Choose The Right Hosiery For Every Occasion

Choose The Right Hosiery For Every Occasion

For many events, you may know that you should wear hosiery, but you’re unsure of what type of hosiery will be most appropriate. At we want you to get completely comfortable playing with and enjoying your hosiery, so we want to give you a good foundation to choose from when it comes to what type of hosiery fits an occasion best. Some ideas for choosing the right hosiery for any occasion are: 

  • Date night – Date night is where you really get to have fun with your hosiery. We love the idea of fishnets for date nights, and you can go classic and sexy or try something a little edgier if you like. The Calzitaly Fishnet Tights with Leopardo Pattern are an edgier fishnet hosiery option with a pattern that looks great with tailored shorts, distressed jeans, short skirts, and more. With great versatility, they’re the fishnets you can reach for again and again. 
  • Professional events – Professional events call for professional hosiery. Opaque hosiery in the fall and winter in dark colors, sheer black hose in the warmer months, or natural toned sheer hosiery are failsafe options. If you plan to be wearing trousers or slacks, knee-high hosiery keeps your refined look as well as your comfort. The Elly Knee-Highs 140 Semi-Opaque Support Knee-Highs even feature gradual compression to keep legs comfortable all throughout a day behind a desk. 
  • Weddings – Weddings are a major event for hosiery, and you can really have some fun with your looks depending on the ceremony and celebration. For summer, you’ll want to opt for an ultra-sheer pair of pantyhose with an open-toe design, but fall and winter weddings let you have a bit more fun playing with your style. For nighttime weddings, something with a little sparkle or embellishment adds elegance to your look, and for low-key or whimsical weddings, bold patterns can bring a ton of fun. 

At we carry the hosiery you’re looking for no matter the occasion. From date night sexy and chic, to a refined and professional look, you can find it when you browse our stock at today. 

Bold Statement Tights Are The Must Have Trend For Fall 2021

Bold Statement Tights Are The Must Have Trend For Fall 2021

Everyone is getting ready to head back out to work, to social events, and to living life once again and the latest fashion trends for fall and winter 2021 are reflecting that. Bold styles, color, and shape are slated to be huge in the latter half of 2021, with statement tights and hosiery taking a front seat. Embroidered hosiery, embellished hosiery, bold colored hosiery, and head-turning hosiery are helping designers to really double down on their statement piece looks, and we at have everything you need to recreate these styles for yourself. From the catwalk to the sidewalk, some examples of bold statement hose we have for your fall of 2021 are: 

  • Cazzola Gaetano Wet Fashion Tights – For those who can’t get enough of the quirky and whimsical side of bold, the Cazzola Gaetano Wet Fashion Tights are exactly what you’re looking for. These black 50 denier tights are just opaque enough with an all over pattern of multi-colored parasol style umbrellas. Perfect for wearing with short skirts, they take your cozy sweater outfits and make them just a bit more fun and 2021 fashion forward. 
  • Cazzola Gaetano Sogni Fashion Tights – With pearl embellishments up each leg, these 60 denier tights are perfect for nighttime looks in fall and winter. The Cazzola Gaetano Sogni Fashion Tights have just a touch of elegant glitz, ramping up any outfit you wish to pair them with. For those who want to take their tailored shorts into fall, these are the perfect wait to dress them up alongside a pair of classic pumps. 
  • Fiore Cotton Candy 8 Den Ultra Sheer Pantyhose – In bright shades of fuchsia and lime, these are the hose you’re looking for to bring the brightness to your look. Perfect for the pre-fall late August to early September months with an 8 denier, they let you take a little summertime fun along with you as the seasons change. In a classic look, the brighter and sunnier colors also look stunning in spring. 
  • Glamour Lia Fishnet Lace Tights – With short date-night skirts, rock n’ roll distressed jeans, or tailored shorts, the Glamour Lia Fishnet Lace Tights are bringing the sexy to every outfit you put on. Fishnet meets an elegant and seductive floral pattern giving you a look that can go just about any place you wish it to go. 

If you’re looking to get ready for the 2021 pre-fall, fall, and winter seasons, we have everything you need at Check out what we have in stock today to start building your bold 2021 wardrobe! 

