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Wear Anything You Want As The Temps Drop With This Fashion Trick

Wear Anything You Want As The Temps Drop With This Fashion Trick

As temperatures start to drop, people start to bundle up. They prioritize being warm with puffy coats, wooly sweaters, thick pants, and boots over being fashionable or stylish. But if you care about how you look even when it’s colder outside, you don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic. You can definitely wear a statement dress and stay warm with one simple accessory: hosiery.

Staying Fashionably Warm

The TrendSpotter reports that, among many things, sheer fabric and low rise miniskirts are one of the trends to look forward to this fall and winter 2022. The cold weather and these types of clothing do not seem to make sense, but how do the fashionable gals make it work? 

You got it, hosiery. 

They are a classic wardrobe staple that we believe will never quite go out of style. If you wore them as a child or teen to keep you warm in school during the colder months, then you already know how well a good pair of tights can keep your legs warm. You can wear the shortest skirts and still feel warm as if you were wearing a pair of pants. 

Some people even double-up on the hosiery to keep warmer. You can wear two pairs of tights—try nude tights designed to keep you warm under black sheer tights—or a pair of leggings under your tights. You could also wear all nude hosiery to make it look like you’re wearing only a skirt. 

But, of course, fall/winter 2022 is not about plain looks. It’s all about bold statements and colors. You can do that with tights, too! Statement tights, in particular are also expected to be a major trend. Our hosiery comes in so many colors, prints, and styles that can complement any trend you choose this season.

Best Hosiery For Warmth

Our Transparenze Jennifer Merino Wool Tights comes in nine colors that you can use for a bright-colored outfit. You could achieve the metallic look with a simple pair of tights with a metallic effect. There are so many options and endless combinations to last you a season over. 

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How to Dress for Success from Head to Foot

How to Dress for Success from Head to Foot

What does it mean when someone tells us to dress for success? Are they talking about a specific outfit that can skyrocket your career, or are they telling us that we must wear certain brand names? Here is our answer to how to dress for success from head to toe. 

Don’t Forego Your Personal Style

Dressing for success doesn’t mean you have to sideline your personal style. When you look at outfits of professional women, you may find a common thread—they all look very similar with a few tweaks here and there. 

Instead of dressing like someone else, embrace your own style, find a new way to wear things, and be yourself—whether it’s fashion socks or opaque tights paired with your favorite skirt and blouse or more interesting prints you can find when choosing high-quality fashion tights. Go bold and be yourself. 

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

You also don’t have to be uncomfortable with what you are wearing either. If you are uncomfortable with what you have on, it certainly shows. It is hard to hide. You might start fidgeting, and the discomfort is plastered across your face. You will not be relaxed and instead will appear more rigid. 

When dressing for success from head to foot, ensure everything you wear is comfortable. You might want to wear heels to give yourself some height, but it isn’t worth the pain and blisters. 

Showcase Your Confidence

When dressing for success, make sure to highlight your confidence. Pair your attitude with the perfect ensemble and hosiery online. Wear what you feel your absolute best in. When you do this, you will also find that you feel your best, and it will show. 

There is no one specific way to dress for success. Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in and feel confident wearing while being professional. 

Other Tips When Dressing for Success

Make sure your outfit is clean, pressed, and well-fitted when dressing for work. When choosing your accessories, go ahead and show your personal style but make sure the pieces you choose complement your clothing rather than distract from it. 

Finally, pay close attention to detail because it may be the little things that put you over the top. The first step in dressing for success from head to toe is finding the right hosiery online to base your look on. Visit us at for the latest in hosiery trends and styles that are sure to impress.

Tips for Buying Hosiery Online

Tips for Buying Hosiery Online

Choosing what we wear on our legs is just as important as the rest of the ensemble we put together. And thanks to the many advances in the fashion industry, we have a wide selection of the best choices in hosiery. Here are a few expert tips for buying hosiery online.

Find a Dedicated Site

You want to start your journey by traveling to a site that is dedicated to legwear. They are the experts, after all. We have a vast selection of high-quality hosiery you will love. You can also take in our knowledge and expertise when it comes to finding the best hosiery for your body type. 

Look for Variety

You also want to purchase hosiery from an online site that offers the variety you need. You might be in the wrong place if you can’t find pantyhose and tights in the same online store as your thigh highs and stay up stockings. You also want to make sure there is some variety in the different styles, sizes, colors, and patterns you choose.

