or higher are also quite slimming. Opaque tights are thicker, so they hide any imperfections that you would see with a sheerer pair. They also create a solid visual line that can lengthen your legs. If you want to achieve this look, consider the Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Sheen Tights. They are thick and opaque, but the sheen helps distinguish them from leggings.

4. Go Vertical

Vertical stripes are the best pattern for making your legs look longer and leaner. That is because your eyes immediately follow the line upward, highlighting the length of your legs. To try this look for yourself, go for the 615 Mesh Open Crotch Pantyhose. You can also try a simple tuxedo line like the one featured on the Cosmo 40 Tights.

These tips will help you have the long, lean legs you’ve always wanted in an instant. At, we have the hosiery you need to achieve any look. Our European-made hosiery is manufactured using the finest quality materials and the most advanced techniques, so you won’t have to worry about your new look being ruined by unsightly tears or runs. Check out our full selection to find the pair that’s perfect for you.

Choosing The Right Hosiery For Your Look

Choosing The Right Hosiery For Your Look

So you have your whole look planned out, and now you’re just stuck on the hosiery. Do you want to make a statement? Do you want your hosiery to add an “edgy” appeal? What about adding a bit of classic refinement? Are you trying to get a little funky with your hosiery? Choosing the right hosiery for your look is an important part of piecing an outfit together, and we have just the hosiery picks you need. A few tips for always choosing the right hosiery for every outfit are:

  • Black tights complete a look – If you’re looking for a “stand out” sort of appeal, opaque black tights might not be what you reach for, but these are staple pieces of any hosiery wardrobe. What black tights do is complete a look, and do so in a way that is understated but still important all the same. With patterns, neutral shades, boots, heels, and everything in between, if you’re simply looking for an easy finishing touch, you may want to reach for your black hose.
  • Colored tights add pop – If you’re wearing a lot of neutrals, or you’re simply trying to tie that “must have” accessory into your outfit, you’ll want to consider your colored tights. These add a real pop to your look, and they can help you to tie in those earrings, that bag, or that jacket with ease. If you’re trying to take a bit of the glumness out of an all-black outfit, try tying in a bright pair of jewel tone tights.
  • Patterned hosiery adds interest – If you’re wearing solid colors and classic fabrics, you might be looking for that piece to add a bit of interest into your look. A bag works, but it’s still an accessory and not an item to be worn on the body. This is where patterned tights really add something special, bringing particular interest and a true statement to your overall look. Florals, geometrics, and even quirky novelty print tights can be just what you’re looking for.

No matter the look you’re going for, we have just the hosiery you’re looking for. To find the perfect pair to suit your outfit, check us out at today.

How To Rock Tights With Your Favorite Shorts

How To Rock Tights With Your Favorite Shorts

There’s so many cute shorts in style this season, we definitely want to stock up. However, some of the looks like the hot pants found on Saint Laurent, Hermes, and Chanel’s Spring runways were pretty daring. Fortunately, you can still wear them paired with your favorite pair of tights. Whether you want to tone down the look or make your legs look leaner and longer, wearing the shorts looks with tights is a great fashion choice.

What To Look For In Tights To Wear With Shorts

There are a couple of things to consider when wearing tights under shorts. First, you want to make sure that they don’t have a control top like the Opaque Seamless Tights Miss 60. If you still would like the slimming effect, there are some options like the Fit Control 40 tights that have the control top around only the stomach area. Next, you want to make sure they are designed to be worn under tight clothing like the Opaque Seamless 50 Tights so they don’t catch or rub thin from your shorts.

Wearing Tights For A Bare Leg Look

For those of us looking for a more slimming option, wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose is a great idea. Choosing an ultra-sheer pantyhose can make it seem like you are showing your bare legs. The Capri Trasparenze Ultra Sheer Panythose and the Cecilia De Rafael Divine NANOFIBRE Pantyhose are both great options. Just pay close attention to the sizing to avoid any sagging around your ankles or knees. These can be a giveaway that you aren’t bare-legged.

Go Bold With A Pair Of Thigh Highs

A cute look that will keep you warm, slim your legs, and even make you look a little taller is pairing shorts with thigh high tights. Make sure that you get thigh highs and not thigh high stockings because stockings need suspender belts. A great thigh high option for under shorts are the Cristine 50 3D Microfiber Stay Up Stocking with Floral Lace. If you are worried about your thigh high tights staying up or would still like to cover some imperfections, the Fiore Miguela Thigh High Imitation Tights are standard tights but with the look of thigh highs.

