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The Best Tights For Every Occasion

The Best Tights For Every Occasion

Fashion trends come and go, but tights are here to stay. And they will stay here forever, we guarantee it!

Tights are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe because of their versatility. Not only are they functional in the way that they can keep your legs warm, but they can also accentuate your body or bring life to a simple outfit.

Here are the best tights you can wear for every occasion:


Add a hint of retro and sexiness into your ensemble by wearing a nice pair of fishnets like Fiore Passion Fishnet Suspender Tights. Fishnets are a great fashion accessory for all kinds of occasions, including romantic dinners and nights out of town.

If you want to make them a bit more casual for a concert or a relaxed gathering, try wearing them under ripped jeans, shorts, or skirts for that grunge look.

Sheer Tights

Classics won’t let you down. When you want to dress up smart for work and business meetings, opt for a sheer, elegant look with Pure Matt 50- Semi-Opaque Matt Finish Tights. These tights both look and feel good on your legs as they’re made of soft yet durable yarns.

You can even go for a nude shade with the Light and Cool 8 Denier Sheer Tights for a bare leg look. These can be worn in the office or on formal evenings and occasions.

Opaque Tights

Cool and versatile, opaque tights give an extra touch of fun to your overall look. Some great colors to own include navy, black, brown, and solid grey as these pair well with any dress or skirt.

The key to wearing opaque tights is experimentation! Mix and match items until you get that perfect balance of colors in your outfit.

For more casual days, why not try adding a pop of color to your ensemble with Blues 70 Opaque Tights? As for more formal occasions, opt for black or solid grey tights and pair them with a smart jacket or a skirt.

Patterned Or Printed Tights

For a bolder and more playful look, you can’t go wrong with patterned tights to further accentuate the beauty of your legs.

Joy Sheer Fashion Tights are perfect for casual dates and parties with your girlfriends. On the other hand, you can bring out your inner diva with Fashion Tights Caty. Pair them with a leather skirt and a solid top, and you have a great look for a night out with friends.

With tights, you’ll never run out of styles to pick, especially because they’re great for any and every occasion. We at pride ourselves on our vast selection of quality hosiery. Check it out and find the look you’ll love.

Go Classy for Classics: Pairing Classy Hosiery with Classic Blue Outfits

Go Classy for Classics: Pairing Classy Hosiery with Classic Blue Outfits

The year 2020’s pantone color of the year is classic blue. As fashion and design goes back to the classics, this is a nice time to explore your style in the same direction. 

Whip out some of your classic blue outfits or add touches of blue to your wardrobe that will keep you on trend for the coming season. Best of all, classic blue can be a regal but also playful color—and what better way to up the ante than adding the classy classic hosiery to finish your outfits?

Check out these three ways to wear blue outfits with hosiery for next year’s fashion season.

Classic and Formal Wear

Just because bare legs at cocktail parties are already on-trend does not mean you cannot bring back the appeal of pantyhose at the next formal gathering. Tights can give a dash of oomph to your outfit, especially when paired with a darker shade of blue for your dress.

This works particularly for evening events, as a pair of black pantyhose with a dress gives it a more formal vibe, and elevates the mini dress into a fabulous and fancy affair.

The Classic Office On-trend Look

Who says dresses can’t be power suits? Unleash your stylish femme fatale by pairing classic black tights with blue dresses or skirts in the office. Tights can that one factor that transforms a look from boring to business in one fell swoop.

There are two ways to go about this. You can opt for neutral tights, which will create a smooth, matte finish for your gams and highlight a classic blue outfit. Another way is to create a slight contrast with black tights and pumps paired with a blue dress or a power suit with a pencil skirt, if you really, really mean business as usual.

The Playful Navy Dress

The navy dress can be a Sunday wear or an after-office stylish look. You can pull off both looks by pairing the right type of hosiery with the dress on each occasion.

