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Get More Time Out Of Your Shorts With These Tights

For most, shorts season ends around Labor Day. However, what if you can get a few more months out of your favorite pairs? Whether you’re looking to extend your wear of distressed denim shorts, or you’re trying out something new with a tailored pair you just love, the answer is in your hosiery. With the right hosiery, your shorts can be worn all throughout the fall, and they’ll look impossibly chic and outside of the box. This trend hit really big a handful of years ago, and it hasn’t shown a single sign of slowing since. 

Some examples of hosiery to wear with your shorts are: 

  • Elly Mini Rete Fishnet Tights – The perfect example of shorts-friendly tights, the Elly Mini Rete Fishnet Tights work with distressed denim for edgy rock n’ roll looks, tailored looks, and everything in between. These tights feature a super small fishnet pattern, which makes them incredibly versatile in their style. These tights come in 4 shades and look just as great with satin tailored shorts as they do with torn denim and combat boots. 
  • Fiore Antonina Fashion Tights – With a touch of shimmer going up each leg in the form of a black and metallic abstract pattern, these are the perfect tights for dressing up tailored shorts for an elegant night out. In Nero and Grafite, the tights are opaque with a 40 denier, so they’re ideal for taking your tailored shorts into the cooler late autumn months. 
  • Fiore Glam Rock Sheer Tights – The ultimate tights for bringing a key edge to absolutely any shorts look, Fiore Glam Rock Sheer Tights are a must-have in any fashion forward wardrobe. These sheer black tights feature an opaque and abstract large leopard pattern from the toe all the way up to the waistband on each leg, letting you get a little wild with your hosiery look. These tights are perfect for bringing a little particular edge to tailored looks in order to add instant trendy appeal. 

Whether you’re going for something elegant and timeless, cute and trendy, or distinctly rock n’ roll, we have just the hosiery you need to get that extra love out of your shorts this season. Check out what you could bring home to your wardrobe from today. 

Bring A Little Color Into Your Hosiery Wardrobe

Bring A Little Color Into Your Hosiery Wardrobe

Most women have experience with black hosiery, nude hosiery, and perhaps white hosiery. While these are an excellent base to start out with, why not branch out into other colors of the rainbow? Hosiery enhances your looks, and just like you’d have many different colored shirts, skirts, or pairs of shoes, why not bring that kind of selection to your hosiery wardrobe as well.

If you’re just starting out in making your hosiery collection a little brighter, there’s a number of shades you might one to start out with to try out brightly colored hose. For your brights, going all the way bright is a great way to get fun while giving yourself something whimsical to work with. The Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Libero Seamless Glossy Pantyhose in Lima and the Fiore Cotton Candy 8 Den Ultra Sheer Pantyhose in Lime are two great examples. Both in a bright, vivid, and electric green shade, you can play with this stand-out hosiery by first pairing with basic blacks, then branching out to dressing up more eclectic looks. These sheer hose are perfect for bringing that touch of pop color to tie your outfit all together. 

While the electric pops of the Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Libero Glossy Pantyhose in Lima and the Fiore Cotton Candy in Lime are bright and poppy, you can also make things a bit more dramatic with your colored hose. The Cecilia De Rafael Uppsala Wet Looking Tights feature a glossy and almost metallic looking finish in a high denier tight perfect for the darker fall and winter months. Blues, purples, greens, silvers, and more can be found in a look that puts instant drama and a chic edge into any outfit you put together. 

As you get more comfortable playing with color, you might want to combine two trends in one with color and pattern. The Trasparenze Varanasi Fashion Tights, for instance, come in a selection of different colors while featuring a unique and abstract print that’s easy to match in with different looks. Opaque and comfortable, they may even be used to bring your favorite tailored shorts into the fall and winter months. 

Playing with color is something we love at If you’re interested in bringing a little brightness into your hosiery wardrobe, see what we have in store today. 

The Perfect Pair Of Stockings For Starters

The Perfect Pair Of Stockings For Starters

Everybody has to start somewhere and even ladies who own a big collection of stockings started their journey with their first pair. The fun thing about stockings is that there is a lot to choose from, ranging from simple, classy, to adventurous designs. Since you are just about well on your way to falling madly in love with stockings, let us welcome you with the perfect stockings for starters:

1. Philippe Matignon Cool Summer 8 – Going for the natural nude look will never get you wrong. This stocking has a natural tan color that will blend in seamlessly with most skin tones. It also has a sheer effect for an added subtle glow that can make your legs look prettier without trying too hard. The best part is that you can pair these stockings with any clothing in your wardrobe because of their flexible hue.

