Announcing the Spring and Summer Collection From Cazzola Gaetano

are happy to announce the arrival of famed designer, Cazzola
, spring
and summer collection of high quality hosiery. Starting with an
incredibly sexy
pair of leggings called Strong, these stockings feature a
fishnet appeal with a
more solid, opaque finish on the last few inches that frames the
top of your
foot. These particular pair of leggings would be sure to draw
more than your
fair share of attention when paired with a short, seductive,
black skirt or
with a brightly colored skirt or dress and matching heels. This
is one fashion
trend accessory you’ll want to experiment with often.

Gaetano’s, Baby
, is a dreamy pair of stockings you don’t want to
be without.
These tights are on the cutting edge of the stockings
feature both sheer and opaque details with faux corset style
lacings at the hip
and backs of the calves. The floral, lace front, shin
wraparounds, will have
everybody coming closer for a better look. If you’re wearing
this enticing pair
of pantyhose for a romantic occasion, like an anniversary or
wedding night, you
can bet your partner won’t soon forget the experience of seeing
your legs
encased in these breathtakingly sexy stockings.

suspender tights
are all the rage in the hosiery industry and
with the likes of
Miley Cyrus, Jessie J, and other celebrities wearing these
alluring pantyhose,
there’s no chance this fashion trend is going anywhere soon.
Cazzola Gaetano’s
scrumptious Magic tights
feature a polka-dot thigh high with
satiny finish
banding held up with a darker pair of suspenders that blends
into the narrow
waistband fitting flat to the hips. These adorable stockings can
be worn with
shorts, anklet socks, and cute tennis shoes for daytime fun or
dressed up with
a chic skirt and classic heels for a more polished evening look.

Gaetano’s Special
is just that. These gorgeous leggings are
patterned with a
mix of darker and lighter flowers, in varying sizes, on a muted
background of
solid color. Featured colors are black/white and black/natural.
adorable, this pair of sheer to the waist leggings has a flat to
the panty seam
and only the narrowest waistband designed to sit snug to the
waist. No matter
how you wear these stockings, dress casual for day or fun and
funky for
evening, you won’t be disappointed. These tights support the leg
and leave you
feeling refreshed as long as you have them on.

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