If you have ever been on a long flight then you have probably noticed that your body changes
while you are up there. The pressure in the cabin is different than what you are used
to down there on the ground and sometimes your body rebels against such a sudden change.
This can happen in a number of ways, some people get headaches or earaches and others find
their lower extremities swelling and even becoming painful. And while that may sound scary,
what is even worse is the fact that people have actually had blood clots threaten
their lives due to flying. There is something you can do if this happens to you though
and it is as simple as wearing the right kind of flight socks or
Knee Highs.

Specifically designed socks have been shown to drastically reduce the chances of you getting a
blood clot. The longer your flight is the more chances you have of developing Deep
Vein Thrombosis
also known as DVT. By simply wearing
LUI&LEI Knee Highs you can
lessen your chances of getting blood clots from the flight by as much as 6 times.
That is a pretty huge difference and one well worth nothing.

The danger of blood clots is not them residing in the leg where they start during
a flight but rather the problem that is created once the entire clot becomes dislodged
or a small fragment of it does. All it takes is a small portion of the clot to come away
from the main bulk and travel to the heart, the brain or most commonly the lungs to be fatal.
This is why we should all be wearing flight socks when they travel.
It is such as easy thing to do and it could save your life.

If you fly on planes regularly you may have experiences some of the
symptoms that can be indicative of problems stemming from DVT:

  • Cramps and/or aches in the lower leg region;
  • A feeling of tension in the leg muscles;
  • Swelling and or an elevated temperature.

These are not symptoms that you can rely on however since more occurrences of DVT
are not accompanies by any at all. These clots can develop very quickly and can be missed or ignored.

There are many simple things you can do to reduce DVT risk, like
getting up often to walk around,
keeping hydrated, massaging the lower legs and feet as well as wearing
Support hosiery especially Knee Highs designed to prevent DVT
like LUI&LEI. These Knee highs look just like regular Microfiber
knee highs and can be worn by men and women,
that was a very smart decision to make this hosiery item a Unisex
product so both Men and Women can benefit from wearing them.
Very soft and comfortably fitted, anatomically designed with extra
wide smooth border to keep them
in place yet providing neccessary blood circulation.

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