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Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

With Fall almost here, it’s time to trade out our shorts and tank tops for our warmer season looks. Cozy sweaters, light jackets, and scarves build a great Fall wardrobe, but what really sets off a look is a great pair of tights. Here are five hosiery essentials to grab to build the perfect fall wardrobe:

1. Black Opaque Tights

Black opaque tights are a must-have for Fall fashion. Not only do they keep you warm, they can help you transition some of your summer looks into the Fall season like your favorite skirts and dresses. Opt for a pair with 70 denier or higher for a truly opaque look like the Cortina 100 – 3D Opaque Tights. Make sure to grab a couple different pairs as they are such an important piece for stylish Fall looks.

2. Cozy Wool Tights

Cozy wool tights are perfect to wear when hitting the pumpkin patch or enjoying apple cider by a campfire. They are incredibly warm but still breathable and feel luxurious against your skin. The Carbonara Merino Wool Tights are a great option. They come in a variety of fall-friendly colors like navy, maroon, and warm browns. With a matte finish, they’ll match any comfy outfit.

3. A Bold Pop Of Color

If you really want to elevate your fall looks, a colorful opaque pair of tights can really make an eye-catching outfit. Pairing colored tights is easy. You can wear them with a simple black or grey dress, create a sophisticated monochromatic look, or match them with complementary colors or patterns. The Microfiber Sophie 70 Opaque Tights come in a beautiful variety of Fall fashion colors so you can find the perfect match for your wardrobe.

4. Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are perfect for Fall looks. They break up the layers of clothing with an added bit of interest and look gorgeous with your favorite pair of boots. For the perfect pair for your fall looks check out the Girardi Mood Fashion Tights or the Setia Fashion Tights With Over Knee Effect

5. Fun Tights For Halloween

Fall isn’t complete without everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. Make sure you grab a fun pair of tights to wear to wear to haunted houses, hayrack rides, and even office holiday parties. We love the Cat Tights by Pretty Polly and the Cracow Opaque Tights to transform any outfit into a holiday look. We also have a wide variety of fishnets to complete any Halloween costume.

Adding these five tights to your Fall wardrobe will ensure you always have the perfect outfit to wear. Fall tights do not go out of style, so make sure you invest in European quality tights that will last a lifetime. only stocks the most durable, high quality tights to make sure that you get the most out of your fashion investment.

Styling Bold Statement Tights

If you’re feeling fearless about your fashion choices today, might we suggest making a bold statement through eccentric yet elegant tights? From a pop of color to weird patterns, coming up with ways to add statement tights to your ensemble isn’t as tricky as you think.

Tights are absolutely versatile. And wearing black opaque tights every day can get quite boring—it’s time to let your creativity shine through! Adding a little bit of your personality into your wardrobe won’t hurt anybody.

Adding A Touch Of Color

It is so tempting to stick with the basics: nude and black. But you have to let loose once in a while. Bring out your best dress in a neutral hue or your cute, little denim skirt and pair it with Cortina Tights in Petalo, Soleil, or Tropical, whichever compliments your style well.

Putting on those bold colors will make you feel more confident about yourself. Show the world how flexible your wardrobe is.

Get Wild

Animal prints will forever be chic, no matter what other people say. You might think they’re too bold, but hear us out. You just have to make them the star. Give them the spotlight, and you’ll be able to pull them off with ease.

Pairing your Leopard Opaque Fashion Leggings with a solid top or a sexy leather jacket is a surefire way to make heads turn wherever you go. It’s a sassy yet gorgeous combo!

Fun Yet Formal

Want to inject fun into your formal outfits without losing their formality? Make a statement at any party or romantic dinner by paring Rox Geometric Pattern Tights with a simple top. These tights will make your whole ensemble look extra fancy.

If you want to show off your favorite little black dress, try pairing it with Argo Fashion Tights by Trasparenze. That floral pattern will allow you to show off the beauty of your legs.

A Little Witchy

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to use these bad boys. Paired with a solid-colored dress, Tarantula Fashion Tights by Adrian will bring out your inner wickedness. They may be a bit unusual, but they’ll have you standing out in the crowd any day of the year.

Statement tights are all about having fun and bringing your creativity to life. They challenge you to think outside of the box and be more playful with your styling.

Now while it’s great to follow the latest trend or even start your own, don’t compromise the quality of the tights you’re going to get. We at offer only top-quality European hosiery that’s perfect for your wardrobe. Check out our wide product selection at today.

Are You Wearing The Right Size Hosiery?

Are You Wearing The Right Size Hosiery?

Hosiery that is too big will be prone to slipping, and hosiery that is too small will be prone to runs, tears, and premature fiber breakdown. While a pair of jeans or a sweater may work in a slightly “off” size, hosiery is a bit different. It’s extremely important to find your correct size in hosiery, and there are a few tips and tricks to help you to do so more easily. Here’s what you need to know about getting the right size hosiery:

  • Sizing May Differ – Like with other types of clothing, hosiery sizing will differ across brands, fabrics, and types. Your size in the Alba Chiara 40 Tights might be completely different than your size in the Blind Date Sheers, and that’s okay. When shopping for pantyhose, it’s important to look at individual size charts for the pairs of pantyhose you’re interested in and go by each chart to find your perfect size. At, we provide accurate size charts for all of our pairs of hose so you can go for your ideal size with ease.
  • Go Bigger – In some instances, you might find that you’re in between sizes on a size chart, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip over that perfect pair of hose. When you get in that kind of situation, it’s always recommended to go with the slightly large size over the slightly small one. When hosiery is too small, the fibers are put under constant stress, and a delicate pair of hose will wear out too quickly. You can always fix hosiery that is slipping, while a pair of hose with a large hole might be deemed irreparable.
  • Don’t Go By Look – If you’re checking a pair of hose and you think it looks too small, that might not necessarily be the case. Hosiery of different materials and fabrics can stretch, and it’s important to try the hosiery on before deciding if it’s a “no” or a “go.”

