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Spice Up Your Fashion Game With Prints And Patterns

Spice Up Your Fashion Game With Prints And Patterns

We will always love the classics and plains, but every once in a while, it is good to step out from our comfort zones and try something more flashy. Get to play with your outfits by trying out these lovely patterned pieces from’s collection.

  • Argo Fashion Tights – Start your adventure with something classy and sexy. This pair of tights will decorate your legs with beautiful floral patterns that will look especially stunning at dinner parties and late evening meetings. Match it with a plain black skirt or dress and you are more than ready to go. 
  • Fiore Tigris 15 – Unleash the wild animal in you with Fiore Tigris! The tiger patterns are definitely to die for and certainly eye-catching. Wearing something emboldening like this is a sure confidence booster so if you need that extra push, get ready to dominate any event and place with your tiger-patterned pantyhose. 
  • Fiore Zodiac Sheer Tights – The stars aligned for you to discover these zodiac-themed tights. This one is a very unique design that’s perfect for casual walks any time of the day. Zodiac lovers are surely going to be overjoyed with this one too! It is a fun design that anyone will appreciate.
  • Marilyn Emma – It’s time to show your young and hip side with Marilyn Emma’s random cool patterns. While shapes and doodles are scattered around the tights, it is not too heavy with designs, making it a fun and light piece that you can wear when meeting with friends, going for a walk in the park, any other casual, everyday activities. 
  • Mona CELIA – Be bold, daring, and direct with Mona CELIA’s “Express Yourself” pantyhose! Make a statement and be an inspiration to other women too as you confidently walk down the street. From taking little steps to exploring other fashion choices to being confident enough to rock this piece, wearing this print will give you a proud moment. 

3 Hosiery Pieces To Bring When You’re Traveling

3 Hosiery Pieces To Bring When You’re Traveling

Going somewhere? One of the biggest challenges when planning a trip somewhere is choosing what wearables to bring. With the limited space available in your luggage, it is important to be smart about your choice of clothes. 

You will want something that can go with any accessories and something you can wear in any weather and occasion. When it comes to flexibility, here are 3 good choices from that deserve a spot in your travel bag. 

  • Leggings – It does not matter if your trip is just to another city or on the other side of the world. Leggings can make your travel extra hassle-free because it gives you freedom of movement. It is also very comfortable to wear! 

A lot of unexpected things can happen when you travel. You may end up on a hike or a long walk,  but with leggings at the ready, you can get through anything. 

  • Tights And Pantyhose – Some travels are for important business meetings while some are just for fun. Whatever the case, your tights, and pantyhose have got you covered. They are one of the most versatile leggings that can fit any mood and theme when paired with the right outfit, like a dress or a skirt.
  • Socks – If you are looking for peak comfortability, then your socks are absolutely a must. What we like about socks is that you can wear this both for fashion, for comfort, and for protection. They can also be hidden, subtle, or flashy enough to complete and define your outfit for the day. 

What you wear factors in how much you will enjoy your vacation. The fewer things you worry about, the better! 

The best part about choosing leggings, tights, pantyhose, and socks is that they are travel-friendly. You can easily fold them or ball them up without risking wrinkles, and they will not take so much space in your luggage. 

Must-Have Tights to Rock on the First Day of Spring

Must-Have Tights to Rock on the First Day of Spring

With spring just around the corner, it is time to dust off our spring wardrobe and update our hosiery collection. Here are some must-have tights you will definitely want to rock on the first day of spring.

Tights With a Back Seam

Back seam tights are a great choice for spring. They have a sheer finish, detailing on the back, and can easily complete your spring look. Want something bolder? Go for a back seam, rhinestones, and a floral pattern to give you a more unique look. 

Floral Tights

What better tights to rock during the spring months than those with a beautiful floral pattern and design. Floral screams spring and allows you to play around with different floral patterns, colors, and designs. Depending on the occasion, they can be paired with a simple dress and dressed up or down.

Graphic Tights

Graphic tights are sheer but will still stand out when you want them to. The graphic detailing of the tights can add some personality and style to your outfit without going overboard. This kind of fashion tight can help you achieve a more classic look or can even help you achieve more of a tomboy style. 

Printed Tights

When you choose printed tights, you have the option of larger or smaller patterns. Polka dot tights or those with a leopard motif are just a sampling of some of the fun patterns you can choose from. Printed tights help hide any imperfections there may be and can be used to make a bold statement with any chic yet ordinary outfit.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights are best paired with closed toes shoes. They are a great hosiery option for creating a more cohesive and put together look for spring. You can pair fishnet tights with pumps, canvas shoes, boots, or whatever shoes you have in the closet. Fishnet tights are a versatile option that are sure to make a statement during any season. 

