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5 Colors For The Fall Of 2015

5 Colors For The Fall Of 2015The fall of 2015 is quickly approaching, and while we may be in the midst of the summertime heat right now, the days will begin getting shorter, the air crisper, and the fashion more cozy before we know it. At, we want to help you to accentuate your fall 2015 looks with a bit of fashionable hosiery, and we have all the colors to go right along with your fall looks. The overall theme of the biggest fall 2015 colors is a mix of nature and fantasy; organically combining the ethereal looks of the spring and summer right into the colors of fall. The 5 biggest fall colors for 2015, and the hosiery to go along with them, are: Continue reading 5 Colors For The Fall Of 2015

The Right Shoes For Your Tights

The Right Shoes For Your TightsIf you plan to bring tights into your 2015 fall wardrobe, you’ll want to make sure you have the right shoes to go along with them. At, we know that the shoes can make or break any outfit, particularly one with hosiery, so we want to make sure all of your outfits are enhanced by your hosiery rather than hindered by your shoes. For tights, choosing the right shoes is particularly important, and we want to outline a few top shoe picks for this popular, yet opaque, hosiery type. Continue reading The Right Shoes For Your Tights

How To Wear Black Tights

How To Wear Black TightsBlack tights are a hosiery option that some women may be intimidated by, but we at feel that once you get more comfortable with the idea of black tights, they really become a must have for every woman’s wardrobe. A great pair of black tights can give you a sexy look and a bit of much needed warmth in the winter months, and they can even make even your shortest skirts appropriate for a vast array of different occasions. There are a few simple rules to finding the perfect pair of black tights, however, and by following them you’ll find yourself well on your way to loving your new wardrobe staple! Continue reading How To Wear Black Tights

Tights, Stockings, And Pantyhose: What’s The Difference?

Tights, Stockings, And Pantyhose: What’s The Difference?At, we offer every type of hosiery under the sun, but one question we’re asked by many women is “What’s the difference?” We want to make the world of hosiery a little less mysterious, so all women can enjoy great hose that they look marvelous in. There are occasions and outfits where one of the three types are most appropriate, or sexiest, and knowing the differences between the three can help you to choose the perfect one for each situation. Continue reading Tights, Stockings, And Pantyhose: What’s The Difference?

Fashion To Take The Chill Out Of Cold Weather

Fashion To Take The Chill Out Of Cold WeatherAs the temperature dips through the winter months, it can be common for many women to adjust their fashion wear accordingly. Many times, skirts get tucked into the closet, while long pants and boots are pulled out in order to dress for warmth. However, consummate fashionistas don’t need to sacrifice showing a little leg, just because there is a chill in the air. Continue reading Fashion To Take The Chill Out Of Cold Weather

A Sleek Fit Is A Sign Of The Times

A Sleek Fit Is A Sign Of The TimesWhen pantyhose first began to gain popularity in the mid 1900s, the iconic back seam on the legs became something of a symbol of opulence. Showing off these seams was not only a way to highlight the beauty of the legs, but was also a sign that a woman was wealthy enough to afford the artificial silk that was becoming all the rage. As a result, not sporting that tell-tale seam could indicate a lower social status. Continue reading A Sleek Fit Is A Sign Of The Times

The Top 3 Types Of Hosiery For Date Night

The Top 3 Types Of Hosiery For Date NightIf you’re looking to go out on a big date night, the picking of your outfit can be the hardest part! You’ll want to make a good impression, and a memorable one as well, and we at feel that this can all be done simply by choosing the best hosiery pieces! Date night attire should be sexy, but not too sexy, and it should be flirty while still having a certain sense of elegance and class, and our selection of fine hosiery can help you to achieve this look easily and while having a bit of fun!

Our top 3 hosiery picks for date night are:

  1. Control hosiery – Control hosiery can be a miraculous thing for many women, as it helps to give you that perfect shape you’ve been looking for while remaining virtually invisible under clothing. This type of hosiery can come in a vast array of different colors, sizes, and styles, so you will look like you’re wearing any type of hosiery you desire while you still have the control where you need it the most. Control hosiery can work to shape up the legs or stomach area, as it also helps your clothes to fit better on your body.
  2. Colored tights – If you’re looking to really get fun with your outfit, we suggest investing in some colored tights. With dresses and skirts, these tights can give you a whimsical and fun appeal sure to make the impression you’ve been striving for with your outfit. One great way to use this type of hosiery in a date night setting is to choose a color already present, but maybe in the background, of your outfit in order to bring out a really fun color pop!
  3. Fishnets – If you’re looking for both classic and sexy, with a little bit of elegance thrown in, fishnets are a go-to. Fishnet hosiery has a timeless look which has been deemed one of the sexiest for decades, and this fact still rings true today.

Picking your big date night outfit should be a fun experience, and we at feel that hosiery can make it even more so! From the classic and useful appeal of control hosiery, to the super sexy look of fishnets, a stand out hosiery piece can help you to make that big impression.

If you’ve got a big date night to plan, check out what we have in store at today!

Wearing Colored Tights

Wearing Colored TightsColored tights are slated to be huge this season, as this is a trend that is going into multiple years of popularity. Wearing colored tights may seem like a daunting fashion task at first, but learning to incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe is actually really easy. Colored tights are whimsical, fun, and very fashion forward, and they allow women of all styles and types a way to provide something a little more personal to their wardrobes. Continue reading Wearing Colored Tights

The Right Hosiery Can Give You A More Shapely Look

The-Right-Hosiery-Can-Give-You-A-More-Shapely-LookFor most women, there is always that one problem region. This will be the region that you’re most critical of when it comes to looking and feeling good in your clothes, and the one that can cause you to lose confidence in your appearance when it comes to incorporating certain fabrics into your personal wardrobe. What many women don’t know is that hosiery can really help to eliminate these problem areas and give you the shape you want, no matter the wardrobe piece or the particular fabric you’re looking to work with.

Continue reading The Right Hosiery Can Give You A More Shapely Look

Control Top Hosiery For A More Feminine Silhouette

Control Top Hosiery For A More Feminine SilhouetteWhether you’re planning to go into the office, or out on a date, control top hosiery can become your new best friend. Some fabrics and outfit choices may look adorable on a mannequin or on the shelf, but not quite what you were expecting when on the body, and a great pair of control top hosiery can really change all that and allow you to conquer any fashion choice or trend. No matter the season, this type of hosiery can be warm or breathable, as well as comfortable, and we at know you can start feeling confident with your ideal silhouette no matter what you decide to wear with the right control top.

Continue reading Control Top Hosiery For A More Feminine Silhouette