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The Best Seamless Selections For Working Women

The Best Seamless Selections For Working Women

Wearing seamless hosiery comes with lots of benefits. For women who are always on the go, the top reasons for choosing seamless are comfortability and ease of movement. However, being smart about your clothing choices should not sacrifice fashion! That’s why we’ve selected 5 of the best seamless pieces that can make your office outfits stand out.

5 Seamless Hosiery For Working Women

  • Amour Naked Seamless Pantyhose Everyone has their own powerwalk and you can do yours with an extra layer of confidence by donning on this seamless pantyhose. It has a flawless and smooth finish that clings to your legs like a second skin, shaping and refining them a whole lot more. 
  • Calzotaly Opaque Seamless Tights Casual wear can bring about a different kind of energy in the workplace. The seamless opaque tights can be paired with almost any top and shoes so you can experiment on different smart casual attires. Of course, the most important thing is that it is comfortable to move around with! 
  • Cecilia De Rafael Seamless Glossy Pantyhose This seamless piece is proof that you can be practical, smart, and extremely fashionable at the same time. The glossy oil effect certainly leaves an impression of elegance and respect. While it makes your legs look soft, the material certainly is strong and sturdy, providing resistance to tears.
  • Adrian Nel Laser Cut Seamless PantiesThey say that beauty and confidence come from within. To get you started on a busy day, seamless panties will provide you with the security and comfort that you will need. It is stretchable and will mold into your body shape without a problem. It is also lightweight, giving you the extra boost to your movements as you wander about the workplace.
  • Franco Bombana Fantasy Fishnet Tights – We want to add an interesting and unique twist to our office outfits every once in a while. Luckily, these fishnet tights are here for your funky moods. It comes with a seamless top and unique floral patterns that are bound to attract good attention to your outfit.

Seamless hosiery is the favorite go-to of women who thinks comfort should always be the priority. With these 5 seamless selections, you do not have to sacrifice fashion over comfort even when at the office.

4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Lace Tights

4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Lace Tights

When we hear the word lace, beauty and elegance come to mind. There are many fashionable dresses that are designed with lace, but what about tights? What we can tell you is that there are many unique lace tights around, and Hosieree’s even got the best of them.

We know that some ladies have reservations about wearing lace, especially when it comes to lace tights. Some are not used to this fashion style, while others are worried about matching it with the occasion. If you are still having second thoughts and need help deciding, we listed down 4 reasons why wearing lace tights is one of the best decisions you can make.

4 Reasons To Wear Lace Tights 

  • Effortless Elegance – Lace is automatically associated with elegance and wearing one for formal dinners, parties, and galas will make you look effortlessly stunning and graceful. 

The best part is you can also wear lace tights even during non-formal events, like during casual walks in the park. For instance, the Transparenze Fenice Lace Tights are great for lively parties and club-hopping on Friday nights!

  • Timeless And Classic – Lace will never go out of fashion, and using it to decorate hosiery pieces like a pair of tights is just proof that lace will stick around for a long time. Lace tights will always be fashionable and as the trends change, you can simply pair them with various other clothing like dresses and slit skirts. 
  • Be Unique And Stand Out – Wearing tights, leggings, and stockings have been a normal practice for a long time. However, wearing tights decored with lace is certainly a unique take and a wonderful icebreaker to the monotonous hosiery choices you’ll meet in the streets. Being different is good. Stand out and walk the streets with confidence in your lace tights. 
  • A Boost Of Femininity – If you are going for a soft feminine look, then lace tights are a must. Just as much it is perceived with elegance, lace tights also reflect femininity and softness. If feminine grace is what you are trying to achieve, then you will never go wrong with wearing lace tights.

Hosieree supports your efforts to be unique, graceful, and confident, and so we have made the most beautiful lace tights available for you. 

