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How to Wear Black Opaque Tights the Right Way

If you love all things fashion, you probably already have a pair or two of opaque black tights in your wardrobe. They are a versatile, classic, and sleek staple every woman should have available because they pair nicely with various outfits for work and play.

However, since black opaque tights are so versatile, you might sometimes find it difficult to style them the right way. Here are our expert tips on how to wear black opaque tights the right way. 

1. Pair Black Opaque Tights With Any Ensemble

Yes, you read that right. You can pair your new black opaque tights with virtually any ensemble. They work well for a feminine and sophisticated look but are versatile enough to pull off a colorful, fun, and vibrant look as well. 

2. Create a Bold Outfit

If you have a bold dress with a vibrant print or a favorite blouse that is brightly colored, your opaque black tights will pair perfectly. Black also makes you appear longer and leaner, which is always a plus! 

When pairing the black tights with a bold and vibrant print, you dial up the subtlety of the basic tights without going overboard. This look can be sophisticated, fun, and striking and works in even more conservative settings like the workplace.

3. Tone Down an Outfit

Black opaque tights can also achieve the opposite. If you have a bold outfit or statement shoe you want to dress down a bit, then black opaque tights are a great option. They keep the overall look from being too messy or busy. 

4. Wear Under Ripped Jeans

If you have a favorite pair of ripped jeans but avoid wearing them during winter because you will get too cold, consider wearing your tights underneath the jeans. Tights make a great and way more stylish alternative to long underwear during the winter, and you can continue to showcase your grunge and alternative aesthetic year-round.

5. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Black opaque tights are great when you are in a rush to create the perfect ensemble for the day. Grab your tights, a red blouse, and gold jewelry for an ensemble sure to turn heads. It is a great look for a casual day out, the office, a night out, or a more formal affair. 

As you can see, there are many ways you can use black opaque tights in your wardrobe. Ready to stock up? Visit us at and browse our high-quality selection of hosiery to update or upgrade your wardrobe for every season. 

How to Dress for Success from Head to Foot

How to Dress for Success from Head to Foot

What does it mean when someone tells us to dress for success? Are they talking about a specific outfit that can skyrocket your career, or are they telling us that we must wear certain brand names? Here is our answer to how to dress for success from head to toe. 

Don’t Forego Your Personal Style

Dressing for success doesn’t mean you have to sideline your personal style. When you look at outfits of professional women, you may find a common thread—they all look very similar with a few tweaks here and there. 

Instead of dressing like someone else, embrace your own style, find a new way to wear things, and be yourself—whether it’s fashion socks or opaque tights paired with your favorite skirt and blouse or more interesting prints you can find when choosing high-quality fashion tights. Go bold and be yourself. 

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

You also don’t have to be uncomfortable with what you are wearing either. If you are uncomfortable with what you have on, it certainly shows. It is hard to hide. You might start fidgeting, and the discomfort is plastered across your face. You will not be relaxed and instead will appear more rigid. 

When dressing for success from head to foot, ensure everything you wear is comfortable. You might want to wear heels to give yourself some height, but it isn’t worth the pain and blisters. 

Showcase Your Confidence

When dressing for success, make sure to highlight your confidence. Pair your attitude with the perfect ensemble and hosiery online. Wear what you feel your absolute best in. When you do this, you will also find that you feel your best, and it will show. 

There is no one specific way to dress for success. Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in and feel confident wearing while being professional. 

Other Tips When Dressing for Success

Make sure your outfit is clean, pressed, and well-fitted when dressing for work. When choosing your accessories, go ahead and show your personal style but make sure the pieces you choose complement your clothing rather than distract from it. 

Finally, pay close attention to detail because it may be the little things that put you over the top. The first step in dressing for success from head to toe is finding the right hosiery online to base your look on. Visit us at for the latest in hosiery trends and styles that are sure to impress.

