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New Spring/Summer Arrival

Let us introduce a new Spring/Summer 2012 collection from
Trasparenze coming to our boutique.
Check these outstanding essentials to compliment your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Anthea Stockings

Blossom Pantyhose

Fiore Pantyhose

Jessenia Pantyhose

Miranda Pantyhose


also might be interested in the new “Film Noir” collection by SockBox.
It was created by inspiration of Hollywood Golden Age gangster movies.

pair from this collection is a hand made masterpiece with combination
of Marlene Dietrich’s sexuality and Greta Garbo’s sensual mystique.

Look them up at SockBox.
note that SoxBox collection shipped directly from Europe and might take
up to 2 weeks to arrive to your door, but it is definitely worth wait.



We are proud to introduce a new hosiery
brand Pretty Polly in our boutique.
Pretty Polly is the UK No.1 hosiery brand established
in the 1920¹s.
This contemporary British brand is known for bold
advertising campaigns
and dressing the legs of famous iconic women.
Enjoy Pretty Polly eye-catching fantastic styles:

Flighty Bow Tights

Ribbon Backseam Tights

Shredded Tights

Henry Holland is a recent, and incredibly popular
addition to the Pretty Polly line you must to have.
Henry Holland fascinating hosiery styles was spotted
on the legs of
Jessie J, Rihanna, Agyness Deyn , Pixie Lott, Frankie
Sandford and Paris Hilton!

I am Leddered Tights

Super Suspender Tights

Superstar Black Tights

Find more Henry Holland styles at


We present a new hosiery brand Gabriella in our boutique !

Gabriella is one of the fastest developing hosiery companies in
the East
European market.
From the very beginning Gabriella has been only using yarns of the
renowned companies such as DuPont, Bayer, Kunert, Nilit.
Optimization of the production process together with direct
purchase of raw
materials from the suppliers leads to the high quality products
with affordable

Weather gets colder and it might be a good time to try
Fall/Winter collection:

Arctic 500 Denier microfibre tights

Arika Tights with knee-highs imitation

Variette Tights with a decorative motif

Isabel Tights with 3D pattern

Fishnets with Vertical Stripes

Miko Ankle Design Pantyhose

Rita Overknee Imitation Tights

Variette Lace tights

Vera Stay Up Stockings

More models are available at

New Arrival From Cazzola Gaetano

Thank you for choosing for your hosiery needs.

Weather gets colder and it might be a good time to update your wardrobe
with new Fall/Winter collection items from Cazzola Gaetano.
Check them out:

– 25910 Alica Fashion Knee-Highs with Lace Top

– 25676 Lydia Leg Warmers

– Edera Leggings Effect Tights

– Fiamma Stocking Imitation Tights

– Hot Fashion Lace Tights

– Life Fashion Printed Tights

– Mouse Fashion Leggings

– Perla Fashion Tights

– Rox Geometric Pattern Tights

Hurry-up, all these products are part of the limited seasonal collection!

Arrival of New Models From Cecilia De Rafael

Summer has finally arrived, and finally, you can shed those bulky clothes you have been wearing for the past few months and slip into sexie summer style clothes that are perfect for the season. However, not too many women are confident in stepping out with bare legs. For varied reasons, you just don’t want to show some flaws you might have and may be reluctant to bare your legs throughout the season. Well good news is here for you! With sheer pantyhose, you won’t ever feel embarrassed about your legs anymore. In fact, many celebrities have been spotted out and about, rocking a pair of sheer pantyhose. For this summer, you can also try out this hot trend with the latest designs from one of the best pantyhose brands all over the world: Cecilia De Rafael.

At present, the company has designed two, new high quality designs to their collection: the
Nirvana Super Transparent Summer Tights and
Marfil Sheer Resistant Tights — both designed and created for the highly active woman in need of some stylish yet durable tights that are perfect for everyday use. What is good about these products is that they have been made with the same quality that goes into each and every pair they produce. In addition, they only use the latest technologies and the most ecological materials in creating their unique products.

First up is the Nirvana Super Transparent Summer Tights. This latest product from Cecilia De Rafael is the perfect pair of summer tights created with two-component threads. Apart from its durability, it is also made of transpirable cotton gusset—this not only make the tights durable, it also makes it soft to the touch and very comfortable to use. This particular design also features a suntanned effect, which is perfect with short skirts and shorts. So, for those of you who want to step out and appear natural with bare legs, then try the Nirvana Super Transparent Summer Tights today.

Now if you want to have a bit of control and have the appearance of firmer, slimmer legs, you can try the Marfil Sheer Resistant Tights. Soft to the touch, these extraordinarily fine tights offer maximum elegance and quality, with its cotton gusset and flat seams, making this special event pantyhose perfect for any occasion or time of the day. They not only look natural, these resistant tights also lend your legs longer and more toned. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, one of the best ways to create the look of sexy legs is to wear sheer tights, and with the Marfil Sheer Resistant Tights from Cecilia De Rafael, you can achieve this look effortlessly.