4 Reasons Why Men Should Love Tights

It is about time to give tights a chance in men’s regular fashion choices. Besides fashion, wearing tights also come with a lot of pros that you might be missing out on. If you also think that tights should become a staple for men’s fashion, here are 4 reasons to love men’s tights even more:

  • Good Exercise Partners – Tights are made of flexible and strong material, so if you love to hit the gym and work out, wearing tights is definitely a must. It also is one of the best wears for strenuous activities that require lots of movement, like biking, hiking, and running marathons! Tights are the best friends of sporty and outgoing people because it is very easy to move in them without the fear of getting torn and ripped midway.
  • Provides Extra Warmth – When the season gets colder or when the weather gets wetter, tights are better than jeans and shorts if you want to warm up. It consists of thick material that protects you from the cold with the additional comfort of soft fabric against skin. You can wear tights when going out for errands, outdoor exercises in the cold weather, or if you simply want to stay cozy at home.
  • Make A Statement – Being bold and daring about wearing tights is a very effective confidence booster. Who says you can’t wear it? In fact, men’s tights have been popular for quite a while now and if you have not worn one yet, you are missing out on the good things in life. Wearing tights can give you that extra boost to improve your self-esteem and be more confident in your own skin.
  • Easy To Pack And Bring Anywhere – Unlike other clothes like jeans and jogging pants, tights are more compact when folded, making them easy to pack and store in your bags. This means you can also bring multiple pairs without bulking up your bags too much! For sports lovers who are always traveling around on mountain hikes and long biking trips, tights are convenient to wear and carry anytime, anywhere.

Looking for men’s tights can be a little challenging because you need to be sure about the quality, especially if you are moving around a lot. For women, this also works as a wonderful gift for the men in your life! Hosieree has the finest selection of men’s tights so you won’t have a hard time looking for high-quality ones.

Choosing The Right Denier For The Season

While looking for hosiery, you might notice a number and the word “den” or “denier” next to that number. You also may notice how some hosiery is sheer, some very opaque, and some sitting right in the middle. Denier refers to the weight of the fabric used in your hosiery, and typically the higher the denier the opaquer your hosiery will be. Often, winter hosiery will be the opaquest with a very high denier, while summer hose will be much lighter and more on the side of sheer. You’ll want to pay close attention to your denier, as this will let you know quite a bit about the way the hosiery looks and how comfortable it may be wearing with certain outfits or during certain times of the year. 

Lightest Denier 

Deniers ranging from around 5 all the way up to 30 are considered the lightest. They’re often the most sheer and they will feel most delicate on the skin. In some cases of very low deniers, the hosiery might even feel like a second skin resting gently on the surface of the legs. If you’re trying to go for a bare leg look, you’re wearing particularly delicate fabrics, or you’re going to a summer event, a good rule of thumb to follow is to go for the lightest denier you can find in your desired style. 

A light denier is highly breathable, so you’re far less likely to find yourself uncomfortable in the summer heat, and light hose will never “overtake” the look of a more delicate fabric. 

Medium Denier 

Medium or mid denier refers to deniers of around 30 to 40. Often, you’ll see this hosiery referred to as semi-sheer or semi-opaque, and you’re getting a good middle ground in terms of look and breathability. In those autumn months or during the early spring, you may find that you’re most comfortable in a pair of medium denier hose. You get some coverage and some color on the leg, but mid denier still allows for plenty of breathability. 

Heavier Denier 

Heavier deniers are those of 50 den or higher, and these are the thickest and heaviest hose. Typically completely opaque, these will be the hose you reach for in those cold winter months or later in autumn. Heavy denier tights are often worn well with boots and booties, but may be worn with heels or any sort of footwear you feel best goes with your look. Often, a heavier denier pair of hosiery will be somewhat more durable than the most delicate light denier hose. 

At, we have what you need whether you’re looking for light, mid, or heavy denier hosiery. Take a look at our inventory today to get your full yearly hosiery wardrobe started! 

5 Reasons Why You Should Own Open Crotch Tights

We can only imagine the surprised faces of ladies who have heard of open crotch tights for the first time. It does sound bold and really kinky, and some might even say it is not for the faint of heart but we beg to differ! There are many reasons why open crotch tights should be the new fashion trend and why you should not fear owning at least a pair. 