Large Thighs? No Problem Finding Hosiery for Your Body Type

Large Thighs? No Problem  Finding Hosiery for Your Body Type

You want to choose the hosiery that fits you best. To do this, it is important to understand your body type. We have tips for large thighs, taller women, and more. 

Best Hosiery for Taller People

When you wear too short tights, they can become uncomfortable very quickly and can tear and result in distorted fibers because you have to constantly pull them back up into place. Instead, you want to choose hosiery that showcases your long legs. 

Support tights with strong graduated compression like Elly Dream Tights are semi-opaque tights that give you an elegant look without them falling. The Platino Cleancut 40 Adaptable Waistband pantyhose should also be in your wardrobe. They go with almost any outfit and run a bit tall, making them the perfect option for taller people. 

Best Hosiery for Large Thighs

If your hosiery is too tight around the thighs, it can start to dig into the skin, which can be really uncomfortable. Additionally, they can also start to tear. Hold-ups and stockings aren’t always the best choice for larger thighs because they often roll down the leg, which makes it so important to find the best fit for your body type.

When looking for the best hosiery, find the color and style that flatters you the most, like thigh high tights with a silicon band border that helps keep them in place.  

Opaque tights are a simple and basic option that goes well with almost any outfit and comes in various sizes. Back seam tights are another great option because they often have a subtle yet flirty design and take black tights to the next level. Finally, suspender tights are a good option and work well for women with curves. 

Best Hosiery for Tummies

If you have thinner legs and a bigger tummy, you may find it difficult to find the right hosiery fit for your body type. If you carry more weight in your stomach, choose hosiery that has a deep waistband and flat or no seams. This helps eliminate discomfort from the hosiery cutting into the skin and creates a smoother silhouette.

Luisa Maria Lugli Boxer Modeling Tights have a deep waistband that ensures a nice fit while creating your ideal silhouette. 

Need more options for other body types? Check out the high-quality selection of European products we have available on 

Common Problems With Tights and Our Expert Solutions

Common Problems With Tights and Our Expert Solutions

We have all been there. We have scoured the stores and internet on the hunt for the perfect pair of tights. We have heard some of the issues that may arise, ultimately setting us on this feat. To help with your search, we have compiled a list of some of the most common problems with tights and offer our expert solutions, so you can find the right type and fit. 

Rolling Waistband

If you struggle because the waistband of your tights just won’t stay up, and you constantly find yourself pulling them up throughout the day, then you are probably dying for a solution. One of the biggest reasons this could be happening is because you simply don’t have the right fit. Sizing charts are good for estimating but don’t always consider your shape. 

Our Solution: If you find that you are in between sizes and have the rolling waistband issue, consider sizing one size up when purchasing new tights. You can also find a pair of tights designed with a deep waistband. They offer a great fit and give you the ideal silhouette while staying in place. 

Snags and Tears

If you find yourself battling constant snags, tears, and runs, even when you are putting on a new pair of tights, the problem might be that you need something thicker and more durable. It also helps to remove any jewelry you have on before putting your tights on to lessen the risk of snags and tears. 

Our Solution: Find a thicker pair of tights that are more durable than a sheer pair. They can handle more wear and tear than sheer options and can minimize the risk of a run halfway through your workday. Cotton tights are a great option and are cozy and highly fashionable. 

Cold Legs

As we approach winter, we will see a temperature drop, which will cause many of us to reach for our tights that will soon become a winter staple in our wardrobe. Some women wear tights when it is too cold to go bare while wearing a dress or a skirt. However, thinner tights are not going to keep you warm.

Our Solution: Fleece-lined tights or those with a thicker denier will be best for colder temperatures. They provide the added warmth you need and are also becoming a popular choice because they add style to any outfit. 

Ready to overcome some of your more common problems with tights? Visit us at to shop our selection of high-quality European hosiery. 

Legwear Trend Forecast for the Fall and Winter: What to Expect

With Fall and Winter just around the corner, it is time to take a look at the legwear trend forecast to see what we can expect in the upcoming seasons.

