Looking After Your Delicate Sheer Hosiery

Looking After Your Delicate Sheer Hosiery

Spring is here and summer will be coming close on its heels. This is the time of year you’ll be breaking out your sheer hosiery the most, and you’ll want your favorite pairs to last all year long and beyond. Sheer hosiery is often a bit more delicate than heavier opaque hose, and this means they’ll also require a bit more delicate care.

The care for your delicate sheer hose begins before you even take them out of the package. Before opening the package your sheer hosiery comes in, make sure that your nails are filed and your hands moisturized. Any snags in your nails or skin could catch onto the hosiery, causing runs or tears before you even get the chance to wear. When you’re putting on your hosiery, moisturize your hands and legs, and delicately roll the hosiery onto each leg. Remove any jewelry you may have on, and make sure any stretching of the hosiery is done carefully. Once your hosiery is on, gently pull on the toe portions to leave a little room and prevent tears from forming at the toes.

When you take off your hosiery at the end of the day, do the opposite of what you did to put them on. Gently roll the hosiery down, and don’t pull harshly from the toe. Roll down until the hosiery simply rolls off of your legs and feet, and then store gently until you’re ready to wash.

Washing your delicate hosiery is something of a process, and if you plan to use a washing machine, using a mesh washing bag is always recommended. Hosiery is ideally handwashed, however, using gentle detergent and kept far away from any jewelry or other garments to discourage snagging. Your hosiery  can be hanged to dry gently, or they can be placed between two dry towels and laid flat until dry.

When you store your fine hosiery, you’ll also want to take special care. Store your hosiery separately from all other clothing, and ideally not directly on a wooden drawer. Wood can have small splinters you cannot see, but that doesn’t mean they won’t snag your hose. Line your hosiery drawer or keep your hosiery stored in small bags or tubs to ensure they remain protected.

We have all the fine and delicate sheer hosiery pieces you need to make your spring and summer wardrobe a star this year. To see what we have for you, contact us at Hosieree.com today!

Getting Your Spring Wardrobe Ready With Tights

Getting Your Spring Wardrobe Ready With Tights

Spring is upon us, and with it shorter hemlines, breezy sunny days, and plenty of opportunity to make the most of your hosiery. Spring is really a “golden” season when it comes to hosiery. In the winter months, your only real everyday options are opaque and knitted tights, but the spring really opens up so many other possibilities for you to take advantage of. On chillier days, you’re more than welcome to wear those knit tights and opaque pairs of hose, but you can also play with sheer, fishnet, and lighter looks when the warmer weather allows.

If your hosiery wardrobe isn’t quite ready for spring, a few must-haves for your hosiery drawer this season are:

  • Back seam tights – With the shorter hems that come in the spring, back seam tights are perfect for elongating your leg and slimming your figure. They’re cute and flirty with any outfit, and they really ramp up that sex appeal for short skirts on date nights. With a pencil type skirt that reaches the knee, these can even be worn professionally in the office.
  • Go floral – Springtime is the time to wear your florals proudly, and this means with your hosiery as well! Floral patterned hosiery brings that touch of spring freshness to absolutely any outfit. With a simple outfit, they really let your legs stand out as the statement piece of your entire look.
  • Embrace the knee – Throughout the winter, you probably haven’t had much opportunity to use your legs as a real part of your look, and that rings especially true for anything above the knee. As you’re breaking out the higher hems, use your hosiery to bring a little fun into your looks with knee-high styles in your hosiery.
  • Sheer hosiery – Sheer hosiery is a major staple for spring and summer, and this is hosiery you’ll use to really perfect the look of your legs on those warmer days. With a classic pair of sheer nude hose, you’ll really get the full perfection effect you’re looking for.

At Hosieree.com, we have just what you’re looking for no matter the season, the outfit, or the occasion. If you’re looking to revamp your spring hosiery wardrobe, we’re confident we have exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our stock today to get your hosiery wardrobe ready for spring!

