Five Hosiery Options To Help You Stay Warm This Winter

Five Hosiery Options To Help You Stay Warm This Winter

Hosiery is among the top accessories for winter. It comes in a variety of materials that are designed to keep you warm and dry. Hosiery also can easily be layered, so you can stay the perfect temperature when you go in and out of buildings. Here are our favorite pieces to keep you warm all winter:

1. 3D Winter Leggings

These plush, warm leggings are a winter must-have. Super soft and stretchy, these leggings are a 150 denier, which will block even the coldest winds. These leggings are also technologically advanced and use a fiber with bacteriostatic qualities that help protect against excess moisture and allergies. Available in black, brown, and navy, they will match all your winter favorites.

2. Koto Legwarmer

One of our favorite winter layering options is a pair of legwarmers. Legwarmers are stylish and go great with any footwear. They can be easily put on to trek through the snow and taken off when back in the heated indoors. You can even layer legwarmers to create a modern look and add extra warmth to your outfit.

3. Bellissima Everest 100 Winter Tights

These black tights are the ultimate winter wardrobe staple, and they were designed to stand up to the coldest temperatures. Made with a blend of cotton and microfiber, these breathable tights are extremely soft against the skin. They will look great with your favorite dress or skirt, or you can layer them under a pair of trousers.

4. Keaton Cotton And Wool Tights

Another great option if you are looking for basic black tights, these are made with a natural fiber blend that will keep you warm all day. Comfortable and breathable, they go with any outfit of your choosing. The wool fibers help keep you extra cozy even in the harshest winter temperatures.

5. Thermic Ice Winter Tights

Among our favorites for winter, the Thermic Ice Winter Tights can keep you warm in even freezing temperatures. With a matte finish, they are great to wear to the office or with your favorite casual outfit. Because these tights are extremely stretchable, they are also ideal for outdoor activities.

All of these hosiery staples will help keep you warm this winter. We have some other amazing options you can check out as well. At, you can stock up on all your winter layering needs. We have a wide selection and will make sure that no matter what look you are trying to achieve, you can find what you need.

Comfy Leggings For Around The House

Comfy Leggings For Around The House

With so many of us spending so much time at home now, we are all looking for comfortable things to wear. One of the coziest things to wear is a pair of leggings. Leggings are great because they allow you to stretch out and relax. They also go with practically everything. You can wear them with your favorite soft T-shirt, a boyfriend hoodie, or even a housedress. Here are some of our favorite comfy leggings that make great loungewear pieces:

1. Bellissima Leggings K2 3D Microfiber

Available in two colors, these comfortable leggings are suitable to cool fall weather. Made with microfiber, they are as soft as butter against your skin. You also do not ever have to worry about them stretching out over time.

2. Diana Opaque Leggings With Vertical Striped Pattern

Also great for cooler temperatures, the Diana Opaque Leggings are knit leggings that fit comfortably over your feet. Ideal for cozy days in, these will keep you cool and comfy. The added foot straps make them great for activities like dancing around your home while you do your chores. The vertical stripe style is quite unique and adds interest to your look.

3. Botanical Microsuede Leggings U16964

If you are looking to upgrade the style of your loungewear, consider a pair of microsuede leggings. Durable and comfortable enough for around the house, they are stylish and elegant if you need to run out or jump on a quick video conference for work. Plus, microsuede is one of the softest materials around and feels great against your skin.

4. Opaque 3D Microfiber Leggings Anette

Available in a range of fun colors, the Opaque 3D MicroFiber Leggings are the best pieces to create a chic loungewear look. They are extremely comfortable and ideal for wearing all day around the house. They also offer a slimming effect, so they will help you come up with a trendy look to post to social media. These are definitely must-haves for your at-home looks.

All of these options are especially designed for chilling at home. Add a comfy pair of socks like the My Bio Bamboo Sneaker Socks and you will be ready for the day. Check out some of our other legging options at, and let us know what your favorite pair to wear around the house is. Also, reach out to us if you have any questions. We are always available to help you pick the perfect pair of leggings for your needs.