2. Perfect 20 Stockings – This has got to be every working lady’s absolute favorite. The simple black color makes this pair look classy and perfect with formal and business attire. Its fabric is also very soft and comfortable against the skin, not to mention that it is also very durable. So if you have to walk a lot and hop from one meeting to another, Perfect 20 could be your go-to.

3. Falke Seidenglatt 15 Garter Belt Stockings – Ladies who are not yet used to wearing stockings worry about their stockings slipping down. We can assure you that the stockings in are secure and won’t roll down your legs even when you move a lot. Still, we understand your feelings so give you peace of mind, these garter belt stockings will ease all your worries. It also has a silky soft feel to make sure you are always comfortable, as well as a feminine decorative lace to keep you fashionable.

Wearing stockings can do wonders for your self-confidence and can help you embrace your femininity. As you continue to discover and grow your love for stockings, will always be with you along the way!

Knowing The Best Time To Buy New Stockings

Knowing The Best Time To Buy New Stockings

We all have a pair of stockings we absolutely love and have grown attached to. Still, there will come a day when it’s time for our favorite pair to go. The question is how would we know when is the best time to replace our old, worn-out stockings? Here are the things you should look out for:

1.       How Old Are Your Stockings? – Time flies by fast and before we know it, a year has already passed. Stockings usually have a lifespan of six months to a year, gradually bearing tears and holes along the way. Of course, that also depends on how you care for them! If you think your stockings are already almost or over a year, it is time to do a thorough checkup and see how they are going.

2.       Has The Material Thinned? – Most often than not, we fail to notice that the fabric of our stockings has already grown thinner after numerous washes and uses. Thinned fabric makes your stockings more prone to tears and holes. Stretch too much and you might find yourself down a pair. If the material of your stockings has considerably thinned, it is about time to invest in new ones before your old pair finally decides to retire.

3.       Are Your Stockings Slipping Down? – How many times have you pulled and adjusted your stockings today? Another sign of worn-down stockings is that it has already been stretched too much and can no longer hug your legs securely. You can even say that your stockings have grown a little bigger after being stretched over and over throughout the year.

4.       Are They Still Comfortable To Wear? – Old stockings may have loose threads that can make your legs feel itchy. They can also lose the warmth and protective layer they initially had as the material grows thinner. Stockings slipping down from time to time can also be a bother as you need to constantly adjust them up. Thinking and dealing with all of these things can lead to discomfort. Consider buying a new batch of stockings when you do not feel as comfortable as you did when you first tried on the pair.

Stockings do have an average lifespan but it is still up to your tender loving care when it comes to making sure that they last long enough. One tip we can give you is to invest in high-quality stockings, like those in’s collection.

Choosing The Hosiery That Best Flatters Your Figure

Hosiery can transform your look in more ways than one. Not only can it bring your shorter hemlines to the office, your basic skirts to an edgy or high fashion level, and your shorts into the fall and winter seasons, it can also transform the way your body looks as well. Choosing hosiery to flatter your figure ensures you’ll always look your best no matter what you choose to wear. A few tips for choosing the hosiery that best flatters your figure are: 

• Bringing the height – Not all people have legs that go on for miles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion that they do. If you’re looking to elongate the leg what you want from your hosiery are long lines. Our Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Back Seam Pantyhose  has back seams that take the eye all the way from the heel up to the back of the tight, elongating the leg in a simple, elegant, and classic way. 

• Vertical designs and small patterns slim the leg – If you’re looking to create a slimmer silhouette, vertical designs and small patterns are the way to go, and especially when on black hosiery. The Adrian Constance Fashion Sheers in Nero or Giulia Afina 40 Fashion Tights are perfect examples  you can find at for subtle slimming you can mix and match with just about any outfit. 

• Color and bold patterns play up your curves – For those who wish to play up their curves, you may want to look into bold colors and bold patterns to give your legs a thicker, curvier, and bolder look. The Calzitaly Fishnet Tights with Leopardo Pattern are a perfect example of hosiery to really give your curves a moment in the spotlight using a bold pattern, while the Trasparenze Microfiber Sophie 70-Opaque Tights are just what you’re looking for if you’d prefer to play with color. 

With the right combination, your hosiery can really polish your outfit and give you the silhouette you’ve always dreamed of by adding one simple accessory. If you’re looking for your perfect hose to slim, elongate, or emphasize, check out what we have in stock at today. 