Accessories To Spice Up Hosiery

We know that hosiery is more than just a clothing item. Often, we associate it with feeling and looking sexy. More importantly, wearing hosiery can lend us an instant confidence boost. Even when we’re the only ones who know we’re wearing them, making the effort to look good can make us feel we’re looking our best.

If you’re a regular wearer however, this feeling might have worn off a tad bit. In this case, maybe it’s time to try some accessories to bring back some fun and excitement to putting on hosiery. We’ve picked a few of our more playful accessories on for you to check out:

Garter Belts

If you’re a regular stocking wearer, you probably already have quite a few dependable garter belts in your drawer. However, you can never have too many garter belts! To break the monotony of day-to-day stocking use, why not add some more sensual pieces to your collection?

You could try a more delicate garter belt like the Miss0 GB308. This piece shows off an exquisite scallop pattern that arrests the eyes and captures the imagination. Perfect for getting into a romantic mood.

For a more robust yet playful belt, we also love Miss Naughty Leather Look 6 Strap Suspender Belt. This fun little number offers extra support to stockings, and could have you feeling more in command. It’s definitely a chic and feisty look we recommend!

Leg Warmers

We know leg warmers may seem a little too 80s, but hear us out. Done right, this accessory can add a cute and coquettish accent to a casual leggings and cardigan getup. This coming fall season; why not add some style to your comfort zone fashion with some premium-looking leg warmers?

We recommend checking out the Cazzola Gaetano 25698Fall Fashion Leg Warmers. The little flower detail is absolutely charming, and would definitely add something unique to your casual fall look.

Statement Thigh Bands

If you’re looking to give your stockings and garter belts a break, why not try thigh highs with more unique top bands? One piece that caught our attention was the Girardi Liasons Over Knees with Leather Top Bands.

Paired with heels, these thigh highs with string-drawn top bands will give you a sexy high boot look. They’re definitely fun to show off.

4 Styles To Zhuzh Up Your Outfit

4 Styles To Zhuzh Up Your Outfit

When it comes to looking fashionable, a lot of people fall into the trap of focusing too much on a single piece of clothing. Whether it be a fancy blouse, a designer skirt or dress, many think that a single branded piece of clothing makes an outfit. 

We often forget that a great outfit is made up of an ensemble of pieces that complement each other. You can have the simplest top paired with a pattern skirt, and all you need is to accessorize to make the combo glamorous. And out of all the accessories you can use to accentuate your look, well-chosen hosiery can give your outfit a subtle sexy edge.

Here are some of our favorite styles from, handpicked to add a little spice and polish to your everyday look:

Classic Fishnets

Want to add some sass to your getup? Fishnet thigh highs are your best bet. We know that fishnets can be overtly sexy (nothing wrong with that!). With the right pairing however, these stockings can lend a subtle air of edginess to an otherwise plain outfit. 

Try slipping on a pair of thigh high fishnets with a tame-looking dress or plain shirt and skirt combo.  The contrast will give your outfit a curiously coquettish look without going over the top. 

Playful Polka Dots

For a fun yet polished look, we recommend polka dot tights or thigh highs. Matched with a cute blouse and a solid A-line skirt, polka dotted hosiery give a playful zest to your whole vibe. 

Give this look a go on casual Fridays at the office. It’s also a perfect look for smart casual occasions and parties. 

Experimental Printed Tights

If you’re feeling a little bit experimental with your wardrobe, give printed tights a try. In particular, tights with colored prints or decorative patterns on them can definitely make your outfit feel saucier. 

It doesn’t need to be a bold print either. The Gabriella Tights Verde, for instance, have a lovely Monstera leaf accent strategically placed near the ankle. The splash of green immediately calls attention—not so much as to distract eyes away from your entire outfit, but just enough to show off your heels and legs. This look achieves a great balance between classy and sexy. 

The Monstera leaf itself is quite a charming detail that can help you stand out in a fancy party or a classy club. Who knows, it could even be a conversation starter. Experiment and have fun with this look!