When you find the right hosiery, you’ll never want to let it go, and we have just what you’re looking for at Each pair of hose we offer features a sizing chart as part of the product description, allowing you to see what size is the best fit for you no matter what pair you’re interested in. To find out what size you may be in your favorite hose, check out what we have at today.

Hosiery History: Understanding Why They’re Not Yet History in Fashion

Hosiery History: Understanding Why They’re Not Yet History in Fashion

When one thinks of hosiery, it’s easy to picture an empowered woman who knows how to rock patterned or sheer hosiery while looking like an ever-classy lady. Some may even picture women from earlier centuries who wear hosiery underneath their long skirts.

Hosiery as a fashion statement has come a long way. It has evolved through many styles and materials. And while we at carry brands that offer only the best quality hosiery, it’s good to look back and see where this fashion statement started.

The Evolution of Hosiery

Hosiery dates back to as far as the 9th century, where the crudest of materials—including gut strands to act as suspenders—were used. This evolved to woven stockings, knitted pairs, and synthetic yarns.

As the material evolved, so did the use of hosiery. Did you know that in the earlier centuries, men also wore hosiery? While it might be a sight to imagine men in tights or lacy hosiery, they actually wore it even before women did! 

Hosiery was even used as a way to distinguish between social classes. This is because the members of the upper class would wear white or colored stockings, while those from the lower class will wear black. Considering the nature of work that the lower-class citizens had to do, this difference in hosiery colors made sense.

From Panti-Legs to Pantyhose

Even the pantyhose has an interesting back story. According to records, Allen E. Gant supposedly first created the pantyhose in 1959 for his wife, Ethel Boone Gant. Ethel was pregnant, and had a hard time going on trips because women were expected to wear thigh-high stockings, girdle, and garter, which did not sit well with pregnancy.

Gant got to work sewing stockings onto panties, which his wife was able to use. Gant took these to a clothing mill and created better prototypes that finally churned out the pantyhose that we know today.

Politics of Pantyhose

There was also a time in hosiery’s history that it became a statement for women. As the fashion industry saw an overall revolution, bare legs also seemed to embody freedom and comfort. Perhaps the issue was more in the expectations from women regarding fashion more than the dislike for pantyhose.

Nowadays, hosiery has become a part of women’s fashion. Some use it as part of their uniforms and outfits for the daily grind. Others wear it as an expression of themselves and their fashion sense. 

The beauty of hosiery is that, despite the fluctuations of use and perspective on these undergarments, it has evolved with the times. Now, it is more common to see colored tights or lacey stockings as part of one’s fashion statement, proof that hosiery is here to stay.

Hosieree carries a number of brands and hosiery styles that you can choose from. Check out the website for more styles, and add some spice and texture to your everyday wardrobe with the right hosiery garment for you.

Tights To Give Your Winter Looks Some Edge

Tights To Give Your Winter Looks Some Edge

If you’re looking for a little edge to incorporate into your winter looks, the right tights might be just what you’ve been searching for. Tights are the ultimate cool weather accessory; turning summer clothes into fall staples, elegant dresses into comfortably warm ensembles, and adding layers to just about any look. So what about edge? If you’re looking for a rock-concert ready look for winter, the right tights are going to give you just that. 

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The Best Way To Hand Wash Your Hosiery

The Best Way To Hand Wash Your Hosiery

While hosiery bags and special washes encourage women to wash their hosiery with a machine, we at still believe that hand washing is the single best way to keep clean while retaining your hosiery’s longevity. With high-quality European crafted hosiery, you’ll want to take the proper care to get the most from your hosiery investment, and we believe that hand washing gives you your best opportunity at just that. For this reason, we want to outline the best way to hand wash your hosiery for maintaining maximum quality throughout the years: Continue reading The Best Way To Hand Wash Your Hosiery

White Hosiery Is Making A Comeback Thanks To Our American Duchess

White Hosiery Is Makitg A Comeback Thanks To Our American Duchess

The United States has its first English duchess, and it seems the whole world is wrapped up in what is being deemed the “Markle Sparkle”. Upon news of her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, became an instant global fashion icon, and this has only increased since their May 2018 wedding. Back in May, Meghan was spotted wearing a cream colored hat, matching dress, and something that many considered a risk upon her legs – clean white hosiery. Continue reading White Hosiery Is Making A Comeback Thanks To Our American Duchess

Hosiery Trends To Take You Into Pre-Fall

 Hosiery Trends To Take You Into Pre-Fall

Pre-fall is a unique season for fashion. It’s the only mid-season fashion switch up we see throughout the year, and it really winds down the bold summer looks into a cozy place ready for the cool weather season to set in. We don’t have a pre-winter, a pre-spring, or a pre-summer, so the month long period of pre-fall is a really fun time to experiment with mixing summer and fall looks into one cohesive outfit. Continue reading Hosiery Trends To Take You Into Pre-Fall

Five Sheer Pantyhose That Will Look Like Your Natural Legs


Five Sheer Pantyhose That Will Look Like Your Natural Legs

Everyone knows that sheer pantyhose can give you a smooth, sleek leg line that highlights your muscle tone. However, if you opt to wear a sheer pantyhose, you don’t want it to be obvious. At Hosieree we have a wide variety of sheer pantyhose that can help highlight the best features of your legs while still covering any issues. Here are our picks for the five of the most natural looking pantyhose in our catalog: Continue reading Five Sheer Pantyhose That Will Look Like Your Natural Legs