Styling Your Tights for Spring

Tights and leggings can be worn during the spring months with a long tunic, dresses, oversized shirts, and sweaters. Tights and leggings can also be paired with flats or heels and can be casual or dressy.

If you choose sheer tights, it is best to pair them with light and airy clothing like a spring dress or even a pair of high-waisted shorts. You can also choose a pair of tights that matches your skin tone. To do this successfully, you need to understand your undertones. Some have a yellow undertone, while others may be pink or red.

To browse our selection of tights that you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe, visit today. 

How to Wear Nude Tights

How to Wear Nude Tights

If you are building up your wardrobe ahead of the spring and summer seasons, then you are most likely on the hunt for a good pair of nude tights. They are a great accessory for summer weddings and any other events you plan to attend. 

Nude tights don’t always have the best reputation and aren’t used as often as they should be. They are a very understated garment tossed to the side and replaced with a quick fake tan and last-minute shave jobs.

Why Nude Tights?

Since nude tights don’t typically have seams, they will not sag and will not show through your clothing. They are also softer than pantyhose, and many have a more adaptive and flexible waistband, allowing for a much more comfortable fit. Your nude tights will move with you and not cut into you or become uncomfortable during longer wear times.

Good for Invisibility and Creating a Strong Foundation

A good pair of nude tights should appear almost invisible, so you want to find a shade that matches your skin tone. This is why many people purchase nude tights in the first place. Your nude tights should be like your second skin. 

Nude tights provide you with a strong foundation on which you can build the rest of your outfit, whether you choose to wear a dress, shorts, or skirt. 

How to Wear Nude Tights

Again, nude tights are meant to be invisible. You are trying to create the illusion that you aren’t wearing any tights at all. They make your legs appear flawless, cover up skin imperfections, and can even be a quick fix if you don’t have time to shave before leaving the house. 

Nude tights aren’t meant to draw unwanted attention to yourself or the outfit you have chosen to wear. They are an appropriate option for a business meeting or office setting. When choosing your nude tights, go for a matte option and try to match your skin color as much as possible. 

For a more professional appearance, avoid shiny nude tights. This will not be low-key and will only accomplish the opposite.

With these tips and information, you will be well on your way to securing the best wardrobe for all occasions. Nude tights are a basic staple that every closet should have for any season. 

Nude tights are a basic staple that every closet should have for any season. 

To find the best in hosiery online, be sure to visit us at and browse through our vast selection. 

Three Tight Features To Help You Always Look Snatched

Three Tight Features To Help You Always Look Snatched

When choosing tights, there are a lot of options for control and support. These can help make your body look its absolute best. There are a lot of these features, so we thought we’d do a round-up of our three favorites. These tight features will help you show off your body and look snatched. Let’s go!

1. Booty Lifting

Booty lifting tights have support around the top of the thighs. This helps lift your booty slightly, adding just the perfect amount of curve. This feature can be found on Calzitaly Bodysculpt Push Up Tights and the Cecilia De Rafael Panty Bra – Lift Up and Modeling Pantyhose. These are great if you are wearing a body con dress or a tight skirt, shorts, or trousers. 

2. Tummy Shaping

Tummy-shaping tights are a must for any wardrobe. They don’t just help achieve an hourglass shape, they can really help with stomach issues that benefit from light compression. Two great options for tummy shaping include Fiore Fit Control 40 Tights and the Glamour Positive Press 70 Control Top Pantyhose. We love these options because they both offer breathability for everyday wear with any outfit.

3. Leg Slimming

Leg slimming is a great way to make your legs look not only slimmer but to elongate them. Leg slimming tights are also great if you’ve recently lost weight or just need a little compression on your legs. We like the Pompea Taglia 100 Slimming Opaque Tights which offer overall slimming and the Pretty Polly Gloss Secret Slimmer Tights. If you’re worried about cellulite, we also recommend the Pompea Snellente 40 Slimming Tights With Anticellulite Treatment. These are perfect for skirts, shorts, short dresses, and even under trousers.

These three hosiery features are perfect for highlighting your favorite parts of your body. carries a wide range of hosiery that can help you look and feel your best. Whether you are looking for support, shaping, or style, you’ll always look snatched.

Our Four Favorite Tights For Warm Weather

 Our Four Favorite Tights For Warm Weather

We love wearing tights in the summer. They add style and make our legs look flawless. However, many people skip over tights in the summer because they don’t want to be too hot. At, we carry a variety of tights that are perfect for hot weather. They’re made with lightweight fabrics that are breathable and engineered to keep you cool. If you’d like to wear tights this summer and stay cool, here are our favorite picks for you to try.