To ease your worries and to give you an extra confidence boost, here are five reasons why having your own open crotch tights is good idea.

  • Lighter And Cooler – Contrary to popular belief, open crotch tights are not just made for the sexy times and wild evenings. In fact, this type of tights can also be used in practical and smart ways. For instance, they are the best fit for warm days because they are made lighter and they have that extra window by your inner thighs. You would be thankful once you experience the coolness and comfort that open crotch tights can bring.
  • Confidence Booster – The thing with open crotch tights is that you are the only one who is aware of it. It is without a doubt a very sexy piece of hosiery and we all know how sexy pieces like this can be empowering. Even if it is only for yourself, knowing that you are wearing something brave and bold can add a skip to your step and can make you raise your chin a little higher when you face the world. 
  • Say Goodbye To Rashes And Rips – Ladies who are gifted with thick thighs often experience rashes and rips in their inner thighs. The fabric from any legwear can be too uncomfortable in these areas especially when they are stretched. The good news is you would not have to experience rashes and rips with open crotch thighs because the gusset area is uncovered and free!
  • More Movement – The absence of fabric and threads that usually holds the gusset area gives you more freedom of movement. You can stretch your legs and sit down in any position that you want. There is nothing holding you back from freely moving around, which is good for extremely busy days! Add in the coolness that it brings plus the absence of rubbing and rips? You will definitely agree that open crotch tights should be the innovation of the century.
  • A Welcome Surprise – No one needs to know that you are wearing open crotch tights underneath, but if someone gets lucky enough to get an invite, then this simple seductive trick will leave them in awe. It is also a simple and effortless addition to kinky nights and sexy moments. You get to move comfortably during the day, and you get a pleasantly satisfying experience in the evening. 

Open crotch tights are nothing to be afraid of, and if you are looking for starters then you can explore’s beautiful collection.

Get To Know The Wonders Of Cuban Heel Hosiery

Get To Know The Wonders Of Cuban Heel Hosiery

You’d be surprised at how the smallest details can bring big changes to your fashion choices. Take the Cuban heel for example! If you are not familiar with this style, take this opportunity to know about the Cuban heel and the wonders it can do to your body and fashion. 

What Is A Cuban Heel?

Cuban heels are the seams at the heel of your tights that are darker in color compared to the rest of the tights. They also come in a rising form, narrowing on the way up into a flat or square end. Cuban heels are often overlooked because they are located behind your legs, thus causing you to miss out the opportunity to flaunt them properly. So how exactly are Cuban heels fashion game changers?

Look Long-legged

 Wearing heels can make your legs appear longer. The back seams that stretch up from the bottom of your Cuban heel pantyhose until it disappears up and underneath your dress, make it look like there is still much leg space available. It also helps that the pantyhose is able to give your legs a form-fitting hug that also makes look long and slender.

Slender Ankles 

Speaking of slender, Cuban heels can also give you the subtle sexiness that slender ankles can bring out. Hosiery pieces like thigh highs are known for being chic and seductive. Adding in a Cuban heel that low-key highlights your ankles and makes them look slender completes the soft and sexy look you are aiming for.

Mysterious Beauty

Cuban heels often come in black-colored stockings, tights, and thigh highs, but black is not the only sexy color around. Preferring nude colors will not exempt you from enjoying the magic of the Cuban heel style. It offers an even subtler touch compared to black hosiery but the back seams are noticeable enough to give a mysterious effect, especially with the added sheen just like this nude back seam tights.

Cuban heels teach us not to ignore the little details because they are what makes us stand out. If you think you are ready to change the game, you can find Cuban heel styles at

4 Ways to Style Your Leggings

The Ins and Outs of Color Blocking

One of the biggest requests in the fashion world is learning how to style your leggings the right way. If you have been afraid to pull out your favorite leggings out of fear that you aren’t wearing or styling them the right way, then you have definitely stumbled upon the right place.