Check the Size Chart

Size charts are always helpful when estimating the size you may need for hosiery online. Our size charts give several measurements to pinpoint the right size. You may consider sizing up to avoid aggravating waistband rolling if you are in between sizes. 

Thicker Means Stronger

If the legwear you choose is thicker, it will be stronger and much more durable than most sheer options. However, remember that the thicker they are, the less leg you show. Always consider the thickness of the legwear you purchase online. 

Thicker legwear is also good for hiding any imperfections you may have. To understand the denier of your hosiery, you need to consider its opacity. 

Understand the Differences

It is also important to understand the difference between the different hosiery types, so you purchase exactly what you need. For example, stockings are a true classic. They cover your leg up to mid-thigh and are often reserved for special occasions.

On the other hand, tights tend to be sheer and more skin tight. They can easily dress up your legs while showing them off in the best way. 

There you have it. These are just a few tips you can keep in mind when browsing hosiery online. For a high-quality selection of everything you may need to dress up or upgrade your wardrobe, visit us at today.

Legwear Trend Forecast for the Fall and Winter: What to Expect

With Fall and Winter just around the corner, it is time to take a look at the legwear trend forecast to see what we can expect in the upcoming seasons.

Graphic Accents

The first trend is graphic accents. Fun designs and accents can add playfulness to any outfit and can showcase our unique personalities. Designs can also add more energy and go far beyond functionality. It also teeters on fitness, fashion, and athleisure.

Metallic Shine

Shimmer is also in this year. If you want to make a statement and use your style to stand out, you can do just that with some metallic shine. Metallic shine tights are fun and sexy while also being elegant and stylish. They give you a smoother look and extra comfort. 

Floral Prints

A trend that is continuing from the year before is floral prints. Flower designs and colors can give you more vibrancy, life, and joy. You can choose from classic floral designs in black or go for something more contemporary with a geometric floral design. 


Plaid is also in this season. Plaid is timeless and rugged but still feminine and stylish. It is a time-honored pattern that will dress up any outfit you have this fall and winter. Choose plaids in different patterns and play around with different clothing combinations to create a fun and mismatched look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints have been around for a while and show no signs of going away. We have seen many animal print hosiery and clothing items on the runway and have taken those looks and recreated them to use in our everyday wardrobe. These prints can be bold and will certainly attract some attention. 

Knee Socks

Knee high socks are good for casual and everyday wear and are a trend we love seeing stick around. Knee highs can dress up any outfit and give you more of a stylish edge. Some can even add some retro flair to your style. They are versatile as well and go great with shorts, dresses, heels, boots, and anything casual or dressy you want to wear during the fall and winter months. 

Polka Dots

Polka dot hosiery is another trend we see evolving. It is the look that keeps on giving and goes with almost everything. The best part? They also suit most leg types. Let your legs do all the talking when wearing polka dots or other patterned tights or hosiery. Polka dots work best with a muted color palette. 

Ready to see what other hosiery items you can add to your wardrobe this season? Check out our huge selection at

3 Hosiery Pieces To Bring When You’re Traveling

3 Hosiery Pieces To Bring When You’re Traveling

Going somewhere? One of the biggest challenges when planning a trip somewhere is choosing what wearables to bring. With the limited space available in your luggage, it is important to be smart about your choice of clothes. 

You will want something that can go with any accessories and something you can wear in any weather and occasion. When it comes to flexibility, here are 3 good choices from that deserve a spot in your travel bag. 

  • Leggings – It does not matter if your trip is just to another city or on the other side of the world. Leggings can make your travel extra hassle-free because it gives you freedom of movement. It is also very comfortable to wear! 

A lot of unexpected things can happen when you travel. You may end up on a hike or a long walk,  but with leggings at the ready, you can get through anything. 

  • Tights And Pantyhose – Some travels are for important business meetings while some are just for fun. Whatever the case, your tights, and pantyhose have got you covered. They are one of the most versatile leggings that can fit any mood and theme when paired with the right outfit, like a dress or a skirt.
  • Socks – If you are looking for peak comfortability, then your socks are absolutely a must. What we like about socks is that you can wear this both for fashion, for comfort, and for protection. They can also be hidden, subtle, or flashy enough to complete and define your outfit for the day. 