How To Stylishly Pair Tights With Boots

How To Stylishly Pair Tights With Boots

Fall is finally here! We can pack up our summer sandals and get out our favorite pairs of boots. One of the easiest and most stylish ways to wear your fall boots is paired with a dress skirt, or shorts and a great pair of tights. Though it’s a great look, it can be a little tricky to pull off so you look your absolute best. However, with a few simple tips, you can make sure that your fall favorite is also flattering.


Booties are really an elegant footwear choice, so you want to make sure that your hosiery is equally as elegant. An easy way is to go with a pair of matte black tights. If you’re looking for a more eye-catching look, you can also pair them with a pair of matte colored tights like the Blues 70 Opaque Tights. Booties also look great with fishnet stockings and lace tights.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a perfect option for fall. However, ankle boots can often make your legs look shorter and wider. However, if you pair ankle boots with a pair of tights, you can make your legs look leaner and longer. Choosing a monochromatic look will lengthen the look of your legs even further. For example, if you’re wearing black boots, choose black stockings. If you’re wearing brown boots, choose brown stockings.

Knee-Length Boots

Knee-length boots are a standard of fall fashion. Wearing knee-length boots with tights gives you a little more flexibility because you don’t have to be as concerned about staying warm. So you can wear some mesh tights like the Gabriella Inez Tights. Knee-high boots also cover most of the leg, so you can use this as an opportunity to add an easy splash of color or an interesting print without overdoing it.

Following these simple parameters will make sure that you always look incredible when you pair boots and tights. offers the largest selection of European hosiery. We’ll help you find the perfect tights no matter your choice of footwear. Browse our collection and let us know if you have any questions.

How To Prevent Runs In Your Stockings

How To Prevent Runs In Your Stockings

There is nothing worse than stepping out in a great outfit only to discover that you have a run in your hosiery. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you prevent getting runs in your tights. Here are our biggest tips to keep your tights looking great.

Invest In A Quality Pair

Pantyhose like anything else, comes in varying quality. The inexpensive pairs that you pick up at the drugstore are not made with quality in mind. Therefore they are going to rip and tear more easily than a higher quality European style pair. It’s not just brand quality that matters, you also want to look for pantyhose with design features that strengthen the hosiery. A great feature are reinforced toes and heels. These have an added layer of fabric that can prevent runs right at the most common sources. You also want to look for hosiery that have runresistant technology. This is especially important if you are very active. Finally, make sure that you select the right size, if your hosiery is too tight, the thread tension will create a higher risk of runs.

Take Care When Putting On Your Tights

Oftentimes runs happen while putting on your pantyhose. Before putting on pantyhose, it’s always a good idea to moisturize your legs. It’s a lot easier to get hosiery on moisturized legs than dry legs. You also should let your lotion, oil, or body butter soak in, otherwise getting the hosiery on can be a little tricky. When putting a pair on, you want to always gently scrunch from the hip to the toe, then slowly work the stocking up the leg. Finally, take extra care when putting on shoes, clothing, and jewelry to make sure nothing catches on clasps, zippers, or textured fabrics.

Wash With Extra Care

Washing hosiery in the laundry cycle with the rest of your clothes can damage the fibers. It can also put them at risk of getting caught or pulled by the ornaments on your clothes like buttons or zippers. Instead, follow the care instructions on the packaging. If you don’t have the packaging still, we have a helpful guide on our blog you can read here.

All of these tips will help make sure that you’re never caught with a run again. If you do have a run though, we can help you fix them before they ruin the entire pair. At we understand the importance of keeping your stockings free of runs. That is why we only stock the finest quality European tights. Available in every shape, color, and size you could ever need, our pantyhose will make sure your look is never ruined by a run again.

Fall 2020 Hosiery Trends To Upgrade Your Look This Season

Fall 2020 Hosiery Trends To Upgrade Your Look This Season

Fall 2020 has been a fun season for fashion. The looks are a combination of upgraded elegance, classic femininity, and funky street styles. No matter what style you prefer from the Fall 2020 runways, has the right piece to keep you fashion forward. Here are some of our favorite trends to try this year.


Metallics are everywhere this season. Found on the runways of Michael Kors, Alexa Chung, and Isabel Marant, these sparkly looks are great for day and night. To get this look try the Cosmo 40 Tights silver metallic tuxedo stripe or Brunello Lurex Tights gold metallic diamond pattern. Adding a little sparkle will help you stay on trend and feel great.