Trasparenze: The Best Gift Ideas

Trasparenze, the world-renowned manufacturer of classic and sexy tights and sheers, has released new styles of tights, pantyhose, and sheer to fit every woman’s body type.

Here are some of Trasparenze’s collections that will make every woman feel sexy and beautiful inside out:

  1. Ankara Fashion Tights – If you’re looking for tights that will make your legs look longer and leaner, Ankara is the right tights for you. Made of cotton, nylon, and partly, elastane materials, these patterned tights are very soft and gentle on your legs, giving you the comfort, while at the same time, the feeling of being a seductress.
  2. Delhi Fashion Tights – Make a statement with the Delhi tights, whether you choose the black tights or the cosmetic design. A mix of nylon and elastane, the black tights are perfect for cold weather. Aside from this, the black shade of Delhi will make your legs look slimmer and it offers support for your buttocks. The design comes in crisscrossing patterns in sheer and opaque black colors to add a unique twist to the usual tights.
  3. Caracas Fashion Tights – With the assortment of colors available for Caracas fashion line of Trasparenze, you won’t have any difficulty mixing and matching these tights to your daily outfit. With decorative patterns etched on the tights, these eye-catching tights will surely complete your every day ensemble. Made of 85% nylon and 15% elastane, these tights are cozy and smooth to the touch.
  4. Londra Fashion Tights – Add a little flair to your every day clothes or to your casual dress by wearing the fashionable and chic Londra tights. Made of nylon and elastane, these tights are a heaven to your legs, giving you that long-legged look, while at the same time, not giving your buttocks and tummy area enough support. 

  5. Parigi Fashion Tights – Adding an interesting touch to the usual tights, the Parigi fashion tights line of Trasparenze is the best tights for adding a personal touch. If you want to make a fashion statement, these tights are the perfect complement to your wardrobe. Plus, it enhances a woman’s nice legs and it goes well with dark colored tops too.
  6. Roma Fashion Tights – Sexy is the most appropriate definition of the Roma fashion tights. This latest offering by Trasparenze is sheer tights and it brings out the sexiness in you. Your skin’s natural color will really show in these tights and if you feel like revealing some flesh, then these are the right tights for you. Additionally, there are some designs etched on the tight to add a little flair.
  7. Dubai Fashion Tights – If you want to wear tights, but you don’t have that perfect shape of legs or your legs are a little fuller, the Dubai fashion tights are just the right one for you. Available in a variation of three shades, you won’t have to worry about showing off some skin with its patterned design. Additionally, it provides support for your legs and it is very comfortable too.

Being one of the top manufacturers of tights and pantyhose
in the Italy,  Trasparenze is proud to announce the release of its new line of Fall/Winter collection, new styles with trendy looks are introduced in this line, yet it exudes the class and sophistication inherent in every
Trasparenze product. Along with the new styles of tights and pantyhose, the Fall/Winter collection also features leggings, stay-ups,
knee-high socks, regular socks,
lingerie, and items for the young adults and for children. This complete line of products is now available for purchase at that carry the Trasparenze line.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your wife, girlfriend, woman friend, or a bride-to-be, give her one of Trasparenze’s Fall/Autumn collection. This is the perfect gift idea you can give to that special woman.

New Arrivals Franco Bombana Announcement

Summer is all about style, sexiness, and, elegance. If you have been fascinated with the latest summer trend, you know what you need to wear to look chic this season. A pair of legwear will absolutely make you feel fabulous this summer. The glamour of hosiery is irresistible and even timeless. Sexy and exotic legwear makes the legs appear gorgeous, attractive, and incredibly beautiful. Legwear is definitely one of the most essential accessories that should be added to a woman’s wardrobe.

Franco Bombana, the most dynamic and recognized name in the hosiery industry, offers an extensive selection of innovatively designed women’s hosiery to give every woman a stylish look and a sense of luxury. The options are endless. Franco Bombana meticulously designs everything from refined pantyhose and tights to sexy and classy

Franco Bombana has recently introduced a summer collection of hosiery items that emphasizes contemporary styling :

Baguette Pantyhose;                                                               Fantasy Fishnet Tights;
Fiorata Fishnet Capri-Legging;                                                
Flowery Ankle Socks ;  
Gemma Fishnet Tights;                                                             Poise Fashion Pantyhose;   
Saten Glossy Pantyhose;                                                        
Fishnet Capri-Legging Gemma

All types of leg wear featured in their most recent summer collection are inexpensive, superbly fashionable, and are designed to suit the modern woman’s lifestyle and attitude. The designs and prints are uniquely feminine and very flattering, making each style a great gift for leg wear aficionados and fashion-focused women.

Franco Bombana is committed to provide women with an impressive range of unconventional and high
fashion hosiery. Wearing a style from their newest summer collection is a perfect way to get a comfortable yet unique look.