Graphic Accents

The first trend is graphic accents. Fun designs and accents can add playfulness to any outfit and can showcase our unique personalities. Designs can also add more energy and go far beyond functionality. It also teeters on fitness, fashion, and athleisure.

Metallic Shine

Shimmer is also in this year. If you want to make a statement and use your style to stand out, you can do just that with some metallic shine. Metallic shine tights are fun and sexy while also being elegant and stylish. They give you a smoother look and extra comfort. 

Floral Prints

A trend that is continuing from the year before is floral prints. Flower designs and colors can give you more vibrancy, life, and joy. You can choose from classic floral designs in black or go for something more contemporary with a geometric floral design. 


Plaid is also in this season. Plaid is timeless and rugged but still feminine and stylish. It is a time-honored pattern that will dress up any outfit you have this fall and winter. Choose plaids in different patterns and play around with different clothing combinations to create a fun and mismatched look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints have been around for a while and show no signs of going away. We have seen many animal print hosiery and clothing items on the runway and have taken those looks and recreated them to use in our everyday wardrobe. These prints can be bold and will certainly attract some attention. 

Knee Socks

Knee high socks are good for casual and everyday wear and are a trend we love seeing stick around. Knee highs can dress up any outfit and give you more of a stylish edge. Some can even add some retro flair to your style. They are versatile as well and go great with shorts, dresses, heels, boots, and anything casual or dressy you want to wear during the fall and winter months. 

Polka Dots

Polka dot hosiery is another trend we see evolving. It is the look that keeps on giving and goes with almost everything. The best part? They also suit most leg types. Let your legs do all the talking when wearing polka dots or other patterned tights or hosiery. Polka dots work best with a muted color palette. 

Ready to see what other hosiery items you can add to your wardrobe this season? Check out our huge selection at

Perfect Party Hosiery: What to Look For

Perfect Party Hosiery: What to Look For

When we go out, we want to look our best. To do that, we need to find the perfect party hosiery that doesn’t leave us with bumps and lumps under our gorgeous party clothes. Here are our tips on how to find the right shapewear for your body.

Seamless Tights 

If you want tights without the visible seams, then seamless tights are a definite must-have. They are knitted in one piece with a continuous operation, so there is no seam on the back. They provide an excellent fit that smooths you out in the right places, so you can avoid those lumps or bumps when putting on your favorite party dress. 


Whether you are looking for sheer or ultra-sheer pantyhose, we have you covered. Most of our pantyhose are 40 denier and less. This means they are sheer and lightweight, and comfortable to wear. 

The right pantyhose under your party clothes can help reduce friction on your legs, prevent chafing, and stop blistering. Hosiery like this has proven time and again to be functional and fashionable and can give you the illusion of long and sleek legs while hiding any imperfections you don’t want on full display. 

Thigh Highs

Thigh highs, also known as stay-up stockings, can be both sexy and comfortable. Thigh highs can add dimension to your look and stay in place with an elastic or silicone band at the top. Thigh highs stay above your mid-thigh.


Yes, stockings are definitely back in style. You can find classic stockings that will go with almost anything, or you can choose something more stylish and daring. Stockings are held with a suspender belt and made with different materials, including nylon and silk. You can also choose from sheer or opaque stockings. 

Choosing the Right Hosiery

When choosing hosiery, you should consider the color. Skin tones and nude are good options, as long as you pay attention to your personal skin tone. If you have fair skin, you want to avoid anything darker or tanned because it will stand out against your complexion. 

When choosing colors or designs to make more of a statement, be mindful of the shoes you will be wearing. Opaque tights usually work best with darker-colored shoes, for example.

When it comes to sizing, be sure to take your measurements so you can find the best fit. Remember, sizing differs by brand and doesn’t align with your clothes size in most cases. Always look for a size chart to help determine the best size for your body.