Plaid is having a serious moment right now. Balmain, Burberry, and Marni all sent fashion forward plaid looks down the runway this season. Plaids ranging from a classic tartan to funky geometrics are designed to be layered this season. Start with the basic plaid pattern of the Rox Geometric Pattern Tights and throw on your favorite plaid shirt, dress, or flannel shirt.


Girlie girls are having their moment right now as nothing is more delicately feminine than a sweet bow. Designers including Chanel, Valentino, and Tom Ford all featured bows heavily in their Fall 2020 collections. Bows can be worn on blouses, dresses, and even stockings like the Et Class Pantyhose With Cuban Seal And Back Seam.

Jewel Tones

Rich, elegant jewel tones are the color palette to wear this season. Designers including Jason Wu, Celine, and Christian Siriano all had rich jewel tones. Colors like teal, violet, and emerald green dominate this season. To really master the runway looks consider the Uppsala Wet Looking Tights. If you want something less fashion forward and a bit more understated, try the Miranda Opaque Thigh Highs.

Lingerie As Daywear

Lingerie as daywear is back thanks to Saint Laurent, Versace, and Dion Lee. Corsets, night gowns, and belted stockings are paired with our favorite daywear pieces for a fresh new way to wear these staples. We have a wide variety of stockings that can help you easily achieve this look.

Achieving all these Fall runway looks is easy and affordable with We have the latest in European hosiery trends to keep your wardrobe looking fresh every season. Check out some of these options and let us know what’s your favorite Fall 2020 trend. We’d love to hear about you recreate your favorite Fall runway looks.

Everything You Need To Know About Maternity Tights

Everything You Need To Know About Maternity Tights

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in our lives. That is until we hit our closets and realize what fit yesterday, is now too tight. Every day during our pregnancies our outfit choices get narrower and narrower. However, there is one clothing item that you can count on always fitting: Maternity tights.

What Exactly Are Maternity Tights?

Maternity tights are essentially the same as normal tights. However, they are designed so that the stomach area stretches and grows with your belly. They don’t just stretch though, maternity tights also have a wide variety of features that can help you feel more comfortable during your pregnancy. Maternity tights have supportive waists that help carry your belly, taking a lot of pressure off your back. However, since they are flexible, they aren’t restrictive like other support options. Maternity tights move with you, so you can stay active all day without problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Maternity Tights?

There are a lot of benefits of maternity tights. First, they provide support for your pregnancy belly which offers relief to your back and legs. Secondly, they help prevent swelling in the feet and legs and help relieve the throbbing and pain from swelling. Finally, they help expand your wardrobe by dressing up casual comfort clothes like loose cotton dresses and skater skirts. They’ll help make sure you never have to struggle with what to wear during your pregnancy.  

How Do I Buy Maternity Tights?

Maternity tights are a must for any wardrobe. They come in all the basic colors and styles that every woman needs in her wardrobe. To help you get started, here are two of our most loved maternity tight options:

●    Sophie 70 Maternity Tights: The Sophie 70 are ultra sheer tights with built in graduated compression. They also have a comfort waistband and reinforced seams, toe, and heel to prevent runs. Offered in 3 different colors, they are also breathable and lightweight.

●    Dolce Attesa 20: Also available in three different colors, are designed more for comfort and flexibility than support. Super lightweight, these tights are a great option for days when you really just want to relax and feel free. They are also on clearance right now!

These popular options will last you through your whole pregnancy, so you won’t have to worry about buying a new pair every trimester. carries a wide variety of hosiery for all your styling needs. All of our stockings are of the finest European quality, so you’ll be comfortable and supported. We’re here if you have any questions, just shoot us a quick email and we’ll happily help you find what you need.

Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

With Fall almost here, it’s time to trade out our shorts and tank tops for our warmer season looks. Cozy sweaters, light jackets, and scarves build a great Fall wardrobe, but what really sets off a look is a great pair of tights. Here are five hosiery essentials to grab to build the perfect fall wardrobe:

1. Black Opaque Tights

Black opaque tights are a must-have for Fall fashion. Not only do they keep you warm, they can help you transition some of your summer looks into the Fall season like your favorite skirts and dresses. Opt for a pair with 70 denier or higher for a truly opaque look like the Cortina 100 – 3D Opaque Tights. Make sure to grab a couple different pairs as they are such an important piece for stylish Fall looks.