New Arrivals Girardi Announcement

We are announcing our Justine Fashion Fishnet-Lace Tights as one of the new Girardi arrivals for the 2011 spring and summer season. These exciting tights are designed in an all over floral pattern that is sheer to the waist, soft and stretchy. They are found in shades of gray, blue and black, to meet the elegance associated with the Girardi brand. These tights are the perfect accessory to a light and flirty summer sundress, adding enticing variety to the everyday frock. Toss these lacy tights on under a flowing short skirt for instant flirt factor. With a seamless design at the top, this soft and stretchy fabric can be worn against the skin under close fitting dresses or skirts anytime.
Game Fashion Lace socks are another refined and classy new look from Girardi for the 2011 spring and summer fashion season. Short and sleek, these black lacy socks rock a flower pattern that is simultaneously edgy and sweet. It takes a sharp dressing and elegant woman to pull off such rocking lacy socks paired with sexy high heels and a super short leather or feathery miniskirt, for a sophisticated yet edgy look. To keep your look fresh and modern, you can enhance the appeal of these unique socks when they are given the attention they deserve in sharp looking heels.
One of Girardi’s new best sellers for the 2011 spring and summer fashion season is the ultra sheer 10 Denier Elegance pantyhose, which have been designed to help every woman achieve a smooth and sleek nude look. Light on the legs and with a subtle hint of scent, these are ideal as a foundation garment because they can help enhance and slim the silhouette. Some features of these Elegance models include cotton gussets, reinforced toes, and flat seams. The model has also been anatomically designed to caress the legs, giving a perfect fit no matter what your size might be. Before you put on the perfect little black dress or skirt, for work or play, an elegant foundation is essential. A sheer look can be achieved with the strength of microfiber. Evidence of this is in Top Ultra Sheer Microfiber Pantyhose, which are a new addition to Girardi’s 2011 spring and summer fashion season. They are strong yet completely sheer. While normally microfiber might be associated with opaque tights, these top of the line sheer pantyhose use the microfiber to add extra stretch and a cooling effect to the fabric, without any change in appearance. Other facets of these sheer and elegant pantyhose include cotton gusset and flat seams, making them a perfect accompaniment to any summer wardrobe.

New Spring/Summer Arrival From Cazzola Gaetano

If you want to carry out that extremely hot look this coming season, then choose from the cool celebrity styles from the Cazzola Gaetano brand. All its feminine hosiery items are sure to make any female wearer to look at their most seductive appeal especially when they have wider stylish designs to choose from for the new seasons ahead.

From ankle socks ( Jucy , Exclusive) and lace leggings ( Fem, Venus ), you can surely choose a lot from the set of new products that will come your way. Majority of these new sets will bring out that fresh look from you that would make you stand out in every event or crowd that you may be a part of. Whether you are wearing a pair of pants or some mini skirt the new designs for the ankle knee socks will make you feel comfortable and most of all gather up some attention from others.

The brand new lace pairs of tights ( Abis ) come in more interesting designs and patterns this coming season. Whether you like the rocker look in seemingly tattered leggings like Rock or maybe the sexy look with the opaque design like Kimber or Victotia , you can surely remain chic and fashionable all at the same time.

For others who prefer the fishnet decoration (Glamour ) that carry the feel and perfect sheer fit, our spring and summer collection is ready to provide you with everything you need to maintain your chic look regardless of whatever season you may be currently in. So watch out for our soon to come new collections for the new season by Cazzola Gaetano.

High Quality Pantyhose – Two New Additions to the Hosieree Collection

Hosieree has recently added two new, highly raved about high quality pantyhose products to its collection.  As is the case with the other products that they have joined, these new models are of extremely high quality in terms of both fabric and production.  As such, they fit in very well with the rest of the collection and have just as much to offer the customers who buy them.  In fact, the customers who have already bought these pantyhose and tried them out have rated these products, which are sure to become bestsellers, very highly.  One of these models is a support pantyhose, while the other is a sheer pantyhose.
The support pantyhose product added to the Hosieree collection is called Carezza 70 Low Waist Support Tights.  These high quality pantyhose are made up of a 70 Denier count and offer a support of 13-17 mmHg.  It also has a really soft waistband, so it shouldn’t feel too tight or constricting.  Some tights that are on the market right now can make your legs feel achy and tired if you’ve been wearing them for a while, but these tights can actually make your legs feel relaxed after a long, hard day because of the great support that they offer.  This product is also good for spring, fall, and winter, keeping your legs warm when it is a little, or a lot, chilly outside.
The second product that has been added to the Hosieree collection is a sheer pantyhose that is good for the summertime.  This summer pantyhose, made with a 10 Denier count, is called the Etoil 10 Ultra Sheer Pantyhose 2 Pair Pack.  It is super sheer and light, making it look and feel as though your legs are completely bare.  Some pantyhose can make your legs feel hot and sweaty on a summer’s day, but this high quality pantyhose is designed to make your legs feel cool and relaxed during the summer.
Both of these products have the Hosieree stamp of approval, which carries only the highest quality hosiery offering the best prices.  They are both functional and stylish, which means you won’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to look good if you buy either of these high quality pantyhose.  Also, since one is summer pantyhose and the other is support pantyhose that work for the rest of the seasons, the two of them together will make a great addition to anyone’s hosiery collection.