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How To Look Amazing In Leggings

How To Look Amazing In Leggings

Autumn is here and that means it’s the perfect season for leggings! Thanks to leggings, you can continue to show off your legs this season without having to forgo comfort or warmth.

In order to start your season off right, here are a few leggings inspired outfit ideas you don’t want to miss this autumn: Continue reading How To Look Amazing In Leggings

What’s Under Your Outfit?

What’s Under Your Outfit?

Undergarments are ultra-sexy.  From bra to bustier and beyond, what you wear underneath your outerwear can make you feel sexy, powerful, and amazing.  The ways in which they will benefit your body differ, but in the end, you’ll like the way you look. Continue reading What’s Under Your Outfit?

The Hose Knows; Bring Back The Style

The Hose Knows; Bring Back The Style

It seems as though pantyhose have been pushed to the wayside in recent years.  One wonders when a fashion accessory that was once so popular began to lose its charm. Some of the reasons why your mother (or grandmother) once wore pantyhose no longer apply, or make sense, it the modern world. Continue reading The Hose Knows; Bring Back The Style

What Does Denier Mean?

What Does Denier Mean? There is a funny little word that you’ll see next to many of our various types of hosiery, and that word is “denier”. A number accompanying the word could go as high as 100, or as low as 6 or 7…so what does it all mean? What we do at is bring to you the best hosiery for your particular need, and there is no way you’ll be able to choose just what’s best for you without getting to know a bit about your hosiery’s denier! Continue reading What Does Denier Mean?

Legs For Days And A Pair Of Leggings For Each One

Leggings are the style trend that isn’t going anywhere. They made a reappearance around 2006 and haven’t faded from fashion trends ever since. There’s a good chance they won’t. In fact, they seem to have only increased in popularity. That said, has your guide to wearing leggings: Do’s and Don’ts.

The Do’s

The great thing about leggings is their versatility. You can wear them with almost anything. You can rock them with a trench coat, wear them with layered tanks and tops, wear them in sporty styles, with dresses, under shorts, with a mini dress, with a boyfriend sweater, under distressed boyfriend jeans, under distressed skinnies. You name it, you can wear leggings with it. Mostly.

The Don’ts

You want to avoid wearing too many colors if you choose a colored pair of leggings. We personally love colored leggings and even have a pair called the Eddy-Opaque Legging. They’re high stretch and serve a lot of purposes, such as those we’ve mentioned, and they even come in 6 different colors including Ciclamino and Lapizlazuli. has a nice selection of nudes, opaques, sheer black, and white leggings, too, and they work wonders for any woman’s personal style.

Anytime Of Year

Spring is here and summer is not far away, so you’d think that leggings are out as far as your fashion options are concerned. Not true. We have the Dance Panta – Fishnet Leggings with a Lace Border and they’re the epitome of fashionable leggings options. These stylish and sexy leggings are both stretchy and soft, and feature amazing embroidery, and have a very small fishnet. They’re ideal for warmer summer months. You’re not out of luck here.

If you’re looking for an option in legwear that can give you the look of long, lean legs, well, now you have your answer. It’s not impossible to get the look you want. Especially not when you have such a wide selection to choose from with They’re durable enough that they don’t all need to be hand-washed and some materials are going to be more forgiving than others, but that’s an option for you to consider once you decide what look you’re going for.

Check out our line of legging options, available in more colors than you’ll really know what to do with. It’s simple as selecting a style and then really imagining how many outfits you can pair them with.