No matter which style you choose to wear with your shorts this season, make sure to get a high quality pair of tights. The European styles found at are ideal. Made from high quality materials, you won’t have to worry about runs or holes ruining your new look. Plus, we have a wide variety of color, styles, and fits to make sure you achieve the perfect look.

Four Ideas To Keep Your Tights Organized And Free Of Runs

Four Ideas To Keep Your Tights Organized And Free Of Runs

With so many great styles, colors, and patterns at, it’s easy to build a collection. To keep your tights in great shape and easy to access, you’ll need to get them organized. Luckily, no matter if you have a large walk in closet or just a sock drawer, there are some great ways to organize your tights.

1. Roll Them And Store Them In A Drawer

Rolling tights will keep them protected. It also saves space and makes it easy to store a lot of tights in a single dresser drawer. Start by folding your tights in half. Then roll them up from the toe to the waistband. Place them in the drawer with the roll side on the bottom and the top. You’ll be surprised at home many pairs you can fit. Plus, you’ll be able to see all the tights you have with one glance. You can also store them like this in a basket. Just make sure that it isn’t woven, so your hosiery doesn’t snag.

2. Bag Your Pantyhose

For more delicate tights like ultra-sheer Eterno 20 Pantyhose or the Exclusive 10 Pantyhose with Glossy Finish, a great idea to keep them safe is to bag them. You don’t have to invest in expensive lingerie bags, you can use simple ziplock baggies. Make sure to use sandwich size or high so you don’t snag them in the zipper seal.

3. Put Them In A Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hanging organizers are a great space saver. Make sure to select one that has clear plastic pockets. Then simply roll your tights up and place them in the pockets. This will allow you to see them easily and keep as many pairs as you’d like.

4. Place Them In Old Jars

If you love the idea of upcycling, consider collecting your old food jars. Clear glass jars that once held mayonnaise, pickles, or jams are a great way to store your pantyhose. Since they are glass, not only will you be able to easily see your pantyhose, but you won’t have to worry about them snagging on the rim or sides of the jar. Simply roll the up and place them in jars. If you want you can even add a label and place them on a shelf for decorative and functional storage.

Once you have your hosiery neatly organized, you’ll save enough space you can get a few more styles. For more tips on caring for your hosiery, make sure to check out our blog at We offer tons of advice on keeping your tights looking brand new!

Choosing The Perfect Size Tights For Your Body

Choosing The Perfect Size Tights For Your Body

Whether you love opaque or sheers, colorful patterns or classic skin tones, what really matters when selecting your tights is choosing the right size. Choosing tights too small makes them vulnerable to damage and tears. Plus the inseam will be too low hang, making it hard to walk and force you to constantly adjust. Tights that are too big can sag, fall, and cause wrinkling around your knees and ankles.

How Tights And Pantyhose Are Sized

If you look at the size chart on any pair of our hosiery like the Alani 20 MIcrofiber Tights, you will see that the sizing is different than most clothing. Instead of sizes like an 8, 10, or 12, you will find that the size depends on your height and weight. This is because most tights are extremely flexible and can stretch to fit a variety of sizes.

What About Plus-Size Tights?

Plus-size tights like the Extra 50 Queen Size Tights use a similar sizing chart. However, they are designed to add more support and larger waistbands to avoid chafing and pinching. Higher quality plus size brands, like the European styles carried at, also have a little more space in the thighs and buttocks to help highlight your beautiful curves.

What Size Is Right For Me?

Finding your perfect size is simple. You take your height and weight and find the size that is recommended on the chart. Some styles that use a thicker material like the Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights will also include your hip measurements. Thicker materials have less stretch than thinner materials, so taking your hip size into account will ensure that they aren’t too tight on your waist or cause a “muffin top.”

What If I’m In Between Sizes?

Sometimes you’ll fall in love with the perfect pair of tights but your size is right between two different sizes on the grid. In that case, it’s always better to go with the larger size. Tights are designed to fit tightly along your legs, hips, and waist. It’s better that tights are slightly larger than having to fight to get into a pair that are a little too small, as they will still fit snugly.

At, we have sizes available for every body type. With our handy size charts, you’ll be able to order the perfect fit every single time. No matter what size you are, we have a style that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in!