2. Cozy Wool Tights

Cozy wool tights are perfect to wear when hitting the pumpkin patch or enjoying apple cider by a campfire. They are incredibly warm but still breathable and feel luxurious against your skin. The Carbonara Merino Wool Tights are a great option. They come in a variety of fall-friendly colors like navy, maroon, and warm browns. With a matte finish, they’ll match any comfy outfit.

3. A Bold Pop Of Color

If you really want to elevate your fall looks, a colorful opaque pair of tights can really make an eye-catching outfit. Pairing colored tights is easy. You can wear them with a simple black or grey dress, create a sophisticated monochromatic look, or match them with complementary colors or patterns. The Microfiber Sophie 70 Opaque Tights come in a beautiful variety of Fall fashion colors so you can find the perfect match for your wardrobe.

4. Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are perfect for Fall looks. They break up the layers of clothing with an added bit of interest and look gorgeous with your favorite pair of boots. For the perfect pair for your fall looks check out the Girardi Mood Fashion Tights or the Setia Fashion Tights With Over Knee Effect

5. Fun Tights For Halloween

Fall isn’t complete without everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. Make sure you grab a fun pair of tights to wear to wear to haunted houses, hayrack rides, and even office holiday parties. We love the Cat Tights by Pretty Polly and the Cracow Opaque Tights to transform any outfit into a holiday look. We also have a wide variety of fishnets to complete any Halloween costume.

Adding these five tights to your Fall wardrobe will ensure you always have the perfect outfit to wear. Fall tights do not go out of style, so make sure you invest in European quality tights that will last a lifetime. only stocks the most durable, high quality tights to make sure that you get the most out of your fashion investment.

The 5 Dos When Shopping For Lingerie

The 5 Dos When Shopping For Lingerie

Choosing lingerie can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. It’s a whole new world of undergarments, which can be a bit terrifying. Don’t worry, though. Lingerie will make you feel sexy and more comfortable in your own skin as long as you know how to choose the right one. Here are some dos to keep in mind: 

1. Get The Right Fit

To do this, you need to get your measurements done by an expert. When you walk into a lingerie store, have your measurements taken there. Nothing is worse than poor-fitting lingerie, especially if you will wear it for some intimacy in the bedroom with your beau. 

2. Invest Slowly

If you’re new to the world of lingerie, take it easy. You don’t have to buy everything you see at the store. Instead, gradually invest in the pieces you like until you build a wardrobe. It’s best to start with a beautiful set. On the other hand, if you are already a long-time lingerie lover, then go for options that have a wow factor. Keep in mind that you don’t need to break the bank for this! All you need to do is to be on the lookout for great styles and sales. 

3. Always Go For High-Quality Fabrics

There are so many fabrics to choose from when it comes to lingerie. Make sure you opt for high-quality materials that will last for a long time. Poor-quality fabrics are pretty obvious, and you don’t want to look tacky when you take off your clothes and reveal what’s underneath, right? Go for high-quality fabrics because they can make a lot of difference.

4. Hand-Wash It

As much as it’s tempting to throw your lingerie into the washing machine, don’t. Your lingerie is delicate, which means it should be hand-washed instead. The good thing about hand-washing is that it’s not as tedious as it seems. Get a basin, fill it with lukewarm water, and add delicate lingerie wash before swishing your pieces around in the water, rinsing them, and squeezing out the excess water. Dry them out by laying them flat on a surface. 

5. Explore Your Options

There are so many styles of lingerie to choose from. In fact, here at, we encourage women to explore various styles. We know that some of you have a specific one in mind that you’ve stuck with for quite some time. Why don’t you play around a bit and start experimenting with other styles? You never know how it’s going to look on you and how it can make you feel. This is an especially good idea if you’re looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. 

Those are the five dos you need to keep in mind when buying lingerie. If you haven’t tried shopping for it yet, it’s about time that you do. A piece of lingerie will make you feel sexier, more confident, and even more beautiful. Additionally, they can help heat things up in the bedroom with your partner. 