What you wear factors in how much you will enjoy your vacation. The fewer things you worry about, the better! 

The best part about choosing leggings, tights, pantyhose, and socks is that they are travel-friendly. You can easily fold them or ball them up without risking wrinkles, and they will not take so much space in your luggage. 

Party In Style With These Hosiery Pieces

If you are wondering what to wear for your next celebration, Hosieree has picked 5 best pieces that you can rock!

  • Botanical Microseude LeggingsFor exciting parties filled with games, drinks, and dancing, you would want to wear fashionable leggings that can keep you comfortable while moving around a lot. This leggings is exactly what you need, especially if you are going to party the whole day and night! Not only are they soft, but the floral patterns have a golden effect that can keep you shining all throughout the day.
  • Cazzola Gaetano Fashion Leg Warmer A cold breeze can give you chills, not just because of the exciting vibes that come with the season, but also because it is really chilly out there. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comfort of warmth for fashion or vice versa, and this pair of leg warmers will make sure of that. You can now party without the cold stopping you from moving and going places!
  • Eddy Opaque Tights Be festive with the outstanding color that come with these opaque tights. The second you enter a room with these on, you can instantly become the life of the party! Sometimes, a splash of color is all you need to attract energy and positivity.
  • Adrian Hera  De Lux Thigh HighsHere comes the party favorite! If you are out of ideas for your party outfit, wearing fishnet patterns like these thigh highs will always be the safest and still one of the sexiest options you have. Fishnets can both be playful and classy, so whether it is going to be a crazy party or a quiet dinner, these fishnets will not let you down.

Hosieree is always down for a good party and we love to equip you with bold, fashionable, and quality hosiery so you can enjoy the most out of life.

Stockings Are The Hottest Trend Coming Out Of Fashion Week

Stockings Are The Hottest Trend Coming Out Of Fashion Week

Stockings are back in a big way this season and were seen in looks all over the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. We saw classic tweed pieces paired with thigh-high sheer white stockings in Paris. Milan runways featured knee-high sheer black stockings layered under ankle boots. While designers in New York showed jet black thigh high stockings with textures. Luckily, you don’t have to pay fashion house prices to add these trending looks to your closet.

What Is The Difference Between Pantyhose And Stockings?

People often use pantyhose and stockings interchangeably. However, there is a major difference between the two garments. Pantyhose are sheer and usually made of nylon with a denier weight between 8 and 30. They cover the full leg from the toe to the waistband. Stockings on the other hand can be sheer or opaque and range in denier weight. The key difference though is stockings vary in length between under the knee to mid-thigh. They are either secured with a garter belt or have a lining at the top to hold them in place.

Get The Look

Now that you know the difference between pantyhose and stockings, here is how you can get the runway looks. These options offer the same high-end designer quality but at a much more affordable price point:

Trasparenze Sara Classic Sheer: These sheer stockings have a denier of 20. They also have a reinforced toe and a glossy finish which makes them a perfect wardrobe staple. They come in a variety of colors to achieve the perfect look.

Elly Knee-Highs 140 Semi-Opaque: Available in black and two shades of nude tones, these knee-highs are a perfect way to capture the looks of the Milan runways. They are semi-opaque with a denier weight of 140. Great for everyday wear, these knee highs have a graduated compression that slims the legs and provides a comfortable wear.

Fiore Malena Suspender Stockings: If you are looking for a statement piece for your wardrobe, these sheer spotted tights are a must-have. Available in a gorgeous shade of ecru, they will easily match any outfit while still adding a bit of interest.

These three options are just some of the great choices available at We offer a full range of stockings in every color, size, and denier weight you can imagine. All of our stockings are European-grade, so they are durable and will last you through this season and many more. The best part is they are affordably priced so you can get runway looks without runway prices.

Little Black Tights: Don’t Go Without

Little Black Tights: Don't Go Without

We have all heard about the little black dress, but we can’t forget how powerful and versatile little black tights can also be. Black tights can prove to be the most versatile item you have in your wardrobe. They can be used for school, work, home, and even to dress up for a night out on the town.

Here are a few reasons why you don’t want to find yourself without this fashion staple. 

Good Way to Play with the Seasons

If you have a ton of floral items in your closet that you don’t feel are appropriate for after September, then you definitely want to have a pair of black tights on hand. You can combine a blazer or cardigan with black tights and open-toed shoes. Or you can pair your black tights with a summery-like dress with a blazer to dial down the spring and still play within fall and winter attire.

