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Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

Five Hosiery Essentials To Build A Stylish Fall Wardrobe

With Fall almost here, it’s time to trade out our shorts and tank tops for our warmer season looks. Cozy sweaters, light jackets, and scarves build a great Fall wardrobe, but what really sets off a look is a great pair of tights. Here are five hosiery essentials to grab to build the perfect fall wardrobe:

1. Black Opaque Tights

Black opaque tights are a must-have for Fall fashion. Not only do they keep you warm, they can help you transition some of your summer looks into the Fall season like your favorite skirts and dresses. Opt for a pair with 70 denier or higher for a truly opaque look like the Cortina 100 – 3D Opaque Tights. Make sure to grab a couple different pairs as they are such an important piece for stylish Fall looks.

2. Cozy Wool Tights

Cozy wool tights are perfect to wear when hitting the pumpkin patch or enjoying apple cider by a campfire. They are incredibly warm but still breathable and feel luxurious against your skin. The Carbonara Merino Wool Tights are a great option. They come in a variety of fall-friendly colors like navy, maroon, and warm browns. With a matte finish, they’ll match any comfy outfit.

3. A Bold Pop Of Color

If you really want to elevate your fall looks, a colorful opaque pair of tights can really make an eye-catching outfit. Pairing colored tights is easy. You can wear them with a simple black or grey dress, create a sophisticated monochromatic look, or match them with complementary colors or patterns. The Microfiber Sophie 70 Opaque Tights come in a beautiful variety of Fall fashion colors so you can find the perfect match for your wardrobe.

4. Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are perfect for Fall looks. They break up the layers of clothing with an added bit of interest and look gorgeous with your favorite pair of boots. For the perfect pair for your fall looks check out the Girardi Mood Fashion Tights or the Setia Fashion Tights With Over Knee Effect

5. Fun Tights For Halloween

Fall isn’t complete without everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. Make sure you grab a fun pair of tights to wear to wear to haunted houses, hayrack rides, and even office holiday parties. We love the Cat Tights by Pretty Polly and the Cracow Opaque Tights to transform any outfit into a holiday look. We also have a wide variety of fishnets to complete any Halloween costume.

Adding these five tights to your Fall wardrobe will ensure you always have the perfect outfit to wear. Fall tights do not go out of style, so make sure you invest in European quality tights that will last a lifetime. only stocks the most durable, high quality tights to make sure that you get the most out of your fashion investment.

The 5 Dos When Shopping For Lingerie

The 5 Dos When Shopping For Lingerie

Choosing lingerie can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. It’s a whole new world of undergarments, which can be a bit terrifying. Don’t worry, though. Lingerie will make you feel sexy and more comfortable in your own skin as long as you know how to choose the right one. Here are some dos to keep in mind: 

1. Get The Right Fit

To do this, you need to get your measurements done by an expert. When you walk into a lingerie store, have your measurements taken there. Nothing is worse than poor-fitting lingerie, especially if you will wear it for some intimacy in the bedroom with your beau. 

2. Invest Slowly

If you’re new to the world of lingerie, take it easy. You don’t have to buy everything you see at the store. Instead, gradually invest in the pieces you like until you build a wardrobe. It’s best to start with a beautiful set. On the other hand, if you are already a long-time lingerie lover, then go for options that have a wow factor. Keep in mind that you don’t need to break the bank for this! All you need to do is to be on the lookout for great styles and sales. 

3. Always Go For High-Quality Fabrics

There are so many fabrics to choose from when it comes to lingerie. Make sure you opt for high-quality materials that will last for a long time. Poor-quality fabrics are pretty obvious, and you don’t want to look tacky when you take off your clothes and reveal what’s underneath, right? Go for high-quality fabrics because they can make a lot of difference.

4. Hand-Wash It

As much as it’s tempting to throw your lingerie into the washing machine, don’t. Your lingerie is delicate, which means it should be hand-washed instead. The good thing about hand-washing is that it’s not as tedious as it seems. Get a basin, fill it with lukewarm water, and add delicate lingerie wash before swishing your pieces around in the water, rinsing them, and squeezing out the excess water. Dry them out by laying them flat on a surface. 