Hop On The Pajama Trend And Wear Your PJs Outdoors

Hop On The Pajama Trend And Wear Your PJs Outdoors

Pajamas are no longer meant only for the bedroom and sleeping. The latest fashion trend is wearing pajamas outdoors, and it’s not just for a quick run to the mailbox. If you’ve been dying to try out this trend, you’ve come to the right place because we have some tips that will help you show off your pajamas out of bed.

It’s All About The Style

There are a lot of styles of pajamas that you can get today. The trick here is to choose the right one. Go for stylish luxe—the silk ones are a popular choice.

Don’t wear anything that’s made from cotton because cotton fabrics will make you look like you just rolled out of bed. As mentioned, choose soft silks and shiny satin shirts instead. 

When it comes to choosing your pajama tip, look at the details. They must be distinct, such as an open neckline, long sleeves, and side piping. You should also play with proportions to add more style to your outfit. For example, you can opt for an oversized pajama top and pair it with skinny jeans. Finish it off with high heels, and you’re ready to hit the road. 

Accessorize It

Now, when it comes to wearing pajamas to work or an event, you have to treat it like a real outfit, so you need to accessorize it. A great way to do this is to wear jewelry. If your pajamas are made from soft fabrics, pair it with bold earrings or a boyfriend watch.

On the other hand, if you want to add a masculine touch to your outfit, you can use a statement bag or a leather clutch with it. It also won’t hurt to complement your outfit with a pair of shades for that will make you look even glamorous. 

Wear It At The Right Time

As much as we love the pajama trend these days, there are specific times when we love seeing pajamas on women or even men. It’s a great outfit to wear for brunch. 

You can also wear it to work by wearing a blazer over a pajama top along with simple trousers—you’ll be comfortable and glamorous in the boardroom. You can also wear it for a night out by choosing a silk pajama top and pairing it with jeans and killer heels. A co-ord pajama set would be perfect for a simple day out, and you can wear it with a vest and sandals. 

Are you ready to jump on this trend? If so, get beautiful, high-quality pajamas at We have a wide selection of sleepwear you can choose from that can make you look amazing even when you’re out of bed. Shop now and spice up your outfits with a pair of pajamas. 

Get To Know Your Seamless Underwear

Get To Know Your Seamless Underwear

Get rid of visible panty lines (VPL) and rock your favorite body-hugging skirt with seamless underwear. The craze for this type of underwear is unwavering, and it’s all because of the convenience and benefits it brings to all the ladies out there. But before you go shopping, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with it first. 

What Is Seamless Underwear?

Seamless underwear undergoes a different manufacturing method. A unique circular knitting method is used to create this type of underwear. The technique allows the undergarment to provide a close fit and, at the same time, eliminate bulky seams and edges that cause panty lines. 

Why Go For Seamless Underwear?

Seamless underwear eliminates VPL, and it is also gentle on the skin. You really can’t go wrong with it—all you need to do is to ensure you get the best one that will suit your needs. 

Another good thing about seamless underwear is that you can use it anytime, regardless of the activity you plan to do. Seamless isn’t just for when you will wear tight-fitting clothes. You can use it whenever you want for maximum comfort.

How To Choose Seamless Underwear

There are various styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from when it comes to seamless underwear. You can choose a moisture-wicking one made from spandex and nylon. Some pieces of seamless underwear are made from cotton and cotton blends. Cotton is comfortable because it’s breathable, which means that moisture will not get trapped in the fabric and you don’t have to worry about bacterial and yeast infections.

When it comes to styles, you can choose from thongs, bikinis, and so much more. It’s crucial to look for a style that makes you feel confident.

Those are a few of the things to keep in mind when choosing seamless underwear. Also, make sure that you purchase from a reliable brand. You can shop for high-quality seamless underwear at

When buying online, measure your waist and hips. It’s best to do this twice to ensure that you’re getting the right size. Bend sideways to find your natural waist measurement, and keep the tape measure parallel to the ground when you measure your hips. 

In A Nutshell

Seamless underwear is an excellent choice no matter what. Even if you don’t need to wear tight clothing, you’ll find that this type of underwear is exceptionally comfortable. Wearing a pair of seamless underwear will make you feel more confident as well. You don’t have to be conscious about panty lines that could ruin your entire outfit. 

The information we’re provided will help you find the right pair of underwear. Keep in mind that the brand plays a significant role—a reputable one will provide you with beautiful underwear that is worth every penny. 

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