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Perfect Party Hosiery: What to Look For

Perfect Party Hosiery: What to Look For

When we go out, we want to look our best. To do that, we need to find the perfect party hosiery that doesn’t leave us with bumps and lumps under our gorgeous party clothes. Here are our tips on how to find the right shapewear for your body.

Seamless Tights 

If you want tights without the visible seams, then seamless tights are a definite must-have. They are knitted in one piece with a continuous operation, so there is no seam on the back. They provide an excellent fit that smooths you out in the right places, so you can avoid those lumps or bumps when putting on your favorite party dress. 


Whether you are looking for sheer or ultra-sheer pantyhose, we have you covered. Most of our pantyhose are 40 denier and less. This means they are sheer and lightweight, and comfortable to wear. 

The right pantyhose under your party clothes can help reduce friction on your legs, prevent chafing, and stop blistering. Hosiery like this has proven time and again to be functional and fashionable and can give you the illusion of long and sleek legs while hiding any imperfections you don’t want on full display. 

Thigh Highs

Thigh highs, also known as stay-up stockings, can be both sexy and comfortable. Thigh highs can add dimension to your look and stay in place with an elastic or silicone band at the top. Thigh highs stay above your mid-thigh.


Yes, stockings are definitely back in style. You can find classic stockings that will go with almost anything, or you can choose something more stylish and daring. Stockings are held with a suspender belt and made with different materials, including nylon and silk. You can also choose from sheer or opaque stockings. 

Choosing the Right Hosiery

When choosing hosiery, you should consider the color. Skin tones and nude are good options, as long as you pay attention to your personal skin tone. If you have fair skin, you want to avoid anything darker or tanned because it will stand out against your complexion. 

When choosing colors or designs to make more of a statement, be mindful of the shoes you will be wearing. Opaque tights usually work best with darker-colored shoes, for example.

When it comes to sizing, be sure to take your measurements so you can find the best fit. Remember, sizing differs by brand and doesn’t align with your clothes size in most cases. Always look for a size chart to help determine the best size for your body.

Once you have your measurements and are ready to shop, visit us at and browse our catalog of the best hosiery items to add to your wardrobe.

How To Prevent Your Stockings From Shrinking

How To Prevent Your Stockings From Shrinking

Shrinking stockings is one of the most common problems women encounter. Many just learn to live and endure using shrunk stockings, while others would treat them as disposable items. However, hosiery is an investment and it is still important to know how to take care of them properly even if they are high-quality pieces from 

It is time to put a stop to shrinking stockings so here are ways to prevent them:

  • Do Not Put Your Stockings In The Dryer – The intense heat from the dryer is bound to shrink the material of your stockings and even make it rough. Remember that even the highest quality stockings are made from delicate fabrics. Throwing them in the dryer will shrink them and affect their quality as well. 

Instead of using a dryer, it is better to hang them up to dry. Taking a few minutes of your time to wash and hang them up is surely worth it than buying new pairs every time they shrink in the dryer. 

  • Use A Mesh Net – It is highly recommended to handwash your stockings, but busy schedules could leave you with less time to focus on the task. Unlike the dryer, washing machines are not as deadly to your stockings but they could still be damaged inside. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using a secured laundry mesh net. This would prevent them from getting mixed and tangled with your other clothes.
  • No Need For Fabric Softeners – Your clothes may love fabric softeners, but it’s different news when it comes to your stockings. Fabric softeners could instead damage the material that makes your stockings elastic. Avoid fabric softeners together with dryers. Another tip is to keep your washing in intervals because frequent washing could also be damaging.

4 Myths And Misconceptions About Wearing Hosiery

Hosiery has taken the fashion world by storm but some are still hesitant to try them out. If you are looking to explore but are held back by some whispers you heard about wearing hosiery, now’s the time to learn the truth. 

We are going to debunk some myths and misconceptions about hosiery and tell you why you should definitely give it a go. 

  • Wearing Hosiery Is Itchy – Hosiery such as stockings, leggings, and tights would fit around your legs and rest snugly against your skin. This is why many are given the impression that they are itchy. 

On the contrary, high-quality hosiery is very comfortable to wear and would sometimes even feel like you are not wearing anything at all. They’re like a second skin! Unless you have allergies to certain materials like cotton and wool, hosiery is not itchy to wear. 