Go Casual

If you have a dressier dress that you want to dial down, then black tights are the way to go. Black tights make any outfit appear more youthful and less overtly sexy. It allows you to stay warm without being too hot. It allows you to take your nighttime look down to a daytime, casual level, especially when you pair those black tights with a pair of amazing ankle boots.

Everyday Wardrobe

We all have those statement pieces in our wardrobe that we pull out for special occasions. Well, the best pair of black tights are good for creating a more extensive everyday wardrobe as well. Is it getting warmer out, and you want to wear sandals? They go great with black tights. Have a blazer and scarf you want to rock during the wintertime? Awesome, your black tights are versatile enough to bring your style together. 

Play Around with Your Style

You are also not limited to plain black tights either. You can choose from various textures and patterns that can create the look you want. You can create a fun night out look with fishnet tights or go for a more laid-back look with high-quality soft faux leather

To explore more black tight options, visit today. 

4 Ways to Style Your Leggings

The Ins and Outs of Color Blocking

One of the biggest requests in the fashion world is learning how to style your leggings the right way. If you have been afraid to pull out your favorite leggings out of fear that you aren’t wearing or styling them the right way, then you have definitely stumbled upon the right place.

Today we will talk about 4 ways to style your leggings to give you back that power and confidence you should have when it comes to your wardrobe.

1. The Look of Denim

Denim is a classic look that is still being embraced today. If you are a lover of all things denim, then pull out those leggings and make a pair to remember. You can pair black leggings with a colorful t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers. Or you can dress up the look by pairing black leggings with a tunic and a darker wash denim jacket with your favorite heels or wedges.

2. Pull Out the Leather

A bit more daring? Then pull out your favorite leather leggings and pair them with an oversized sweater for comfort and style. Accessorize to dress up this look with a long necklace and your favorite pair of heels. A long, silky top or another shirt that is long enough to work as a dress are also great choices for this look.

3. How To Be More Versatile

Leggings are a great wardrobe staple because of their versatility. So, learn how to wear that one pair of leggings in multiple ways to stretch your wardrobe even further. A flared dress, belt, leggings, and wedged heels is a dressy way to rock those leggings.

A blazer, fitted dress, leggings, and pumps make a great casual work outfit. And a fitted skirt, oversized sweater, leggings, and ankle boots make for the best autumn/winter attire for everyday wear and comfort.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

Have a bold pair of leggings like sequined gold or a reptile skin pattern? If you want something bold, sparkly, shiny, or fun for a night out, pair your leggings with a sleeveless top and a more conservative jacket, and you are sure to stand out.

As you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to styling your leggings. With various colors, styles, and patterns in your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. 

Visit today to find your next perfect pair of leggings. 

3 Reasons Why Leggings Make Great Loungewear

How many pairs of leggings do you own? They are great legwear to have in any wardrobe because they are incredibly versatile and comfortable. However, you don’t even have to find ways to dress your leggings up for a day out; you can also enjoy your leggings at home as all-day loungewear.

Not Restricting

When lounging around at home, we want to be comfortable and feel unrestricted, right? That isn’t easy to do in a pair of stiff jeans. Yes, we can throw on some pajama bottoms, but sometimes we want to also feel a bit more put together than that  even while just lounging at home. This is where leggings step in and save the day.

Leggings won’t dig into your skin, cause any chafing, or prove to be uncomfortable at all. You will also find it incredibly satisfying pulling them up compared to fighting with a pair of jeans.

They Always Fit

Quarantine life leave you with a few extra pounds? Well, leggings don’t take notice. While your other pants might feel a bit tight these days, you will always smile when putting on a great pair of leggings. They won’t be too tight, and they will prove to be comfortable no matter what.

Natural Range of Motion

Another reason leggings make great loungewear is because they allow you to maintain a natural range of motion. You can stretch out on the couch, do a few yoga poses, or break out into dance. The movement possibilities are endless.

As you can see, leggings really are the new loungewear  when you want them to be. We also can’t forget that they are also totally acceptable as part of our going out ensemble as well, especially when we want to show off that new loose-fitting top we bought online while lounging on the couch in our leggings.

For a great selection of leggings to choose from, visit today and add to your collection.