Choosing The Right Hosiery For Your Look

Choosing The Right Hosiery For Your Look

So you have your whole look planned out, and now you’re just stuck on the hosiery. Do you want to make a statement? Do you want your hosiery to add an “edgy” appeal? What about adding a bit of classic refinement? Are you trying to get a little funky with your hosiery? Choosing the right hosiery for your look is an important part of piecing an outfit together, and we have just the hosiery picks you need. A few tips for always choosing the right hosiery for every outfit are:

  • Black tights complete a look – If you’re looking for a “stand out” sort of appeal, opaque black tights might not be what you reach for, but these are staple pieces of any hosiery wardrobe. What black tights do is complete a look, and do so in a way that is understated but still important all the same. With patterns, neutral shades, boots, heels, and everything in between, if you’re simply looking for an easy finishing touch, you may want to reach for your black hose.
  • Colored tights add pop – If you’re wearing a lot of neutrals, or you’re simply trying to tie that “must have” accessory into your outfit, you’ll want to consider your colored tights. These add a real pop to your look, and they can help you to tie in those earrings, that bag, or that jacket with ease. If you’re trying to take a bit of the glumness out of an all-black outfit, try tying in a bright pair of jewel tone tights.
  • Patterned hosiery adds interest – If you’re wearing solid colors and classic fabrics, you might be looking for that piece to add a bit of interest into your look. A bag works, but it’s still an accessory and not an item to be worn on the body. This is where patterned tights really add something special, bringing particular interest and a true statement to your overall look. Florals, geometrics, and even quirky novelty print tights can be just what you’re looking for.

No matter the look you’re going for, we have just the hosiery you’re looking for. To find the perfect pair to suit your outfit, check us out at Hosieree.com today.

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Hosiery?

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Hosiery?

There is no wrong outfit for hosiery, there is no wrong time of year for hosiery, but there can be wrong ways to wear hosiery. If you’re looking to make the most of your hosiery looks, there are a few mistakes you’ll want to stay far away from:

  • Buying the wrong size – Hosiery that is too big will look baggy and unrefined; you’ll be pulling them up all day long to avoid bunching at the ankle. Hosiery that is too small will look awkward and leave you far more susceptible for runs and snags. The best thing you can do when looking at hosiery to buy is to learn your size and stick to it.
  • No flashing – Many pairs of tights and hose have a portion that is a bit thicker from the thigh to the waist, and this is to push up, tuck in, and smooth your appearance. Control hosiery can do a great deal for your look, but it should be worn with care. The more opaque control top area should remain hidden, and shorter hemlines should be paired with hosiery that remains uniform all the way up.
  • Be mindful of your patterns – Patterned hosiery has been all the rage in recent seasons, and for good reason. Patterned hosiery is fun, it helps you to turn your legs into a statement piece, and it gives you a ton of different ways to play with your outfits. However, you can go wrong when it comes to choosing your hosiery pattern. If you’re wearing an outfit with small sized patterns, don’t pair with small patterned hosiery, and if you’re looking to slim down the leg, don’t opt for larger patterned looks.
  • Be careful with your fishnets – Fishnet hosiery can present with either a very sexy and elegant classic look, or a very edgy look. For a sexy look, pair the fishnets with a longer pencil style skirt, and for something a bit edgier, opt for fishnets with a short hemline and “harder” accessories. Mixing up these looks with your fishnets can leave you looking messy or unrefined if not done exceptionally well.

By following a few simple rules, you’ll be ready to wear your hosiery with any outfit, and you’ll feel confident in every pair you put on. For the perfect hosiery to complete your looks, see what we have in store at Hosieree.com today!

How To Rock Tights With Your Favorite Shorts

How To Rock Tights With Your Favorite Shorts

There’s so many cute shorts in style this season, we definitely want to stock up. However, some of the looks like the hot pants found on Saint Laurent, Hermes, and Chanel’s Spring runways were pretty daring. Fortunately, you can still wear them paired with your favorite pair of tights. Whether you want to tone down the look or make your legs look leaner and longer, wearing the shorts looks with tights is a great fashion choice.

What To Look For In Tights To Wear With Shorts

There are a couple of things to consider when wearing tights under shorts. First, you want to make sure that they don’t have a control top like the Opaque Seamless Tights Miss 60. If you still would like the slimming effect, there are some options like the Fit Control 40 tights that have the control top around only the stomach area. Next, you want to make sure they are designed to be worn under tight clothing like the Opaque Seamless 50 Tights so they don’t catch or rub thin from your shorts.