Colored tights can bring a playful contrast, whether you opt for a burgundy pair or a classic white or cream combo. The former will have a very trendy look, while the latter has a touch of a classic sailor look.

Lace tights also work wonders with a navy dress. Pair a plain navy one piece with textured lace tights and finish it off with sleek black pumps for a party-ready look.

Looking for some great tights to jazz up your old blue outfits? Check out Hosieree’s lineup of tights, leggings, and hosiery. Get ready to up your gam-game in 2020!

How to Properly Care for Fine Hosiery

How to Properly Care for Fine Hosiery

Tights, leggings, pantyhose, and stockings are some of the essential clothing pieces for cold weather. They are particularly helpful in creating a layered ensemble that’s not only warm and comfortable, but chic and stylish, too.

You surely love your hosiery and we know that you want to make them last. Since you’re likely to find yourself using them more often this season, we thought we’d share with you some essential care and maintenance tips that will help you enjoy your treasured hosiery longer.

1. Know when and how to wash.

Let’s make this clear: you don’t have to wash your hosiery after every wear. If they don’t get soiled, you can wear them up to three times before washing. This is particularly the case during winter, when you don’t really sweat a lot.

Think about your tights and leggings as though they are pants. Let’s be real here. How often do you wash your pants and jeans, really?

For hosiery, the less you wash, the better, because they will last longer. As long as they don’t smell and they aren’t stained, you can wear them one or two times more before washing.

Furthermore, you should know how to wash them properly. Here at, we recommend hand washing and refrain from wringing them. Simply hang them by the band to make sure that they retain their shape.

2. Know how to handle them.

Fine hosiery is delicate and you need to handle and wear them with as much care as possible. When handling and wearing your hosiery, make sure your toe and fingernails do not have rough edges. It’s also best to remove jewelry before wearing tights, stocking, or pantyhose. Make sure you remove them with care, too.

3. Know how to store them.

Hosiery are not like school socks that you can roll into a ball. Fold your hosiery in half, with one leg over the other. Then, fold in half once more before putting them neatly in a drawer. Storing hosiery this way will help preserve the fibers.

For high-quality hosiery that you’ll love every second that you’re wearing them, check out our wide selection at!

Looking Chic In Your Leggings

Looking Chic In Your Leggings

Few pieces of clothing are true fall staples quite like leggings. They can be worn under a skirt or dress, they can be paired with a tunic or cozy sweater, or they can be worn to the gym as part of the perfect trendy athleisure outfit. At, we pride ourselves on carrying only the best European made leggings, so you always have just the pair you’re looking for to flawlessly pull off all your fall 2019 legging looks.

Due to their form fitting nature, a lot of women feel a little intimidated by leggings. Sure, they may wear them at home or under a skirt or pants for an additional warmth layer, but they’re not truly comfortable embracing all of the potential a great pair of leggings hold. At, we want you to love your leggings, and we have just the tips you need to feel confident and chic every time you put them on:

  • Pair with a denim jacket – If you’re looking to take the athleisure trend to the next level, while still maintaining a high-fashion look, it’s time to take out your favorite denim jacket. A pair of leggings with a crop or form fitting top is the perfect way to show off stand-out denim. You’ll avoid the denim-on-denim look that can be too much when you pair the jacket with jeans, while creating the perfect carefree brunch look.
  • Dress them up – A structured pair of leggings like those we feature at are perfect for dressing up. A sleek pair of leggings looks great paired with an embellished blazer and bootie or pump, giving you a night-out look that is as comfortable as it is effortlessly chic.
  • Go with a blouse – Airy blouses with plenty of movement seem like they’re almost made to be paired with a sleek and structured legging. If you’re attending a lunch, an afternoon meeting, or running errands, you’re creating ideal balance within a completely timeless look.
  • Classic cozy – One of the most popular ways you’re going to see leggings throughout each fall season is within the classic cozy look. Take your leggings and pair with an oversized sweatshirt, a chunky sweater, and a scarf or hat, and you’re ready for all those Instagram worthy moments at the pumpkin patch.