  • Hosiery Cannot Fit All Body Types – Just like other pieces of clothing, hosiery also comes in various sizes that can accommodate different body types. You just need to find the right size for you and you can feel free, comfortable, and sexy in your choice of hosiery too! Whether you are slim or curvy, there definitely is a pair waiting to be worn by you.
  • It’s Hard To Move When Wearing Hosiery – As mentioned before, hosiery is like a second skin. It is very easy to move while wearing them because they have soft and elastic materials that allow freedom of movement. You will not feel restricted at all, making it perfect even for busy and on-the-go women.
  • Hosiery Is Out Of Style – On the contrary, you will never fall out of the fashion trends with hosiery. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they are also very versatile as they can be paired with any outfit. This means that they can also be worn on any occasion, whether for casual or formal events. Hosiery can make you effortlessly fashionable whenever and wherever. 

There are more reasons for you to love wearing hosiery and you can start your journey with’s beautiful collection. 

Choosing the Best Hosiery for Your Wedding Day

Ready to make your legs look flawless on your wedding day? Whether you will rock a short, fun dress or a floor-length gown, the right hosiery can make all the difference on your big day.


In the past, stockings were often used to help hold up the garter so it wouldn’t fall below the knee. Today, garters are much more traditional than functional. Stockings won’t bunch at the waist and are way less restrictive than pantyhose. 

You will also find they offer the right amount of ventilation also. So, if your wedding is during the summer months, this can be a huge advantage when trying to stay cool. 

Pantyhose and Tights

Pantyhose and tights became a thing back in the 1940s and 50s. They were a convenient garment for women to wear that extended from the toes to the waist and was kept in place with an elastic band. The crotch was also typically reinforced.

When choosing pantyhose, there are several types to choose from, including regular pantyhose, control top, sheer to waist, and body shaper varieties. Regular pantyhose are soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear, while control top pantyhose has more stretch and provides additional support at the waist. 

Pantyhose and tights are a good option for your wedding day because they are easier to put on and take off compared to stockings, and you won’t have to worry about them falling down or loosening as you walk. 


Once you have decided between stockings or pantyhose, you must consider color. It may be best to choose a natural shade as close to your skin color as possible. Sometimes white hosiery can be see-through and may not be the best option, but this also depends on the thickness of your dress and how much it covers.

If you want to make a bolder statement as a bride, you can also pick a vivid color or something more romantic with a hint of shine or sparkle that reflects as you walk down the aisle.


Finally, consider the venue, the style of your dress, your shoes, and the event’s formality. You want a higher denier for warmth and more coverage if you are having a winter wedding. You also don’t want to wear hosiery with open-toed shoes, so it might not be a great choice for a summer wedding. 

Overall, you should choose hosiery that enhances your shape, is comfortable to wear, and brings you joy, happiness, and confidence on your big day. To browse a few options that would go great with your wedding dress or would look great on your wedding night, visit

The Best Seamless Selections For Working Women

The Best Seamless Selections For Working Women

Wearing seamless hosiery comes with lots of benefits. For women who are always on the go, the top reasons for choosing seamless are comfortability and ease of movement. However, being smart about your clothing choices should not sacrifice fashion! That’s why we’ve selected 5 of the best seamless pieces that can make your office outfits stand out.

5 Seamless Hosiery For Working Women

  • Amour Naked Seamless Pantyhose Everyone has their own powerwalk and you can do yours with an extra layer of confidence by donning on this seamless pantyhose. It has a flawless and smooth finish that clings to your legs like a second skin, shaping and refining them a whole lot more. 
  • Calzotaly Opaque Seamless Tights Casual wear can bring about a different kind of energy in the workplace. The seamless opaque tights can be paired with almost any top and shoes so you can experiment on different smart casual attires. Of course, the most important thing is that it is comfortable to move around with! 
  • Cecilia De Rafael Seamless Glossy Pantyhose This seamless piece is proof that you can be practical, smart, and extremely fashionable at the same time. The glossy oil effect certainly leaves an impression of elegance and respect. While it makes your legs look soft, the material certainly is strong and sturdy, providing resistance to tears.
  • Adrian Nel Laser Cut Seamless PantiesThey say that beauty and confidence come from within. To get you started on a busy day, seamless panties will provide you with the security and comfort that you will need. It is stretchable and will mold into your body shape without a problem. It is also lightweight, giving you the extra boost to your movements as you wander about the workplace.
  • Franco Bombana Fantasy Fishnet Tights – We want to add an interesting and unique twist to our office outfits every once in a while. Luckily, these fishnet tights are here for your funky moods. It comes with a seamless top and unique floral patterns that are bound to attract good attention to your outfit.