Once you have your measurements and are ready to shop, visit us at and browse our catalog of the best hosiery items to add to your wardrobe.

Upping Your Sleepwear Game:  Reclaiming the Night 

Upping Your Sleepwear Game:  Reclaiming the Night

Sleepwear doesn’t have to be oversized shirts or flannels. You can still feel feminine and sexy when climbing into bed for a good night’s sleep. Let’s discuss upping your sleepwear game so you can reclaim the night.

Making Nightwear More Exciting

Forget the drab and boring—make your nightwear more exciting. Find a sleepwear set that is filled with beauty as well as luxury. One that is comfortable to wear and something you look forward to slipping into each night. Forget the oversized t-shirts and jogging pants you may be used to. 

Health Benefits of the Right Sleepwear

Did you know that wearing binding clothing at night can actually inhibit melatonin production? Melatonin is responsible for regulating sleep cycles. When your body’s circadian rhythm is off or out of balance, it can affect your sleep quality. 

What Not to Wear to Bed

When going to bed at night, there are certain things you should ditch before slipping under the covers. Your bra is one of them. 

Wearing a bra to bed leaves you susceptible to future health issues due to how constricting it can be. This is especially true if the bra is ill-fitting and too tight. Wearing a bra to bed can also cause indentations to your skin, welts, and irritation. Above all, you may not be as comfortable as you could be, hindering a good night’s rest. 

Finding the Right Fabric

When finding your perfect sleepwear, you also want to find the right fabric. Make sure it aligns with your personality. Some fabrics are more sultry and sexy, while others may be more comfortable against the skin.

Lightweight pajamas with translucent lace and soft viscose fabric are a great choice. It drapes well, absorbs perspiration as you sleep, and wicks the moisture away from your skin. 

Finding the Right Fit

Finally, when it comes to sleepwear, the other important factor is going to be the fit. The looser they are, the more easily your body can move as you sleep. When sleepwear is too tight, it quickly becomes uncomfortable and can cause you to wake up several times during the night. 

The sleepwear at is made with the right fabric and will prove to be the perfect fit. Our sleepwear sets are comfortable, lightweight, and romantic. It will feel amazing against your skin and ensure you get the best night’s sleep of your life.

The Most Underrated Legwear and How to Use It

The Most Underrated Legwear and How to Use It

When you come across the word “support” on hosiery websites, your first thought may be support tights. It is a common legwear product that women purchase and is a staple for many wardrobes. However, they are also one of the more underrated legwear types.

Support Hold Ups for Summer

Support hold-ups typically only reach the thigh, making them ideal for summer wear. They are also good for people looking for more compression and support without wearing too many layers during the warmer weather. 

Covers What Needs to be Covered

Support hold-ups also allow for the amount of coverage you want. Support legwear often concentrates more on the ankles and provides less support on the calves. Remember, the lower down you go, the more support this legwear offers. 

Hold-ups are great for your legs and circulation. It is also better than wearing full-length tights, and you don’t have to sacrifice any of the support the hold-ups offer.

More Stylish

We may need to be more practical at times about our fashion, but that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice style. Hold-ups and tights are feminine, stylish, and practical. Some are made with fine, delicate, and transparent LYCRA with a lace top. 

You get support from your legwear and can also find stylish and fashionable hold-ups with a beautiful design. Whenever you put them on, you will feel like you are going to fabulous places, even if it is just a quick trip to the office. 

More Versatile

As you can see, support hold-ups are a versatile kind of legwear that combines practicality with beauty and elegance. They can be slipped on without a suspender belt and support you where you need it most. 

Most hold-ups come equipped with a band connected to silicone stripping, which holds them securely in place. Simply pull them on and up, and you are ready to go. 

If you want more style, hold-ups are available with a floral and feminine design. This can add a bit of elegance to your outfit without overdoing it. They are light and sheen stockings with non-slip lace hold-ups you can wear on any occasion. 