Wearing Tights For A Bare Leg Look

For those of us looking for a more slimming option, wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose is a great idea. Choosing an ultra-sheer pantyhose can make it seem like you are showing your bare legs. The Capri Trasparenze Ultra Sheer Panythose and the Cecilia De Rafael Divine NANOFIBRE Pantyhose are both great options. Just pay close attention to the sizing to avoid any sagging around your ankles or knees. These can be a giveaway that you aren’t bare-legged.

Go Bold With A Pair Of Thigh Highs

A cute look that will keep you warm, slim your legs, and even make you look a little taller is pairing shorts with thigh high tights. Make sure that you get thigh highs and not thigh high stockings because stockings need suspender belts. A great thigh high option for under shorts are the Cristine 50 3D Microfiber Stay Up Stocking with Floral Lace. If you are worried about your thigh high tights staying up or would still like to cover some imperfections, the Fiore Miguela Thigh High Imitation Tights are standard tights but with the look of thigh highs.

No matter which style you choose to wear with your shorts this season, make sure to get a high quality pair of tights. The European styles found at Hoisieree.com are ideal. Made from high quality materials, you won’t have to worry about runs or holes ruining your new look. Plus, we have a wide variety of color, styles, and fits to make sure you achieve the perfect look.

Four Ideas To Keep Your Tights Organized And Free Of Runs

Four Ideas To Keep Your Tights Organized And Free Of Runs

With so many great styles, colors, and patterns at Hosieree.com, it’s easy to build a collection. To keep your tights in great shape and easy to access, you’ll need to get them organized. Luckily, no matter if you have a large walk in closet or just a sock drawer, there are some great ways to organize your tights.

1. Roll Them And Store Them In A Drawer

Rolling tights will keep them protected. It also saves space and makes it easy to store a lot of tights in a single dresser drawer. Start by folding your tights in half. Then roll them up from the toe to the waistband. Place them in the drawer with the roll side on the bottom and the top. You’ll be surprised at home many pairs you can fit. Plus, you’ll be able to see all the tights you have with one glance. You can also store them like this in a basket. Just make sure that it isn’t woven, so your hosiery doesn’t snag.

2. Bag Your Pantyhose

For more delicate tights like ultra-sheer Eterno 20 Pantyhose or the Exclusive 10 Pantyhose with Glossy Finish, a great idea to keep them safe is to bag them. You don’t have to invest in expensive lingerie bags, you can use simple ziplock baggies. Make sure to use sandwich size or high so you don’t snag them in the zipper seal.

3. Put Them In A Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hanging organizers are a great space saver. Make sure to select one that has clear plastic pockets. Then simply roll your tights up and place them in the pockets. This will allow you to see them easily and keep as many pairs as you’d like.

4. Place Them In Old Jars

If you love the idea of upcycling, consider collecting your old food jars. Clear glass jars that once held mayonnaise, pickles, or jams are a great way to store your pantyhose. Since they are glass, not only will you be able to easily see your pantyhose, but you won’t have to worry about them snagging on the rim or sides of the jar. Simply roll the up and place them in jars. If you want you can even add a label and place them on a shelf for decorative and functional storage.

Once you have your hosiery neatly organized, you’ll save enough space you can get a few more styles. For more tips on caring for your hosiery, make sure to check out our blog at Hosieree.com. We offer tons of advice on keeping your tights looking brand new!

Choosing The Perfect Size Tights For Your Body

Choosing The Perfect Size Tights For Your Body

Whether you love opaque or sheers, colorful patterns or classic skin tones, what really matters when selecting your tights is choosing the right size. Choosing tights too small makes them vulnerable to damage and tears. Plus the inseam will be too low hang, making it hard to walk and force you to constantly adjust. Tights that are too big can sag, fall, and cause wrinkling around your knees and ankles.

How Tights And Pantyhose Are Sized

If you look at the size chart on any pair of our hosiery like the Alani 20 MIcrofiber Tights, you will see that the sizing is different than most clothing. Instead of sizes like an 8, 10, or 12, you will find that the size depends on your height and weight. This is because most tights are extremely flexible and can stretch to fit a variety of sizes.