No fall wardrobe is truly complete without the perfect leggings. To find your perfect pair, see what we have in store at today!

3 Spring and Summer Leg Trends for 2019

3 Spring and Summer Leg Trends for 2019

Looking for the latest trends to dress your legs for spring and summer? Then you have come to the right place. With new seasons come new opportunities to show off that beautiful hosiery you have been adding to your wardrobe. We are here today to fill you in on the latest spring and summer leg trends for 2019, so you can start pulling out those new clothes for this season and accessorize appropriately.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are here to stay. Spring is always a great time of the year to rock floral prints and patterns, and this year is no exception. You can go for a more subtle floral look with lace hosiery. This kind of hosiery also pairs well with a variety of different textures. The most popular lace color in floral for this year is white.

Crochet tights are also just as popular; however, they are much thicker than lace so you may want to avoid this material on those much warmer days.

Colored Tight Trends for 2019

Color coordinated looks are also trending this season and matching each piece is becoming the fashionable thing to do. Some of the more popular color choices this year include all shades of nudes including pale pinks and peaches, white, colorful shades like yellow, emerald green, ruby red, fuchsia, and orange, and the bold colors in the neon spectrum.

Knee Highs are Making a Comeback

We are also seeing a reoccurrence of knee highs this season as well. They were spotted on the Marc Jacobs catwalk recently and are now being paired with cycling shorts, pleated skirts, and short dresses.

Other styles that may be creeping in for the spring and summer season include the wet look hold ups, denim, and latex that have been inspired by the looks from the 80s. As usual, we also see fishnets, graphic prints, and fun patterns like diamonds and stripes.

Dare to Be Creative

Now is as good a time as any to get bold and be creative with your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to show your wild side with the bright neon colors collection or show your tame side with the pale pink tights paired with a cute pair of shorts and sandals. No matter what you choose, the biggest piece of advice we have to offer is to make sure you are comfortable and confident wearing whatever you choose to express yourself. Ready to jump in and make those bold selections? Visit today to see the latest styles and brands we love.

The Top Hosiery To Include In Every Wardrobe

The Top Hosiery To Include In Every Wardrobe

Perhaps you’re new to hosiery, or you simply keep it to the basics and don’t think much further than that. At, we know the power great hosiery has in your wardrobe, and how your looks can be transformed in seconds simply by wearing the right hose. The top hosiery pieces that should be included in every wardrobe are: 

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How To Make Your Hosiery Last Longer

How To Make Your Hosiery Last Longer

High-quality European hosiery is quite an investment into your wardrobe. These are the pieces that really set your looks, they help your favorite staples transition season to season, and they keep your outfits on trend year after year. Because your hosiery is so important to your wardrobe, you’ll naturally wish to keep it in the best possible condition for longer, and there are a few ways you can go about doing just that. 

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Tights To Give Your Winter Looks Some Edge

Tights To Give Your Winter Looks Some Edge

If you’re looking for a little edge to incorporate into your winter looks, the right tights might be just what you’ve been searching for. Tights are the ultimate cool weather accessory; turning summer clothes into fall staples, elegant dresses into comfortably warm ensembles, and adding layers to just about any look. So what about edge? If you’re looking for a rock-concert ready look for winter, the right tights are going to give you just that. 

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How To Wear Tights With Sneakers

 How To Wear Tights With Sneakers

Sneakers have made a huge fashion come back. From the chunky sneakers filling the runways of Balenciaga to trend-setting Yeezys to the sleeker options from Marc Jacobs and Gucci, sneakers are everywhere right now. One of the key looks fashionistas are sporting is pairing these fashion-forward sneakers with tights. Functional, elegant, and comfortable, this look is a great go-to no matter if you are heading to work or just running errands. Mastering this look can be a little challenging without looking like Working Girl. Here are some tips to pull off this casual look. Continue reading How To Wear Tights With Sneakers