Sleek Sheer Stockings

Feeling a little drab in office attire? Try putting on some sheer stockings to give yourself a little moxie. You can’t go wrong with classic black or see-through nude stockings in the workplace. They’re perfectly professional; yet still add a little sexiness to your vibe.

It’s a perfect look for the boardroom. It might even give you a confidence boost when you’re leading a presentation or speaking up at an important meeting. In any case, wearing sheer stockings is an easy way to punch up a tired looking corporate wardrobe, giving you a sleek professional vibe.

What Are Suspender Tights And Why You Should Wear Them

What Are Suspender Tights And Why You Should Wear Them

This might be the first time you have heard about suspender tights and if it is, then you are in for a life-changing discovery. These tights are one-piece wearables that look like a combination of garter belts and stockings. Here are four reasons why suspender tights should be part of your wardrobe:

1.   Suspender Tights Are Practical – Suspender tights are faster to wear and therefore perfect if you are in a rush or simply want a simpler yet no less fashionable piece to match your outfits. They work very much the same as matching stockings and garter belts. You would not have to worry about keeping your stockings up or making adjustments all the time.

2.   You Can Match Them With Any Outfit – There are different colors and textures available for suspender tights so you can choose whichever pair you want to wear for any occasion. For instance, the Fiore Diavola Suspender Tights can nicely be paired with your evening dress for dinner dates, while the Plaisir Ouvert 20 Suspender Tights are good for office wear.

3.   Suspender Tights Are Comfortable to Wear – Aside from saving you from constant adjustments, suspender tights also leave you with enough air and space for your thighs to breathe. This gives you the ease of movement. For ladies who are having problems with rashes and burns especially during the warm seasons, the suspender tights can still be your go-to.

4.   Trendy And Fashionable – Suspender tights are flexible. They can be worn any season, any occasion, and will never be outdated. They are basically timeless pieces that will always be in style so having at least one in your closet will save you from the difficulty of having to choose what piece of hosiery best goes with your various activities.

Suspender tights are helpful and fashionable. Luckily, is home to the best quality suspender tights, and now is the best time for you to own one.

5 Tips On How To Avoid Ripping Your Stockings

 5 Tips On How To Avoid Ripping Your Stockings

We know that you ladies have your own stories to share about ripped stockings and we can totally relate! There are many different reasons why our stockings experience rips like unfortunate accidents, problems with the laundry machine, and even frequent usage especially when it comes to our favorite pair.

Fortunately, there are also ways to prevent our stockings from ripping. Here are five tips that can help you keep them fit and intact.

1.   Wear The Correct Size – Knowing your size and wearing one that perfectly fits you can help you prevent your stockings from ripping. If your stockings are too loose, there are increased chances of them getting snagged or caught in something that can cause them to rip.

On the other hand, choosing a size that is smaller than your actual fit will cause the stockings to stretch beyond their limit and while it may not be obvious in the beginning, you will soon notice that your stockings are becoming deformed and that the material is getting thin. A few more uses and it is bound to tear and rip.

That is why it is important to choose a size that fits you. In, the stockings and other hosiery pieces are already sorted according to sizes so you would not have a hard time finding the perfect pair for you.

2.   Wear And Stretch Them Up One Leg At A Time – Your stockings are intimate wear and unlike normal pants and jeans, they also must be treated just as intimately when you put them on. Our tip is to scrunch them up first before slowly and gently rolling them up.

Start from your toes, then to your heel, and further up your legs in slow and deliberate motions. Make sure not to wear them the way you would wear jeans, jogging pants, and any other type of pants that you can put on in just one quick pull.

3.   Maintain Your Toenails –  You would want to check and see if your toenails are trimmed or already too long and pointy. One of the reasons why our stockings get torn and ripped is because they get caught on our too-sharp and pointy toenails when we wear them. So make sure to trim them and file your toenails regularly to avoid this problem!

4.   Wash Your Stockings Properly – Did you know that knowing your water temperature is also imperative when washing your stockings? Using cold water helps your nylon stockings stay firm and tightly knitted. On the other hand, hot and warm water can cause your stockings to stretch out and be out of form.

5.   Choose High-Quality Brands – The first step to ensuring that your stockings are sturdy is to get a trusted brand that offers high-quality stockings. The good news is we have the best brands in the world here at like Glamory, Elly Carezza, and Fiore.