1. Breeze Summer Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael

The Breeze Summer Pantyhose is an ultra sheer tight with a denier of just 8. They are made from Nilit, a patented type of nylon. They work to actively keep your legs cool on hot days. In fact, they have been shown to lower the temperature of your legs a whole three degrees. They also come in a beautiful array of natural skin tones to help you find your perfect match. 

2. Cecilia De Rafael Eterno Breeze Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

Similar to the Breeze Summer Pantyhose, the Eterno Breeze is also made with Nilit. The key difference is the waistband. The Summer Breeze has a traditional waistband found on standard hosiery. On the other hand, the Eterno uses laser cut technology to create a seamless waistband. Which you choose depends entirely on your preference, but both will keep you very cool.

3. Franco Bombana Fresh Summer 8 Low to Waist Pantyhose 

The Fresh Summer Pantyhose are another ultra-sheer option. Offering a matte finish, they look very much like your natural legs. They also feature an invisibly reinforced toe, so they are great for open toe shoes. They are fully breathable with a cotton gusset and a denier of 8. The most unique feature is they are lightly scented to help you feel fresh even on a sweaty, hot day.

4. Girardi Summer Light- Super Sheer Pantyhose

We love the Summer Light Pantyhose because they are some of our most sheer tights. With a denier of only 5, these tights are so lightweight, you’ll barely notice them on. They also feature a cotton gusset for extra breathability, as well as an invisible toe for sandals. They’re also available in a wide range of skin tones and will look like you are wearing nothing.

These pantyhose will keep you cool and look like your natural skin. For other options that are perfect for warm weather, has everything you need. We have a wide variety of high-quality, European tights for every season. You’ll always find what you need.

Get The Look: Five Spring 2022 Tight Trends

Get The Look: Five Spring 2022 Tight Trends

If you want to take your favorite look from the Spring 2022 runways to reality, we’ve got you covered! We have all the latest styles of hosiery to complete the hottest looks of the season. Here are five of the hottest Spring fashion trends and our picks for stylish hosiery to get the look:

1. Y2K Style

Bringing back the excitement of the turn of the millennium, designers are blending bright colors with futuristic looks. Y2K is all about neons, funky patterns, and skin-tight clothing. Tights are worn with bold colored mini skirts and layered under mesh dresses. Tights perfect for the Y2K look include:

Fiore Cotton Candy 8 Den Ultra Sheer Pantyhose 

Raula Ultra Sheen Tights by Fiore

Pompea Catherine Fashion Tights with Back Seam

2. Micro Minis

Miniskirts are back in a big way and are shaping up to be Spring’s hottest trend. However, not everyone is comfortable in a micro mini. If you’re one of those people, you can still rock this trend with the right pair of tights. Tights perfect for micro minis include:

Pretty Polly 5 Denier Sheer Sideria Tights

Philippe Matignon Cool Summer Ultra Sheer Tights

Breeze Summer Pantyhose by Cecilia De Rafael

3. Leather Looks

Leather is often considered a winter fabric. However, this year designers were inspired by bikers, so we’ll be wearing it into the Spring. The way to pull off this trend is to wear leather from head to toe. Here are some perfect tights for this trend:

Calzitaly Fleeced Line Leather Leggings

Eco-Friendly Leather Pants With a Crinkled Leg Design-996

Girardi Liaisons Over Knees with Leather Top Band

4. Monochromatic Whites

Monochromatic colors are always very elegant and make a bold statement. This Spring, designers are doing monochromatic whites and winter whites by layering classic pieces for an ethereal look. Here are our picks:

Bellissima Micro 90 Microfiber Opaque Tights in White

Amour Hip Lace 30-Den Tights in White

Hot Fashion Lace Tights in B.Lana

5. The New Sexy

The new sexy trend is all about lingerie as daywear, cutouts, and ultra-sheer fabrics. It’s a very bold style for most people, but you can take elements of the trend and work them into your wardrobe with these tights:

Adrian Sparkle Fishnet Tights

Giulia Pamela 40 Fashion Tights

Rock Fashion Tattered Design Leggings

We also love the Miss Naughty Sheer Top Body and the Fiore Secreto Body Stockings for this look.

With these tights, you’ll be on-trend all Spring. has all the pieces you need to bring the runway to your closet. Made with the finest European techniques, our tights may be on trend this season but they will last for several seasons to come.

4 Things You Should Look For When Buying Hosiery

When going shopping for new hosiery pieces, you should be very meticulous and know what things to check to make sure that you are making the right decisions. Remember that your hosiery will and should be around for a long time, so you can fully enjoy wearing them with no regrets. If you are planning to get new pairs and pieces, here are 4 things you should look for.