5. Explore Your Options

There are so many styles of lingerie to choose from. In fact, here at, we encourage women to explore various styles. We know that some of you have a specific one in mind that you’ve stuck with for quite some time. Why don’t you play around a bit and start experimenting with other styles? You never know how it’s going to look on you and how it can make you feel. This is an especially good idea if you’re looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. 

Those are the five dos you need to keep in mind when buying lingerie. If you haven’t tried shopping for it yet, it’s about time that you do. A piece of lingerie will make you feel sexier, more confident, and even more beautiful. Additionally, they can help heat things up in the bedroom with your partner. 

The Dos and Don’ts Of Putting Your Tights On

So you’ve bought a new pair of tights and you’re excited to put them on. Allow us to stop you there for a minute.

Even if you have the best European-made hosiery like the ones we offer at, you still need to be more careful in handling them, especially if you’ve gone for tights with a lower denier like the Angel 15 Seamless Tights. The lower the denier, the more delicate the fabric will be.

If you want your tights to last longer, you need to take care of them properly. Here are the dos and don’ts to remember when you’re putting on your tights:


  • Make sure your tights are the right size. Before even putting them on, make sure that the size you purchased will fit you properly. has size charts for every pair of hose so you can pick the one that’s right for you.
  • Prevent snags on fingernails. Make sure your fingers are trimmed. You can even go further by using hand lotion to ensure that your fingers will not snag your legwear. The last thing you want to do is to accidentally rip your tights.
  • Treat your feet right. Good hosiery care starts with good foot care. Since your feet will come in contact with the material, make sure your toenails are not long or sharp by trimming them. Just like with your fingers, use a good-quality body lotion to make your feet soft. This will help avoid premature laddering.
  • Handle your tights with love. We know you’re excited about the newest addition to your wardrobe, but please take great care of your tights when you’re pulling them out of the packet. Be extra careful so those new tights of yours will last longer.


  • Stop tugging. When removing the product from its package, remember to do so gently. Gather your tights from the top to the toe carefully. Don’t pull on the fabric too hard as the material might break and you might end up with runs and tears on your tights before even having the chance to wear them.
  • Do not ever rush. Whatever you do, do not rush putting on any kind of hosiery. We know you’re busy and you probably have a lot of things to attend to, but it’s important to take some time in putting on your tights. Smooth the fabric up to your leg as you go. Here’s a guide on how to do this the right way:
    • Pull the first leg up to the knee and then the second leg.
    • After doing so, work on each leg alternatively until you get to your panty.
    • Pull your tights up gently over your buttocks and stomach.
    • Leave enough room in the toe area.

We all know that hosiery doesn’t last forever, but we can try to preserve it to get the most out of them. You can only do this by taking good care of them. Care for your tights and other hosiery items as if you’re caring for your skin. You’ll be glad you did.

Summer 2020 Tights Looks For Every Closet

Summer 2020 Tights Looks For Every Closet

The unofficial start of summer is finally here, and with it we have summer wardrobes, short hemlines, and bright, sunny days. While choosing your bathing suit and your sundresses, you should also be looking for the hosiery you’re going to wear all throughout the summer season. While hosiery is a well-known staple for the fall, winter, and spring months, they’re just as important during the summer months as well!

Hosiery does a lot more than bring warmth—they also bring elegance and style to any outfit. During the summer months, you can remain cool and comfortable by choosing sheer hosiery, which is breathable even on the hottest of summer days. The summer 2020 tights looks you’ll need to grace your closet with this year are the following:

  • Classic sheerEvery woman’s wardrobe should have at least 1 pair of gorgeous, sheer hose in a classic nude shade. A pair of 8 den hose will polish your ensemble in an instant, and it will be the hosiery piece you’ll reach for in order to look your best at every single summertime event. You can wear them at a wedding, in the office, and for a fun night out.
  • Fishnets – Fishnets came surging back into popularity during 2019, and they’re showing absolutely no signs of slowing. For summer, large open fishnets can give any outfit an edgy look while never adding any sort of discomfort or unwanted warmth.
  • Thigh highs – One of the biggest complaints many have regarding summer hosiery is the fear of heat. It’s hot during those dog days of summer, and the last thing you want is to feel constricted or overly warm. Thigh highs ensure complete breathability during the summer months as they only cover the leg up to the thigh. The Eluxa Toeless Thigh High Stockings by Fiore is a 20 den stocking with a toeless structure that’s perfect for open-toed summer footwear. is here whenever you feel the need to restock your summer hosiery wardrobe. From toeless thigh highs to those fishnets you’ve always wanted to wear, we have just what you’re looking for. To find your next perfect pair of summer hosiery, check out what we have in store today!