Stockings of high quality are guaranteed to last long and with the proper care and maintenance, you do not have to worry about using your favorite pairs again and again. Visit us at to see the best that the world can offer.

Socks For Women On The Go

Socks For Women On The Go

Many of us are always on the move and it is only right that we should have a pair of socks that can keep up with our hustles. At the same time, we should always keep ourselves fashionable, trendy, and of course comfortable! Here are five socks that check all on that list:

1.       Juicy Lime Ultra Sheer Ankle Socks – If you are a fan of bright and lively colors, you would love the Juicy Lime Ankle Socks. Its white cuffs are a gentle yet nice contrast to its vivid yellow hue, making it perfect for casual wear and sportswear. The white cuffs are also soft and comfortable so you would not worry about feeling any discomfort while wearing them as you move around.

2.       Fiore Dreamer 40  Den Socks – This pair will provide you with just enough cover to keep the chill at bay. Because it stretches up to the base of your calves, it can be worn with shorts or skirts. The dark color also makes it flexible enough to pair with any color combination of your outfits. Our recommendation is to match it with something bright to make a nice yet fashionable contrast.

3.       Cotton Liners Sport Socks – Out for a quick jog, a stroll, or other sports? You would want to own the Cotton Liners Sports Socks. They are specially made for all-day comfort. The socks are soft and breathable so you can move with extreme ease. To make things better, it comes in different colors. Ladies who love simple and neutral tones can stick to black and whites, while women who are looking for a colorful set can get the rainbow collection.

4.       Pompea Mandy Fancy Cotton Socks – These cotton socks only go up to your ankles and if you are more focused on experiencing comfort, then the Pompea Mandy Fancy Socks are for you. They can also easily be hidden within your pair of shoes if you want to stay discreet or if you think socks do not go well with your outfit.

5.       Trasparenze Marta Microfiber Socks – For a more feminine touch, the Trasparenze Marta Microfiber Socks are your go-to. It comes in opaque colors that can be matched with your elegant and classy outfits. More importantly, it is soft and comfortable so you can wear it with your high heels and flat shoes.

Socks are made for comfort but that does not mean they cannot also be fashionable. is home to beautiful and comfortable pairs for ladies who are leading an active lifestyle.

The Best Time And Place To Wear Fishnets

Contrary to popular belief, fishnets are not just meant for the bedroom. It has actually become a fashion trend for casual wear too! We know that you are curious about trying this eye-catching hosiery piece so we are going to give you ideas on where and when you can use them.

  • Casual Meetups With Friends – Like we said, fishnets are now part of the fashion trends for casual looks. The best way to wear this when hanging out with your friends is to pair your fishnet pantyhose with ripped jeans, mini denim skirts, and shorts! It is an easy and fun twist that can upgrade your overall look even if you are just out on a casual meetup.
  • Make It Your Office Wear – If you want to make a strong lady boss impression in your office, you will not go wrong with wearing fishnets underneath your dress or pencil skirts. It is a bold move, that is true, but nonetheless it helps you establish what kind of person you are: brave, strong, fierce, and ready for any challenger who would dare to question your authority. After all, who else can rock fishnets in the office?
  • Dinner Dates – If you partner your fishnets with an elegant dress that falls right above or below your knee, you are bound to look like absolute royalty. Dressing to impress during dinner dates can make us wrangle our brains out because there are a lot of fashion choices to make! So let us help you decide with a pair of fishnet tights. The tights can also make you more extra elegant when you wear them with high heels. 
  • Sexy Evenings – Without a doubt, fishnets are basically the go-to sexy wear for ladies. It is a universal fact that fishnets exude a natural sexy appeal, and that is why they make the best piece of seductive wear for nights of reconnecting with your special person. The good thing about this is you can wear fishnets during the day too so wardrobe change come evening is not going to be a problem for you. That is one less trouble to worry about! has a nice collection of fishnets for all occasions. Whether you intend to use them for casual wear or for work, you can freely browse through Hosieree’s lovely and quality lineups. 