5 Fall 2021 Fashion Trends To Invest In Now

5 Fall 2021 Fashion Trends To Invest In Now

While we’re in the peak of summer now, what that really means is that we’re going to be winding down into the fall season before we know it. The fall fashion trends for 2021 are big, bold, and ready to be seen after a year of social isolation, and we at are loving so much of what we see. Here are 5 Fall 2021 fashion trends to invest in now are: 

1. Bright greens – While fall is usually full of muted colors and rich earthy tones things are slated to be quite a bit bolder this year. Bright green is one of the fashion staple shades of the season and it’s being seen in coats, sweaters, shoes, and even hosiery. Our Giulia Blues 70 Opaque Tights in Olive have that perfect mix of earthiness and brightness, making them not only a staple for 2021 but a pair of tights you can return to again and again. 

2. Lilac – Like bright green, we’re seeing another color that’s more often seen in spring popping up for fall fashion in 2021. Lilac is the new mauve this season and we think that the perfect way to welcome this shade into your autumn wardrobe is with elegant hosiery. The Fiore Sandrine 20 Stay Up Stockings in Light Lilac are sexy and timeless with heels, but they can also be quirky and fun with booties and a patterned skirt. 

3. Leopard outerwear – Like color, patterns are getting bolder this year as well. Leopard outerwear is seeing a huge resurgence in 2021 and we love the way a great leopard coat looks with a skirt and fishnet hosiery.  Paired with heels, boots, or even sneakers, it’s the simplest way to have a stand-out edgy look with minimal effort. 

4. Sweater vests – Sweater vests haven’t been seen as a huge trend in a number of years, but they’re back in a big way for fall 2021. For a modern take on a classic look, you can pair a sweater vest with a collared shirt, sleeves casually rolled up, and on the bottom wear a simple pair of tailored shorts with the fishnet, patterned, or colored hosiery of your choice. What you get is an on-trend look that combines texture, fabric, and style for plenty of interest. 

5. Cut-outs – In tops and pants, cut-outs are bringing a certain edge to all sorts of outfits in 2021. For distressed jeans, one can try layering fishnet hosiery under the jeans so the hosiery peeks out to say hello at each cut-out section. Pair with combat boots or heeled booties for the perfect touch.

At we have all of the looks to bring your 2021 autumn fashion to the next level. If you’re looking to invest in your fall looks, see what we have at today. 

3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Hosiery

Investment in great hosiery means getting the kind of hosiery that is built to last. You want the most out of your hosiery and while quality hosiery is built to take you through multiple seasons, this doesn’t come without the proper care. Taking great care of your hosiery ensures you get the most from it, and that it keeps you looking and feeling beautiful throughout. Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of your hosiery are: 

1. Always go for quality – The quality of your hosiery will mean a lot and one should always go for quality over quantity when it comes to hose. A handful of pairs of quality hosiery will take you further than a whole selection of lower-quality pieces, and the looks you’ll get from your hosiery will be of a higher quality as well. Making an investment in your hosiery gives you the most out of your collection. 

2. Go for reinforced toes for your everyday hosiery – If you wear your hosiery daily, and you want that hosiery to last through each day, you may wish to invest in reinforced hose. Our Calzitaly Ultra Sheer High Heel Pantyhose with Cushion are made for wearing every day and wearing with the added pressure of heels, with reinforced toes and soles to keep you comfortable and confident. 

3. Gentle washing is key – Keeping your hosiery strong requires gentle washing, and one should never just place their hosiery in the washing machine and forget about them. Using gentle soap, handwashing, and lay-flat drying you’ll be able to keep your hosiery strong and looking beautiful throughout years of wear. If you must machine wash your hosiery, or wash multiple pairs at once, using a lingerie bag to wash inside will keep your hosiery protected. 

We have the high-quality investment pieces your hosiery collection is looking for at To see what you can add to your hosiery wardrobe, see what we have in store today. 

Stockings Are The Hottest Trend Coming Out Of Fashion Week

Stockings Are The Hottest Trend Coming Out Of Fashion Week

Stockings are back in a big way this season and were seen in looks all over the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. We saw classic tweed pieces paired with thigh-high sheer white stockings in Paris. Milan runways featured knee-high sheer black stockings layered under ankle boots. While designers in New York showed jet black thigh high stockings with textures. Luckily, you don’t have to pay fashion house prices to add these trending looks to your closet.

What Is The Difference Between Pantyhose And Stockings?

People often use pantyhose and stockings interchangeably. However, there is a major difference between the two garments. Pantyhose are sheer and usually made of nylon with a denier weight between 8 and 30. They cover the full leg from the toe to the waistband. Stockings on the other hand can be sheer or opaque and range in denier weight. The key difference though is stockings vary in length between under the knee to mid-thigh. They are either secured with a garter belt or have a lining at the top to hold them in place.

