Pantyhose – How to Recycle Old Pantyhose

PrettyPollyFNetAnkletsIf you have old pantyhose that are no longer in wearable condition, but you want to get more use out of them instead of simply throwing them away, then you should consider the many ways that you can recycle your old pantyhose to breathe new life and new use into them. Whether you have pantyhose like print ( Edera, Fiamma,
Parigi, Irene,
Olimpia ) or striped tights ( Funky,
Delhi, Dubai, Rox, Roma ), black leggings ( Ave70, 3D Winter Leggings, My Time Panta, Venus, Eddy ) or nude pantyhose (Marfil, Edera15, Velato15, Nirvana, Luxury15 ), there are actually a lot of different ways that you can turn a well worn pair of pantyhose into something new. This way, you can get several or many additional uses out of each pair of worn pantyhose before the point where you need to throw the material away.

One way that you can recycle pantyhose is to make sachets out of them. You can achieve this by cutting off the legs, cutting each one in half so that you have four separate fabric pieces. Fill each one of the pieces up with lavender and then tie all the ends together so that you have a ball that is scented in lavender. Place them in various areas such as your wardrobe or your underwear drawer. This will keep moths away as well as make sure that everything smells nice and sweet.

Use old pantyhose to wash your delicate articles. Cut the old pantyhose at about the thigh, place your delicate washables in the stocking, tie off the open end, and launder as usual.

You can also use black leggings and similar materials to create strainers for various liquids like oils and paints. If you need to strain a liquid, simply cut the nylons open and stretch them over the container that you are straining into. You can also use pantyhose as attractive ties for staking plants in your yard or garden. Choosing brightly colored tights ( Sugar, Petal, Vanish, Life ) is a great way to stake your plants up attractively and in a creative manner that your neighbors may not have thought of. Using your nylons as a laundry bag is another great way that you can recycle your tights.

Did you know that you can use pantyhose, opaque tights or pretty much any type of nylons as an emergency fix if your fan belt should happen to break? Let your engine cool down and then tie the nylons tightly in the place where the broken belt was located. This is a temporary fix at best, but it can be the difference between getting home safely and having to call for a tow. These are just some of the ways that you can recycle your brand name hosiery to suit different needs after they are no longer suitable for wearing. What other ways can you come up with?

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