Mastering The Art Of Seduction

We are no stranger to sexy nights and all we wish is for you to enjoy this time of love and pampering. Of course, doing some preparations beforehand can help you make the most out of your bonding moments with your special someone. A dash of makeup, a swipe of lipstick, and a spray of perfume can do the trick, but you can still be more in a very effortless way! 

Hosieree is all about making you feel good, confident, and sexy inside and out, so here are the best pieces that you can wear to experience that sexy feeling the whole day and night. 

  • Fishnets – You can never go wrong with wearing fishnets. In fact, fishnets have made quite a reputation in the art of seduction.  It is one of the most popular fashion pieces that can make everyone’s head turn as it exudes a feisty, smoldering, and incredibly sexy aura. The best part is you can wear fishnets during the day and strut around the place while subtly being very seductive. It’s a great way to start your day and the best way to end the night.
  • Whites – One of the best feelings in the world is getting to relive the happiest moments of your life, like anniversaries and wedding nights! This white thigh highs is sure to do the trick. Married or not, donning this pair gives you that thrill and excitement that you felt the first time you spent a lovely evening with your special person. 

The white also gives you a look of innocence and purity. Once more experiencing how it felt to be free and to enjoy the best things life has to offer will surely make your evening ten times more unforgettable.

  • Suspender Belts – Sometimes, it is the little things that can make someone go absolutely crazy and head over heels. We know that suspender belts are the best candidates to make others feel an otherworldly experience in just a glance.  The lace floral design looks classy and sexy at the same time. You can pair this with a set of classic stockings to create a stunning combo. 

You would be surprised how a tiny piece of suspender belts can spark desires from within. 

  • Open Crotch Tights – Your special person is definitely in it for a surprise once they discover the wonders of open crotch tights! This is definitely a game changer so if you are up for a nightlong pampering, this hosiery piece is your go-to. 

Wearing the perfect hosiery for special nights can make the moment more exciting and unforgettable in ways that is beyond your imagination. has a collection of sexy wear that you can choose from, depending on your tastes and mood. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Own Open Crotch Tights

We can only imagine the surprised faces of ladies who have heard of open crotch tights for the first time. It does sound bold and really kinky, and some might even say it is not for the faint of heart but we beg to differ! There are many reasons why open crotch tights should be the new fashion trend and why you should not fear owning at least a pair. 

To ease your worries and to give you an extra confidence boost, here are five reasons why having your own open crotch tights is good idea.

  • Lighter And Cooler – Contrary to popular belief, open crotch tights are not just made for the sexy times and wild evenings. In fact, this type of tights can also be used in practical and smart ways. For instance, they are the best fit for warm days because they are made lighter and they have that extra window by your inner thighs. You would be thankful once you experience the coolness and comfort that open crotch tights can bring.
  • Confidence Booster – The thing with open crotch tights is that you are the only one who is aware of it. It is without a doubt a very sexy piece of hosiery and we all know how sexy pieces like this can be empowering. Even if it is only for yourself, knowing that you are wearing something brave and bold can add a skip to your step and can make you raise your chin a little higher when you face the world. 
  • Say Goodbye To Rashes And Rips – Ladies who are gifted with thick thighs often experience rashes and rips in their inner thighs. The fabric from any legwear can be too uncomfortable in these areas especially when they are stretched. The good news is you would not have to experience rashes and rips with open crotch thighs because the gusset area is uncovered and free!
  • More Movement – The absence of fabric and threads that usually holds the gusset area gives you more freedom of movement. You can stretch your legs and sit down in any position that you want. There is nothing holding you back from freely moving around, which is good for extremely busy days! Add in the coolness that it brings plus the absence of rubbing and rips? You will definitely agree that open crotch tights should be the innovation of the century.
  • A Welcome Surprise – No one needs to know that you are wearing open crotch tights underneath, but if someone gets lucky enough to get an invite, then this simple seductive trick will leave them in awe. It is also a simple and effortless addition to kinky nights and sexy moments. You get to move comfortably during the day, and you get a pleasantly satisfying experience in the evening. 

Open crotch tights are nothing to be afraid of, and if you are looking for starters then you can explore’s beautiful collection.

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