A Few Easy Ways To Prevent Runs And Tears In Your Hosiery

A Few Easy Ways To Prevent Runs And Tears In Your Hosiery

Runs and tears pop up in your hosiery seemingly without warning, and it’s the most disappointing way for a pair of hose to get ruined. While there are some obvious things you can do to avoid runs and tears, such as keeping your fingernails clipped and filed, there are other tricks many women swear by to keep their hosiery in good shape. A few easy ways to prevent runs and tears from in your hosiery are:

  • Moisturizing – If your skin is a little dry, you create unnecessary friction for your hosiery. It will be tougher to put on a pair, and you’ll be working the fibers a little too hard each time you pull the hose up or down. Before putting on hosiery, make sure to moisturize your legs, allow the moisturizer to soak in completely, and then slide your hosiery on gently. You should feel a dramatic difference in how easily your hosiery glides on.
  • Freezing it – It might seem odd to put hosiery in the freezer, but some women swear that freezing strengthens the fibers. To freeze your hosiery, slightly wet the hose, squeeze out any excess moisture, place the pair in a plastic bag, and put it inside the freezer overnight. In the morning, take your hosiery out and allow them to warm to room temperature before putting them on.
  • Keeping nail polish and hairspray in your bag – In some cases, runs and tears are unavoidable. For instance, you’re in the office and you bump into the sharp edge of a filing cabinet, only to look down and see a tear in your hose. When that occurs, you don’t have to sit back and watch the tear grow larger. As long as you have a travel bottle of extra hold hairspray and some clear nail polish in your bag, you’ll be ready to protect your hose anytime. Paint a layer of clear nail polish along the edges of the tear, wait for the polish to dry, and then spray the entire area with extra-strong hold hairspray.

When irreparable tears and runs do occur, we have just the hosiery pieces to replace the favorites you’ve lost. We have high-end European hosiery of all kinds, so there’s always a new pair to fall in love with. To see what we have to offer, check out our product line at today.

5 Reasons To Wear Summer Hosiery

5 Reasons To Wear Summer Hosiery

While hosiery is a popular fall, winter, and spring staple, it doesn’t lose its importance in the summer. However, a lot of women will skip hosiery once the warm weather comes around, believing that it will be uncomfortable to use in hot temperatures. However, with the right amount of denier, a pair of sheer hose will enhance the beauty of your legs and keep them cool at the same time. There are also other benefits hosiery can bring to your wardrobe regardless of the season. Read on to discover 5 reasons to wear summer hosiery.

  • Feel confident in any hemline – Summertime allows for the shortest hemlines of the year, so you can have your legs on full display. This can make some feel a bit uncomfortable if they’re not confident in the way their legs look, but that is where hosiery comes to the rescue. Hosiery can provide an “airbrush” effect, camouflaging bruises, scrapes, spider veins, and other imperfections you want to hide.
  • Give your razor a break – During the summer months, shaving every day or every other day can be harsh on your skin, but what other option do you have? After all, it’s too hot to wear long skirts or pants. The answer is hosiery. It will leave your legs looking perfect every time, so you can wear shorts and give your skin a break from frequent shaving.
  • Cool down – If you need to attend an outdoor wedding or other similar events, you can keep cool with hosiery. Place a spare pair of sheer hose in the freezer while you’re getting ready to go out, and pack it in a small insulated bag you can keep in your handbag or the car. When you start feeling too warm, take the cooled pair of hose and switch them out with the ones you’re currently wearing.
  • Even out your skin – Getting an accidental tan in a pair of crop pants isn’t a big deal—until you put on a short sundress. Summer hosiery can help you even out the look of your legs, taking away those unwanted tan lines.
  • Keep your feet protected – The summer season is sweating season, and going without hosiery can leave your shoes doing all the work. Sweaty feet can lead to shoe breakdown and odor, blisters, and damage to the skin of your feet. Summer hosiery helps wick moisture away, protects your pedicure, and leaves your shoes fresher.

If you’re in the market for summer hosiery that will complete your wardrobe, check out what we have at today!