What About Plus-Size Tights?

Plus-size tights like the Extra 50 Queen Size Tights use a similar sizing chart. However, they are designed to add more support and larger waistbands to avoid chafing and pinching. Higher quality plus size brands, like the European styles carried at Hosieree.com, also have a little more space in the thighs and buttocks to help highlight your beautiful curves.

What Size Is Right For Me?

Finding your perfect size is simple. You take your height and weight and find the size that is recommended on the chart. Some styles that use a thicker material like the Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights will also include your hip measurements. Thicker materials have less stretch than thinner materials, so taking your hip size into account will ensure that they aren’t too tight on your waist or cause a “muffin top.”

What If I’m In Between Sizes?

Sometimes you’ll fall in love with the perfect pair of tights but your size is right between two different sizes on the grid. In that case, it’s always better to go with the larger size. Tights are designed to fit tightly along your legs, hips, and waist. It’s better that tights are slightly larger than having to fight to get into a pair that are a little too small, as they will still fit snugly.

At Hosieree.com, we have sizes available for every body type. With our handy size charts, you’ll be able to order the perfect fit every single time. No matter what size you are, we have a style that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in!

Always Avoid Runs In Your Pantyhose With These Five Tips

Always Avoid Runs In Your Pantyhose With These Five Tips

There is nothing that will ruin your look faster than an unintentional run or snag in your hosiery. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help prevent runs. Here are five tips to help prevent tears, snags, and holes from ruining your look.

1. Buy High Quality Hosiery

Like anything, the better the quality you buy, the longer your hosiery will last. Tights and pantyhose from the drugstore are made with cheap materials using poor production methods. On the other hand, the European tights from Hosieree.com are known for being made with high quality materials and are much more impervious to damage.

2. Choose The Right Size

Tights that are too small are very prone to runs. When purchasing a pair of tights, make sure to always check the size chart. Each manufacturer uses a different sizing model for their tights based on the type of fabric, denier, and overall fit. You can find the sizing on all of our products. Check out the sizing chart of the Bellissima Micro 90 Microfiber Opaque Tights for an example.

3. Be Careful When Washing Your Tights

Washing your tights incorrectly can damage the fibers and cause piling, snags, and runs. Instead, make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash them. If you don’t still have the manufacturer’s instructions, we have some great articles on how to was your tights on our blog. Following these tips will keep your tights in great shape.

4. Pick The Right Denier For The Occasion

Denier is a measurement of thread thickness. The smaller the denier number the thinner the threads used to make the hosiery and the higher the denier, the thicker the threads. For everyday tights, where you are active, moving, and more prone to damage, choose a denier 30 or higher like the Silhouette SemiSheer Modeling Tights. For special occasions where you are less likely to risk a snag, go ahead and grab a more delicate pair like the Blogger 8 Ultra Sheer Pantyhose that has a denier of 8.

5. Carry Clear Nail Polish

When you wear tights, it’s a good idea to have a plan in case of damage. If caught quickly, you can prevent a small hole from turning into a run. Clear nail is the easiest, most portable way to stop a run. The moment you notice a small snag, pile, or hole, simply apply the clear nail polish to the area. Clear nail polish will stop the run, while also being invisible.

These five tips will keep your hosiery in great condition, free of damage like runs and tears, and lasting a long time. At Hosieree.com, we stock only the highest quality tights that are less likely to become damaged, even our smaller denier ultra sheers. We offer a wide variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, so no matter your style, you’ll always look great!

What Is Denier? Why Does It Matter?

What Is Denier? Why Does It Matter?

When browsing the pantyhose and tights selection on Hoisieree.com, you may notice that almost every pair has a denier number. Denier is a measurement of the thickness of the yarn used in a pair of hosiery. The higher the denier number, they thick and more opaque tights. Here is a guide to the denier measurements and how you can incorporate the different thicknesses into your wardrobe

  • 10 Denier: 10 denier is the sheerest type of hosiery you can get. They are often referred to as “ultra sheer.” 10 denier hosiery enhances the legs and provides a flawless, invisible finish. They do snag relatively easily, so it is important that for 10 denier tights you always invest in quality to avoid runs.

