New Arrival of Tights and Fashionable Undergarments From the Franco Bombana Collection!

If you are totally into fashion, then we believe that you have not missed out on the name of Franco Bombana. He has always been considered as a renowned Italian designer for signature labels that focus much on elegant and feminine fashion wear. For our newest collection, we are unveiling our Franco Bombana collection that is very exquisite. It has matching tops and belts that we are offering for the very first time. These are offered for the Cocco model while the matching tops are meant for the Tricote tights.

We are very proud of this new collection since the name Franco Bombana has always been a top of the line brand in the hosiery line. It has served also as the ideal portrait of various women through the entire history of fashion due to the variety of selections his designs has to offer. This includes natural yarns like cotton and cashmere just to be able to reach utmost satisfaction from the wearer and help bring out the best shape that the woman’s body has to offer.

One of the must-see in our fresh collection would be the Diva tights that are meant for women who are in search of comfort and durability. These are highly stretchable and ideal to wear due to the yarns that were used to knit and come up with an optical effect for its added features. It also has a smooth waistband that is somehow patterned after the Franco Bombana logo.

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