Ready to find your new hold-ups? Browse through the selection we have to offer at You won’t be disappointed in the selection. 

How to Wear Black Pantyhose

How to Wear Black Pantyhose

Do you have a few pairs of black pantyhose but are you unsure how to style them? We are here with a few great ways to wear your black pantyhose happily and confidently, no matter the season or occasion.

Plaid Skirt and High Heels

Sheer black pantyhose pairs well with a plaid skirt and high heels. You can create both style and character with this mix and match combo. While being fashionable, it is also a more professional look as well, making it perfect for any office setting.

Pencil Skirt and Boots

A pencil skirt paired with thigh-high boots and black pantyhose is another go-to for the office or any casual occasion. This ensemble is especially good for fall or winter when it is a bit colder and you want to add warmth to your wardrobe with something more subtle.

Black Dress and Boots

A black dress, boots, and black pantyhose happen to be a classic pairing that won’t go out of style. For this look, add some fun accessories to bring the look together, add a pop of color, and highlight your style and personality. 

T-Shirt and Denim

Looking for something more casual for a dinner out with some friends or to run errands around town? A t-shirt paired with your favorite denim, black pantyhose, and high-heel booties is a great look. 

A-Line Skirt

Black pantyhose does mesh well with a variety of skirt options but is a big winner when it comes to an a-line skirt. This can create both a casual and professional look.

Printed Dress and Blazer

Ready for some monochromatic styling? Try a high-quality pair of black pantyhose with a black and white patterned dress and a black blazer with your favorite high-heeled shoes. Instead of the dress, you could also try out any printed skirt option, and you can still maintain more of a sophisticated vibe.

Converse Sneakers

For something casual, pair your black pantyhose with some Converse sneakers for an easy and effortless everyday look. 

Black pantyhose really are versatile and make a good addition to any wardrobe for any season. They are a staple we all should have because they can be paired with so many things to achieve endless looks. 

To get your next pair of black pantyhose, stop by today to browse our selection of online hosiery.

Rules for Wearing Hosiery and How to Break Those Rules

Rules for Wearing Hosiery and How to Break Those Rules

Ready to break some rules? Here is what we know about wearing hosiery and what we also need to know about breaking the rules and finding our style.

Don’t Wear Tights With Trainers

This has been said so often over the years that it might be hard for you to think otherwise. However, if you take some time to skim through Instagram influencers, you will quickly see that this is no longer the case. 

Just like you can now wear a fun dress with colored tights and open-toed shoes, you can also pair your tights with trainers.

Picture this. Black tights or fashion-forward fishnets paired with clunky white trainers and an adorable short skirt. Do you love street style? This embodies the street style movement, and we are here for it. 

Stockings Are for the Bedroom

Come on now. We all know that this isn’t true. Stockings can be worn instead of tights and can be added to your everyday legwear collection. Stockings and suspenders are no longer a special occasion ensemble worn in the bedroom. 

Black Opaque Is the Only Way to Go

Yes, black opaque is certainly a go-to and a staple in our wardrobe, but it is not the only way to go. With so many options these days, we can choose from a selection of colors, patterns, or textures to dress up or update any outfit for any season or occasion. 

Patterned Tights Only Pair Well With Plain Outfits

While minimalism may be the in thing when it comes to home design these days, we aren’t following that same trend in the world of fashion. Don’t be afraid to get creative and play around by mixing different colors and patterns. 

You don’t have to stick to a plain outfit when wearing patterned tights. Pattern clash and mix and match are where it’s at in fashion.

Tights Are for Cold Weather

We all have that favorite pair of tights we pull out when the weather gets cooler, but this doesn’t have to be the only time for them. Every season can be tight season. Wear a lower denier when it is warmer outside. 

Ready to pick up a few new pairs of tights or stockings to add to your wardrobe? We have a great selection at Don’t be afraid to break all the rules and find a style you love.