How To Rock Tights With Your Favorite Shorts

How To Rock Tights With Your Favorite Shorts

There’s so many cute shorts in style this season, we definitely want to stock up. However, some of the looks like the hot pants found on Saint Laurent, Hermes, and Chanel’s Spring runways were pretty daring. Fortunately, you can still wear them paired with your favorite pair of tights. Whether you want to tone down the look or make your legs look leaner and longer, wearing the shorts looks with tights is a great fashion choice.

What To Look For In Tights To Wear With Shorts

There are a couple of things to consider when wearing tights under shorts. First, you want to make sure that they don’t have a control top like the Opaque Seamless Tights Miss 60. If you still would like the slimming effect, there are some options like the Fit Control 40 tights that have the control top around only the stomach area. Next, you want to make sure they are designed to be worn under tight clothing like the Opaque Seamless 50 Tights so they don’t catch or rub thin from your shorts.

Wearing Tights For A Bare Leg Look

For those of us looking for a more slimming option, wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose is a great idea. Choosing an ultra-sheer pantyhose can make it seem like you are showing your bare legs. The Capri Trasparenze Ultra Sheer Panythose and the Cecilia De Rafael Divine NANOFIBRE Pantyhose are both great options. Just pay close attention to the sizing to avoid any sagging around your ankles or knees. These can be a giveaway that you aren’t bare-legged.

Go Bold With A Pair Of Thigh Highs

A cute look that will keep you warm, slim your legs, and even make you look a little taller is pairing shorts with thigh high tights. Make sure that you get thigh highs and not thigh high stockings because stockings need suspender belts. A great thigh high option for under shorts are the Cristine 50 3D Microfiber Stay Up Stocking with Floral Lace. If you are worried about your thigh high tights staying up or would still like to cover some imperfections, the Fiore Miguela Thigh High Imitation Tights are standard tights but with the look of thigh highs.

No matter which style you choose to wear with your shorts this season, make sure to get a high quality pair of tights. The European styles found at are ideal. Made from high quality materials, you won’t have to worry about runs or holes ruining your new look. Plus, we have a wide variety of color, styles, and fits to make sure you achieve the perfect look.

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