Today we will talk about 4 ways to style your leggings to give you back that power and confidence you should have when it comes to your wardrobe.

1. The Look of Denim

Denim is a classic look that is still being embraced today. If you are a lover of all things denim, then pull out those leggings and make a pair to remember. You can pair black leggings with a colorful t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers. Or you can dress up the look by pairing black leggings with a tunic and a darker wash denim jacket with your favorite heels or wedges.

2. Pull Out the Leather

A bit more daring? Then pull out your favorite leather leggings and pair them with an oversized sweater for comfort and style. Accessorize to dress up this look with a long necklace and your favorite pair of heels. A long, silky top or another shirt that is long enough to work as a dress are also great choices for this look.

3. How To Be More Versatile

Leggings are a great wardrobe staple because of their versatility. So, learn how to wear that one pair of leggings in multiple ways to stretch your wardrobe even further. A flared dress, belt, leggings, and wedged heels is a dressy way to rock those leggings.

A blazer, fitted dress, leggings, and pumps make a great casual work outfit. And a fitted skirt, oversized sweater, leggings, and ankle boots make for the best autumn/winter attire for everyday wear and comfort.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

Have a bold pair of leggings like sequined gold or a reptile skin pattern? If you want something bold, sparkly, shiny, or fun for a night out, pair your leggings with a sleeveless top and a more conservative jacket, and you are sure to stand out.

As you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to styling your leggings. With various colors, styles, and patterns in your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. 

Visit today to find your next perfect pair of leggings. 

Stay Warm And Cozy This Season With These Winter Must-Haves

Winter is almost here, and that means sweaters, coats, and hats. Unfortunately, a lot of popular wardrobe pieces such as summer dresses and shorts do not provide any warmth. That is why many of us feel that we have to choose comfort over style during the colder months.

However, before you put away your summer clothes, check out the warm weather options at Many of our pieces can be paired with your summer favorites to create an appropriate winter look. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Layer With Winter Leggings

Winter leggings like the 3D Winter Leggings and the FleeceLined Leather Leggings are specifically designed to keep you warm. They are made with thicker materials that wick moisture and provide insulation. These staples are great for any winter wardrobe because they can be worn alone like any of your favorite leggings but are slim enough to be worn under a pair of pants.

Change Out Your Tights

Tights are always a winter must-have. However, not all of them are comfortable to wear during winter. In fact, even some dark opaque tights are lightweight and do not provide much warmth. However, there are tights meant to withstand even the coldest winter weather. The Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights and the Belissima Everest 100 Winter Tights are wind- and cold-resistant. They can be worn under your favorite dress, skirt, or pair of shorts, or they can go under a pair of slacks for added protection against low temperatures.

Wear Your Summer Tights

Before you put away your favorite tights for the summer, consider wearing them instead with a pair of cozy leg warmers. Leg warmers like the Cazzola Gaetano 25698 Fall Fashion Leg Warmer and the Koto Leg Warmer add much-needed warmth. They look fantastic layered over boots or even jeans. They can transform any of your favorite tights into winter tights, and they will help you stay stylish all season long.

These are only a few of the options we offer at to help keep you warm in the winter. The best part is that all of them are flexible and can help enhance your existing wardrobe. So before packing up your spring and summer clothes for the season, check out our selection and find pieces that will make those comfortable no matter the weather outside.

What Makes European Hosiery So High-Quality?

What Makes European Hosiery So High-Quality?

When you are shopping for hosiery, you will quickly learn that there is a broad range of quality out there. There are inexpensive hosiery products you can buy at the drugstore for pennies. Those are fine for one or two wears, but they quickly tear, stretch, and rip. Because of their low quality, you have to buy more pairs of pantyhose, which ultimately ends up costing more over time.

On the other hand, there is high-quality European hosiery. European hosiery has a global reputation for being the best-quality hosiery on the market. Read on to find out why.