4 Hosiery Hacks That Everyone Should Know

4 Hosiery Hacks That Everyone Should Know

If you want to get the most out of your hosiery, you need to learn a few hacks that will allow you to do just that. Hosiery doesn’t just make you look good but also serves a function that no other clothing piece can. It slims you, perfects you, and adds elegance and style all at once. To have an even better experience with your favorite pairs of hose, here are 4 hosiery hacks that you can try today.

  • Go non-slip – When you wear your summer hose with strappy sandals, you might find that your feet tend to slip around a bit more with the soft fabric of the hose on the soles of your feet. This hack is a favorite of none other than Princess Kate Middleton, and it’s the non-slip grip. Non-slip sole pantyhose ensure that your feet stay put in your favorite footwear. Our Acapulco 7 Non-Slip Sole Pantyhose are both ultra-sheer and toeless, so they go perfectly with every piece in your summer wardrobe.
  • Keep a dryer sheet in your bag – If you’ve ever run into the “sticky skirt” problem, you’re certainly not alone. At times, your pantyhose can attract a bit of static electricity, causing some fabrics to stick to them as you walk. A quick and easy fix involves rubbing a clean dryer sheet on the statically charged areas. This only takes a couple of seconds, but it makes a huge difference.
  • Use knee-highs to stop blisters – Not everyone likes wearing socks with flats, especially at the office, but blisters come with pain and embarrassment that are difficult to deal with while working. To prevent blisters, wear knee-high hosiery to keep your look refined while stopping unwanted friction in its tracks.
  • Opt for sheer hosiery to prevent chafing – Even if you weren’t planning to wear hosiery with your outfit for the day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a pair ready inside your bag. Walking around in the summer heat can cause chafing between the legs where the thighs rub together, leading to discomfort very quickly. Putting on a pair of sheer hose won’t change your look, but it will put an end to the chaffing issue.

If you’re searching for the perfect pair of hose to incorporate into your wardrobe this summer, check out what we have in stock at today. With the wide range of options we offer, you’ll surely find the hosiery that’s right for you in no time.

Six Comfy Loungewear Options For Around The House

Six Comfy Loungewear Options For Around The House

Many of us have found ourselves at home a lot more often recently and as a result, we’re rethinking our wardrobe. We’re looking for pieces that are easy, durable, and most of all comfortable. has you covered! We have a great selection of comfortable go-to’s in both classic colors and fun prints. Here are a few options to add to your house wear wardrobe:

1. 3035 Pajamas

Don’t be fooled by the name, this sleek loungewear set is stylish enough to wear outside. Made from silk-like rayon fabric, this flattering set not only drapes you in luxurious comfort, the fabric also works to keep you dry. Comes in both black and powder rose to match any personal style.

2. Hamadryas Leggings

Spring is finally here and if you’re worried about missing out on Spring styles, Hamadryas Leggings are a great option for you. Available in two beautiful floral watercolor designs, they’ll help you celebrate the season. These leggings will bring Spring to you and keep you cozy.

3. Botanical Microsuede Leggings

Microsuede is the ultimate in comfy fabrics. These gorgeous leggings feature a beautiful antique floral print and a texture that is divine to the touch. Paired with your favorite oversized t-shirt or a lightweight sweater and you’ll be in comfort heaven.

4. Tweed Fashion Leggings

If you prefer a more classic style, the sophisticated Tweed Fashion Leggings are a great option for you. These leggings are perfect to wear to your latest teleconference because they are professional, yet comfortable. Made with nylon are extremely soft to the touch and you can easily wear them all day in style and comfort.

5. Giradi Romy Leggings 

If you’re looking for a classic style but is the height of comfort, look no further than Giradi Romy Leggings. These deluxe leggings are heaven to touch and you won’t want to wear anything else. They have a gorgeous trim detail around the ankle, that makes them stand out from your normal leggings. The best part is they are currently on sale!

6. Sheer Massage Sock 20

You can’t have the perfect loungewear outfit without the most comfortable socks. Sheer Massage Socks 20 are some of the most comfortable socks we offer and the reason is in the name. These socks have a built in feature that feels like a foot massage. Can you imagine spending all day getting a foot massage? You don’t have to imagine with these incredible socks!

These are just some of the great comfortable pieces we have at Check out our sleepwear, legging, and socks sections to find more great finds. With the right loungewear wardrobe, you can stay comfortable all day long!

