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Knee-Highs And Fall Skirts

Knee-Highs And Fall SkirtsKnee-highs have a particularly classic cute appeal that works really well with so many different looks, but for this season, we at want to focus on how this type of hosiery can really enhance the style of your fall skirts! Skater style skirts with a higher waist and shorter hemline are huge for this fall, and when paired with a cozy cardigan and knee-high tights, you’re taking this trend and turning it into a classic look that can never steer you wrong! Continue reading Knee-Highs And Fall Skirts

Embracing The Elegance Of Fishnets

Embracing The Elegance Of FishnetsLike thigh highs, fishnets can be a little intimidating in terms of hosiery. However, we at want to make you feel confident and sexy in your fishnets, and all it takes are a few tips on just how to wear them right. While fishnets are the perfect option for bedroom wear, you can also wear them on a girls’ night out, or even in the office, and all it takes is getting to know your fishnets and how to make them the most elegant.

First, when wearing fishnets out and about, you’ll need to look at your hemline first. Wearing fishnets with an ultra short skirt may be a great look for a party or to make up a costume, but it might not be your best pick when it comes to going out for a nice dinner. If you plan to incorporate your fishnets into your outfit, wear a skirt with a hemline that graces the knee or lays just under, more towards the shin, and you’ll find that your look remains completely classic and totally classy.

When wearing fishnets, you’ll also want to consider your shoes. With open toed shoes, the fishnets will tend to look a little messy, which is why we recommend wearing your fishnet stockings with a closed toe option. Closed toe shoes with a little bit of a retro appeal are always a big “yes” when it comes to fishnets, particularly when they’re paired with a pencil type skirt!

You can also incorporate fishnets into your office attire if they’re worn as a hosiery option under pants. With fishnets as an under-pants stocking option, you can give yourself that little hint of sex appeal while still looking completely professional.

At, we have a plethora of different fishnet options to choose from, and we find that this becomes a favorite amongst many women after they grow confident with their fishnet looks. To see just what fishnets we may have for you, pay us a visit at today!

Fishnets Are All The Rave

No longer taboo, today fishnet stockings are all the rave. Fishnet hosiery has evolved into a sexy fashion statement and an acceptable mainstream fashion trend.

You can find a great selection of conservative fine lace and seamless stockings for work and casual every day wear like the Carmen Small Fishnet tight, or you can get bold and take it to an exciting level of feminine allure. Wear something with enticing seams and more exotic netting and fancy eye-catching designs like the Exotic Fashion tights.

Without compromising quality or variety, fishnet hosiery is usually made with a blend of nylon and Lycra, lace, high quality yarns and comes in an array of textures and patterns. These materials along with micro-net and even micro-tulle provide comfortable, durable and well fitted hosiery to dress up your legs. And if you like to shine, choose a pair that has Lurex or metallic yarn interwoven and your legs will definitely sparkle. These tights are usually available in black and white, various flesh tones and in neutral shades. One may also find some red and pink colors available.

The bride will entice her husband with the Simona Tulle Stay Up Stockings version, featuring a fancy lace top covered in flowers, while her wedding party will captivate the guests with delicate soft lace patterns. Fishnet hosiery on anyone is sure to command a show-stopping second look. Large diamond-net patterns, thigh highs, button or sequin-lined seams enhance that basic black party outfit.

The fishnet pantyhose wearer will also be pleasantly surprised to find that she can slip her legs into a warm, thick cashmere blend stocking that offers soft luxurious comfort in the colder seasons. She can go a step further and get herself a lovely pair of fishnet socks, leggings or Capri’s and she’ll have all her bases covered. With a gusset lined in most styles, the panty-free woman can be comfortable and confident wherever she goes. Find the pair that suits your fancy whether for the dance, to enhance a costume or a fantasy setting at Hoseiree.

Some say the shoes or the handbag complete the outfit. This may be true. But when you accessorize your legs with a gorgeous pair of fishnet tights, your legs won’t just do the walking, they will do the talking.