Fiber Quality

Fibers are the threads that make up any garment, including hosiery. These threads can be made with a number of natural materials such as cotton, wool, and silk as well as synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and rayon. Fiber quality is determined by:

  • Length and length uniformity
  • Strength and micronaire
  • Color and leaf grade

The quality of the fiber has a direct impact on both the strength and durability of the material and the comfort and softness the person using it feels. High-quality fibers are strong, resistant to fading, and soft to the touch. European hosiery is made with extremely high-quality fibers, which means that European hosiery is longer-lasting and more comfortable for the wearer.

Strong Stitching

Another factor impacting the quality of any garment is the stitching. There are a variety of signs of poor-quality stitching that are easy to identify, including the following:

  • Unraveling, snagging, and loose stitches
  • Missed stitches and crooked stitch lines
  • Mismatched stitching threads
  • Holes around the thread

Poor stitching makes a garment fall apart in the wash and eventually leads to holes and tears. European hosiery uses stitching techniques that have been developed over centuries. These stitching techniques hold the garment together for a lifetime, so you do not have to worry about buying multiple pairs.

Pattern Design

Finally, what makes European hosiery so high-quality is the patterns. Patterning is an art form that requires dedication and skill. The right pattern for hosiery provides flexibility for all body styles but also fits like a glove. A good pattern fits comfortably at the waist and smoothens your waistline. It provides both room and support in the hips and the back. Finally, it skims the legs, providing a smooth line and a lot of comfort. Hosiery made with a good pattern never loses its shape and is flattering on the wearer.

Those factors greatly affect the quality of hosiery. If you would like to see the difference for yourself, check out our vast selection of European hosiery at Once you experience the difference in European quality, we know you will never go back to drugstore options again!

Stunning Hosiery Looks For Your Next Date Night

Stunning Hosiery Looks For Your Next Date Night

Hosiery is not just a functional accessory that makes all your outfits shine—it is also a very attractive thing to wear. If you have an upcoming date night and want to add more allure to your ensemble, one way to make the night special is to dress up with a beautiful pair of hosiery. Here are some of our top pieces that will surely leave a lasting impression on your date:

1. Burlesque Fishnet Stockings

If you are going for a classic vintage look, fishnets are an excellent choice for date night. These Burlesque Fishnet Stockings have an added lace detail on the band. Perfect to pair with your favorite garter belt, these can be dressed up with any of your favorite vintage lingerie looks.

2. Incontra Fashion Suspender Stockings

Do you prefer the look of stockings with a garter belt but do not want to invest in multiple pieces? If so, suspender stockings are ideal for you. They go on just like a pair of standard pantyhose, but they have a built-in suspender that recreates the look of stockings with garter belts. This pair features a gorgeous red embroidered corset bow to add a little something extra to your look.

3. 211 Open Crotch Tights With Back Seam

Another great stocking alternative is open crotch tights. This pair has both the back panel and the center panel removed. It showcases your lingerie but gives you the support and comfort of a pair of pantyhose. We love this pair because it comes in a range of gorgeous colors including black, red, and nude with a black seam. With that, you can easily find the perfect match for your lingerie.

4. Oh La La Cheri 3129 Raquel Garter Belt

No pair of stockings is complete without the perfect garter belt to match. The Oh La La Cheri garter belt comes in white and black with a touch of lace to achieve any look. Comfortable enough to wear all day but easy enough to put on and take off, this is the perfect simple garter belt to complete your lingerie collection.

5. Desiree 15 Stay-Up Stockings With Floral Lace

One more option for date night is to skip the garter belt and go for stay-up stockings. Stay-up stockings have a built-in feature that keeps them in place while you wear them. These silky soft thigh-high stockings have a beautiful lace detail at the top. They come in a range of beautiful natural colors and provide an irresistible look.

No matter which look you end up choosing, we are sure your date will be in awe of you. For more date night options, check out our whole collection of stockings. Not only do we have all the styles you need, but all the options at are also made with the finest European materials. The end results will both impress and last a lifetime.