How to Wear Tights With Different Shoe Styles

How to Wear Tights With Different Shoe Styles

How many types of shoes do you have in your wardrobe? Between heels and boots, you probably have at least five different shoe types. You might be surprised that you can actually wear all of them with your favorite tights, if you only know how to mix them together in a chic yet seamless manner.

Read on to know how you can make the most of both your shoes and tights!

1. Tights With Heels

If you have some plain high heels, you can pair them dark tights with a wee bit of shimmer, like our Diamond Shimmering Fashion Tights. If your heels are textured, such as suede, you can opt for a flat or semi-opaque pair, like our Cortina 40- Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors.

2. Tights With Mary Janes

Mary Jane shoes are not only cute. They also provide extra security. They are also great for any occasion and setting, whether for formal events or a normal day at the office.

If you’re wearing your Mary Janes, make sure you choose a pair of tights that’s within the same color palette as your shoes. For instance, if you have a glossy black pair of Mary Jane shoes, you can wear a pair of gray tights with it, such as our Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights in Grey. You can also go for a black sheer one, such as these Intrigante Tulle Thigh Highs.

3. Tights With Open-Toes

If you think that you couldn’t wear tights and open-toe shoes together, think again. One of the best ways to wear open-toe shoes with tights is to choose a pair of thick, opaque tights that’s a shade lighter than your shoes. This way, your toes will still show, albeit covered.

For example, if you’re wearing black open-toe heels, pair it with a dark-smoke thick tights, such as our Bellissima K2 300 Den 3D Microfiber Tights.

4. Tights With Boots

Whether you’re wearing your tights with ankle, knee-high, or thigh-high boots, the key is to ensure contrast in terms of texture. If you’re wearing glossy boots, then you should opt for matte, opaque tights. It’s best to go for plain tights, so that your ensemble won’t be too much to the eyes. Our Cortina 100- 3D Opaque Tights are sure to do the job right.

By the way, it’s not only the shoes that you should look at when planning your outfit. You should also make sure that your top or dress goes well with your tights and shoes.

For fashionable and high-quality tights and other European hosiery, explore!

Fun and Chic Ways to Wear Tights This Coming Holidays

Fun and Chic Ways to Wear Tights This Coming Holidays

This coming holiday season, you will probably go to a number of gatherings and parties. You don’t have to stress yourself out thinking about what to wear each time you’re going out. With the right bottoms, mixing and matching will be a breeze!

Many think that leggings and tights are too casual to wear to events, but there’s actually a lot of ways you can make it fun and chic. Here are five classy and easy ways to wear leggings and tights this coming holiday.

1. Go Metallic

Match a winter legging, like our 3D Winter Leggings with a sparkly, metallic tunic. It’s best if you’d go monochromatic, with the sparkly and metallic fibers of your top serving as the highlight of your outfit. You can finish your look with an equally captivating dangling or chandelier earrings, and knee-high suede boots from the same color palette. A velvet bag will also go well with this look.

2. The Classic White Shirt

A pair of leggings such as our Bellissima Leggings Push Up With Modeling Effect will go well with a crisp white shirt, preferably one that rests at the hip. Then, spice up your look with some holiday-themed accessories. Think red and gold drop earrings and a shiny red handbag.

3. From Dress to Top

Do you have a festive-colored dress that’s too short to be worn on a winter day? Get it out of the closet and wear it with a glossy pair of tights like our Black Brilliant Tights. Essentially, you’re turning the dress into a tunic and you won’t have to wait for summer to wear it. Grab some suede booties to mix up the textures of your outfit.

4. Cozy Up in a Sweater

Just because it’s cold out and you can’t go out without a sweater doesn’t mean you can’t be chic and fab. For instance, you can pair our Artica 120 Tights in Wool and Cotton with your favorite turtleneck sweater. If you’re still feeling cold, a pair of knee-high boots can add extra warmth. Make sure you accessorize with statement earrings.

5. Make It Pop

Another great way to embody the season’s festivities is to wear a bold and bright pair of leggings or tights and match it with a neutral-colored top. Check out our Margit Fashion Tights that come in three color options or the Uppsala Wet Looking Tights that come in seven festive colors. is your source for fun and chic tights and leggings that you can wear no matter the season. Check out our fine selections!