  • Quality – The most important thing to check is the quality of the item, and you can check this by carefully observing and finding out what materials are used. Is it made of cotton? Is there lace? Are there any seams and loose threads that you should watch out for? These can tell you a lot about the brand and the quality of the hosiery they are producing, and from here you can determine whether or not you should go for it. 
  • Size – Hosiery comes in different sizes, whether they are stockings, leggings, or tights. Even though many hosieries are stretchable and supported by garters and stoppers, this does not mean that they can fit any body type and size. If you do not want to feel any discomfort and if you desire for your new hosiery to last long, knowing and getting the right size is a smart move.
  • Color – Nowadays, we have more in store for you than just black and nude palettes. In fact, Hosieree has got a lot of unique pieces like the cute Platino Ultra Opaque Tights. It is very different from the usual plain blacks but you cannot deny that it stands out among the others. Just like your shirts and other clothes, the color of your hosiery can convey your feelings and mood, and make a statement.
  • Purpose – Hosieries not only have different designs, but they also have their own specialties that fit a specific purpose. Are you buying stockings for office use or for partying? Are those leggings for casual trips or for working out? What you are planning to do while wearing your chosen hosiery is also very important. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Patterned Tights

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Patterned Tights

Times are changing and as we dive deeper into the modern era, you’ll learn that is now about fully expressing yourself, creative freedom, and leaving a meaningful impression. One of the best ways we can express ourselves is through our fashion choices. This is also part of the reason why patterned tights are starting to pop up everywhere as more people wear them loud and proud. 

Here are 3 reasons why patterned tights also belong in your wardrobe and why you should not be afraid to wear them.

  • Patterned Tights Are A Fashion Craze – You might be starting to notice that lots of ladies in the streets are wearing bolder clothing, and patterned tights are one of them. While fashion is a good way to channel emotions and express your feelings, we cannot deny that patterned tights are also really fashionable. The unique design and colors have a unique and eye-catching appeal that’s got many people curious and in awe. 
  • Different Patterns For Different Occasions – Sometimes, thinking of what to wear for an event takes a lot of time. You need to choose what colors and styles are appropriate, and which pairs of clothing will fit in with the theme perfectly. That is why people are also turning to patterned tights to make decision-making faster and easier. 

Patterned tights have their own theme, and you can get one that you think will match the event you are attending. For instance, wearing tights with hand bone prints is an easy choice for Halloween parties.

  • Creative Expression And Exploration – Patterned tights help many ladies slowly regain their confidence and boost their self-esteem. It helps them explore their options and try out new things that they might want for themselves. A good example is wearing tights with tattoo-like prints if they want to know what it is like to have one, or if they simply want it for temporary fashion. 

The Top 5 Lace Tights That Should Join Your Wardrobe

Lace tights are unique fashion pieces that will definitely make you stand out wherever you go. But it may not be that easy to find lace tights, especially ones that are truly high in quality and have one-of-a-kind patterns. Good thing that Hosieree’s got what you are looking for! It’s time to end your search and make your choice with these top 5 lace tights your wardrobe should definitely have.

  • Pompea Verner Fashion Tights If you are a fan of really intricate patterns, then this is for you! It comes in a deep and dark shade that makes the lace pattern look like pretty shadows dancing around your legs. It is a very classy pair of tights that you would love to wear to romantic dinners and formal events. 
  • Fiore Lily-Rose Lace Tights Another to add to the list of ladies who love intricacy, these tights are also dancing in detail. You can also feel like a celebrity in these tights because this is inspired by model-slash-actress Lily-Rose Depp who loves to wear black lace If she can rock this look, then you can too and no one is going to stop you.
  • Glamour Lia Fishnet Lace Tights Time to take a break from tightly-knit designs to explore lace patterns that show a bit of that wonderful skin. The Glamour Lia truly is glamorous as it comes with a nice floral pattern that will go well with cocktail dresses and skirts. This is a nice and fun choice for energetic night-outs and parties.
  • Fiore Velvet Rose Sheet Tights – Speaking of floral patterns, Fiore’s Velvet Rose should also make it to your list of new wardrobe additions. This piece screams femininity and sexiness as it gives your legs a nice shape and elegant form. Every step you take is bound to attract looks with these tights on your skin.
  • Gabrielle Variette Lace Tights – Looking for something that can be worn on formal events and also on casual street strolls? Then you should grab the Gabrielle Variette Lace Tights and make them your own! The lace patterns dance over daring fishnets, making an interesting combination of fun and classy. Whether you are out for a quick coffee break, a get-together with friends, or corporate parties, you’ll be happy to have this flexible pair of tights. 

Your wardrobe will always have space for fashionable and unique pieces like these lace tights. Find them all at!