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How To Care For Your Fun And Flirty Stockings

Fashion tights and stockings are a seriously hot trend, and women everywhere are wearing them in their daily lives and not just saving them for special occasions. offers a wide array of styles and materials, and can turn your wardrobe into a fashion show in an instant! Here are some tips on how to keep your stockings looking like new:

Hand Wash

While some types of fabric, such as spandex, can technically be washed on the gentle cycle in a machine, it’s always best to hand wash your delicates. Use a very mild soap and when washing them by hand, avoid pulling and scrubbing hard. Use cool water and never hot or the hose could be damaged. Be gentle when you wash and rinse so the hose don’t lose their shape. Let the stocking air dry completely before you store them away.

When Wearing

Even the stoutest stocking fabric will still snag and run, so be sure you trim your nails and don’t let anything snag your stockings. Put them on carefully and roll them up the leg rather than tug. This will help them keep their elasticity and ensure you don’t unwittingly create a run. Be mindful of bumping into things, and avoid letting your stockings come into contact with seat cushions that could catch the fabric.


When your hose are stored between uses, don’t just crumple them up and stuff them in a drawer. The best way to store delicate hose is to roll them up carefully and put each pair in a soft cloth. For long term storage, put them in a zip lock bag or some type of air tight container to help prolong their life span. Do not store your hose aside bras or other lingerie that has a snap or fastener that could snag your hose.

Repairing A Snag

One quick fix if you do snag your hose is to apply a small drop of clear nail polish around the snag. This will prevent the snag from developing into a large run. has a wide selection of gorgeous stockings that can suit any occasion and body type. Our seamed nylons are a nod to the fashions of the 1950’s and are one of the hottest trends around. Try our seamed nylons and enjoy our care tips that will make sure you get to wear our quality stockings for a long time to come.

Why Real Silk Stockings Are Worth The Extra Money

Silk is often associated with luxury and high quality, and rightfully so. But when so many women are accustomed to sliding on an average pair fitted tights every day, one might wonder why they should invest in real silk stockings. Silk stockings are known for providing the most polished look, the most comfortable feel, and the most durable, long-lasting wear. Here’s why it pays to add a pair of the smoothest and strongest stockings to your wardrobe. 
Sheer Elegance 
Champs Elysees 100% Silk Classic Stockings contain only strong silk fibers that reflect the perfect amount of light, accentuating the right parts of the leg at the right time. This is something that non-silk tights cannot do. Silk camouflages into the flesh in such a unique way that even upon close inspection, it’s hard to detect these tights. Every woman wants to obtain the sheer, flawless, almost airbrushed look when flaunting a bit of skin and the best way is to simply invest in a quality pair of silk stockings. 
Complete Comfort 
How many women find themselves wanting to tear at their skin in the middle of the day due to nagging, scratchy hosiery? No matter how sheer the tights or how low the denier, the material just irritates the skin with constant rubbing. When you slip your legs into a pair of silk stockings, discomfort becomes a thought of the past. In the Cervin Vendome Silk Tights which are made of 96% silk and 4% elastin for stretch, you will experience unparalleled smoothness to the touch. There are no mesh fabrics to agitate your legs, but rather the continuity of softness, ideal for all day or all night wear. 
The most important quality of silk stockings is durability. Why continue to spend money on tights that can only sustain a few wears before you see a run? That’s $5 here and $10 there for products that do not measure up to the quality you’re really looking for. Silk tights are the best choice for hosiery that won’t rip and tear because its fibers are known for being some of the strongest in the world. Women even trust their wedding day legwear to silk stockings. Most remain sheer with invisible reinforcements to the toes and seams. Your most delicate-looking clothing staple will most likely be the most run-resistant and long lasting. 
Hosieree’s silk stockings are worth the investment because of their long lifespan compared to that of other tights, and the gorgeous finishing touch that even the nicest nylons can’t quite accomplish. Every woman should think about spending a little more for quality instead of sewing into replacements.