Example: Catwalk10 Denier Ultra Sheer Tights

  • 15 Denier: 15 denier is still very sheer but offer slightly more coverage than 10 denier tights. These are perfect for people who want more coverage of their legs to hide imperfections. Both 10 and 15 denier tights are perfect for a bare leg look.

Example: Brazil NoWaist Band Pantyhose

  • 20 Denier: 20 denier is the last of the truly sheer thicknesses. They offer a lot of coverage but are thick enough to be nearly impervious to snags if you invest in a quality pair. 20 denier is perfect for a sheer look if you are active or special occasions like formal events to look your best.

Example: Alani 20 Microfiber Tights

  • 40 Denier: 40 denier is a very popular model. They are semi-opaque. They slim the legs and provide a lot of coverage. However, they still show a perfect peek of skin. They are ideal to wear with daytime casual looks. They are also opaque enough to add a splash of color.

Example: Alba Chiara 40 Tights

  • 60 Denier: 60 denier tights are a daily wardrobe staple. They are thick enough to wear carefree, but still opaque enough for the office. 60 denier tights are also very slimming. Pairing a black pair like the Cazzola Gaetano Sogni Fashion Tights in Nero with black shoes will create the illusion of legs for days.

Example: Coral 60 Ultra Soft 3D Opaque Tights With Satin Sheen

  • 80 Denier: 80 denier are very opaque and often very thick. These tights are ideal on cooler Fall nights. They are very slimming and can add a look of sophistication to any outfit. It’s very important though to never put your 80 denier tights in the dryer because it can ruin the stretch.

Example: Shimmer 80 Denier Opaque Tights

  • 100 Denier: Finally, 100 denier, the thickest and most opaque of all options. 100 denier is very soft and is perfect to help keep you warm in the wintertime. With a 100 denier tight, you can wear a skirt or dress in the winter and still keep very warm. They are a great option if you live in a cooler climate.

Example: Cortina 100 3D Opaque Tights

Which denier you choose depends entirely on how you plan to wear your hosiery. At Hoiseree.com, we have a wide variety of tights in all denier measurements. Not only do we offer a variety of thickness, but we also have a great array of colors, patterns, prints, and sizes for any need. Plus, all of our tights are high-quality European tights, so they are snag-resistant and with care, can last a lifetime. Check out our full selection to find the style and thickness right for your wardrobe.

Tights Versus Leggings: When To Wear What

Tights Versus Leggings: When To Wear What

Tights and leggings are often used interchangeably. However, they are different types of legwear. Although they are both skin tight they have some major differences. Those differences determine what outfits to pair tights or leggings, how to wear them, and which you should purchase for the look you want. Here are the differences between tights and leggings and when to wear them.

What Are Tights?

Tights are a type of hosiery like pantyhose. However, unlike pantyhose, they are thicker and come in a broader array of colors, fabrics, and patterns. The best way to tell tights from leggings is that tights always have feet. A great example of tights is the Cortina 40 Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors.

●    When To Wear Tights: Tights are designed to wear under clothing. They look great under dresses, skirts, shorts, and cropped pants. They can also be worn for warmth like the Artica 120 Tights in Wool And Cotton under clothing including pants.

What Are Leggings?

Leggings are essentially skin-tight pants. They are thick enough that you can’t see through them. They also rarely have feet. Leggings come in every kind of color and pattern you can imagine. They also come in a variety of different fabric options like the Eco-Friendly Leather Pants with a Crinkled Leg Design to microsuede like the Botanical Microsuede Leggings to even denim styles like the Denim Skimmer With Angled Hem. Leggings don’t just come in pant lengths, they come in cropped styles like the Capri Fashion Legings with Contrast Border

●    When To Wear Leggings: Leggings can be worn as pants. They pair great with your favorite t-shirts, sweaters, and blazer looks for the casual office. They can also be worn under dresses and skirts to keep you warm. Leggings are also the perfect attire for any physical activity where stretch and movement matters.

Now that you know the difference between tights and leggings, you can begin looking for your perfect pair of each. At Hoiseree.com we have all the legwear options you need from pantyhose to stockings to tights and leggings. All of our hosiery is from extremely high quality, European brands that will last no matter what style you choose. Check out our selection to find a look you’ll love.

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