Seamless hosiery is the favorite go-to of women who thinks comfort should always be the priority. With these 5 seamless selections, you do not have to sacrifice fashion over comfort even when at the office.

Why Are Seamless Tights Good For You?

Why Are Seamless Tights Good For You?

Seamless wearables are becoming the trend now and of course, here at, we also have seamless tights for you to try on. Wearing seamless tights actually comes with benefits and we are going to share them with you.

  • Say Goodbye To Chafing – With the absence of seams and stitches, you can enjoy being chafe-free for the whole day while wearing your seamless tights. Chaffing is often a common problem by ladies who wear ordinary tights as the seams and stitches tend to rub on the skin and irritate it, thus resulting in chafing. 
  • More Accurate Fit – Seamless tights are designed to fit your body perfectly. Without the stitches, you can expect the fabric to flow against your legs smoothly. There are no folds and bumps that usually come with seams and ordinary stitching.
  • Breathable And Comfortable – If you are regularly working out or if you love to use leggings when doing errands, you would be grateful to have a pair of seamless tights as they are designed to be more breathable. Seamless tights have the ability to control moisture and are often made with mesh, which makes the clothing breathable. 
  • Fewer Chances Of Tearing – Tearing almost always starts with seams and stitches. Luckily, seamless tights are void of any seams and stitches that are prone to tears. In addition, the fabric is also lightweight and made to feel like a second skin, which means that it is designed to follow your movements with ease and without the risk of tearing. 
  • No Awkward Bumps And Marks – When wearing regular tights, ladies tend to partner it with oversized tees and hoodies to cover the entire hip area where the outline of the seams and stitches are most visible. The stitch marks that run along the side of our legs down to our ankles are also not pleasing to look at. With seamless tights, as mentioned above, you can expect a smooth and flawless finish.

It is important to also think about comfort when choosing what to wear. Seamless tights not only are trendy and fashionable but they are also made with the wearer’s comfort in mind. Pay us a visit at and we can help you choose the best pair for you.

Knowing The Best Time To Buy New Stockings

Knowing The Best Time To Buy New Stockings

We all have a pair of stockings we absolutely love and have grown attached to. Still, there will come a day when it’s time for our favorite pair to go. The question is how would we know when is the best time to replace our old, worn-out stockings? Here are the things you should look out for:

1.       How Old Are Your Stockings? – Time flies by fast and before we know it, a year has already passed. Stockings usually have a lifespan of six months to a year, gradually bearing tears and holes along the way. Of course, that also depends on how you care for them! If you think your stockings are already almost or over a year, it is time to do a thorough checkup and see how they are going.

2.       Has The Material Thinned? – Most often than not, we fail to notice that the fabric of our stockings has already grown thinner after numerous washes and uses. Thinned fabric makes your stockings more prone to tears and holes. Stretch too much and you might find yourself down a pair. If the material of your stockings has considerably thinned, it is about time to invest in new ones before your old pair finally decides to retire.

3.       Are Your Stockings Slipping Down? – How many times have you pulled and adjusted your stockings today? Another sign of worn-down stockings is that it has already been stretched too much and can no longer hug your legs securely. You can even say that your stockings have grown a little bigger after being stretched over and over throughout the year.

4.       Are They Still Comfortable To Wear? – Old stockings may have loose threads that can make your legs feel itchy. They can also lose the warmth and protective layer they initially had as the material grows thinner. Stockings slipping down from time to time can also be a bother as you need to constantly adjust them up. Thinking and dealing with all of these things can lead to discomfort. Consider buying a new batch of stockings when you do not feel as comfortable as you did when you first tried on the pair.

Stockings do have an average lifespan but it is still up to your tender loving care when it comes to making sure that they last long enough. One tip we can give you is to invest in high-quality stockings, like those in’s collection.

The Top Hosiery To Include In Every Wardrobe

The Top Hosiery To Include In Every Wardrobe

Perhaps you’re new to hosiery, or you simply keep it to the basics and don’t think much further than that. At, we know the power great hosiery has in your wardrobe, and how your looks can be transformed in seconds simply by wearing the right hose. The top hosiery pieces that should be included in every wardrobe are: 

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How To Make Your Hosiery Last Longer

How To Make Your Hosiery Last Longer

High-quality European hosiery is quite an investment into your wardrobe. These are the pieces that really set your looks, they help your favorite staples transition season to season, and they keep your outfits on trend year after year. Because your hosiery is so important to your wardrobe, you’ll naturally wish to keep it in the best possible condition for longer, and there are a few ways you can go about doing just that. 

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