Get The Look

Now that you know the difference between pantyhose and stockings, here is how you can get the runway looks. These options offer the same high-end designer quality but at a much more affordable price point:

Trasparenze Sara Classic Sheer: These sheer stockings have a denier of 20. They also have a reinforced toe and a glossy finish which makes them a perfect wardrobe staple. They come in a variety of colors to achieve the perfect look.

Elly Knee-Highs 140 Semi-Opaque: Available in black and two shades of nude tones, these knee-highs are a perfect way to capture the looks of the Milan runways. They are semi-opaque with a denier weight of 140. Great for everyday wear, these knee highs have a graduated compression that slims the legs and provides a comfortable wear.

Fiore Malena Suspender Stockings: If you are looking for a statement piece for your wardrobe, these sheer spotted tights are a must-have. Available in a gorgeous shade of ecru, they will easily match any outfit while still adding a bit of interest.

These three options are just some of the great choices available at We offer a full range of stockings in every color, size, and denier weight you can imagine. All of our stockings are European-grade, so they are durable and will last you through this season and many more. The best part is they are affordably priced so you can get runway looks without runway prices.

What Is Color-Blocking And Why You Should Try It

What Is Color-Blocking And Why You Should Try It

Color-blocking emerged as a trend in recent years and as people become more and more adventurous with their fashion choices, this style is definitely here to stay. This trend is all about bold choices, leaving an impression, and making a statement, but in order to pull color-blocking fashion successfully, you should have a clear understanding of how it really works!

What Is Color-Blocking?

First things first, let’s define color-blocking. Like we mentioned, this style is pretty adventurous and bold, and these are one of the reasons why understanding it is important. Color-blocking is basically wearing two to three contrasting colors, and by contrast, we do not simply mean wearing black and white, or light blue and dark blue.

Color-blocking is about combining colors that are on the opposite ends of the color chart; colors that you would not dare to imagine together because they seem so different—or at least that’s the impression that they generally leave at first. You would be surprised at how two bold colors, like orange and pink, go well together!

Why Should You Try Color-Blocking?

Wearing blocks of colors are definitely eye-catching as you would expect to really pop out in the crowd. More than that, the unique combinations you create from wearing bold and contrasting colors can give you a fresh, youthful, and uplifting look. It is like being a spot of sunshine in a bleak and gloomy day!

Color-blocking also helps when you need to especially grab attention, like for important talks, client meetings, or parties. If you are able to find the perfect contrasting colors that magically complements each other, we are sure you will totally rock it.

Color-Blocking For Beginners

Finding outfits that you can color-block is easier said than done, but it does not have to be extremely challenging. For starters, you can narrow down your fashion pieces into two: top and legwear. Forgoing your usual denim jeans and black leggings, you might think that you’ve already run out of options for legwear. That’s far from true because has just what you need: opaque tights!

Opaque tights go in various striking colors and unique textures so you have a lot of options to choose from. For instance, the Girardi Cortina Opaque Tights have a matte finish while the Cecilia De Rafael Uppsala has a smooth and glossy texture.

Finding the right legwear for your color-blocking fashion adventures is not that hard if you look in the right places, like We’ll be with you all the way!

Occasions That Call For A Great Pair Of Hose

At we believe that every occasion calls for a great pair of hose, but we know that some events take precedence over others. If you’re wondering “Do I need hosiery to go with my outfit for this event?” we have all of the answers you need. A few occasions that always call for a great pair of hosiery are: 

  • Weddings – The spring and summer months are high-time for weddings. If you’re attending a few weddings this summer, it’s important to have the hosiery that will give you a complete and put together look. A common misconception that many have is that hosiery doesn’t belong with a sandal or open toed shoe, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Opting for a pair of open toed hose lets you get the perfect polished look of hosiery on your legs, while still showing off your pedicure uninterrupted. The Falke Shelina Toeless Ulta Transparent Pantyhose are sheer, comfortable for summer, and feature an open toe design perfect for wearing with your favorite summer sandals. 
  • Job interviews – During a job interview you want to impress. First impressions can only be made once, and they begin as soon as you walk through the door. Hosiery is a necessity to ensure your look is polished, refined, and put together. A failsafe options is a pair of opaque hose in black or dark grey, or a sheer neutral tone that polishes the natural look of your skin. 
  • Fall and winter – If you plan to wear a dress or skirt during the fall and winter months, hosiery is a necessity. For these occasions, you want to look for an opaque higher denier pair of hosiery to ensure you’re kept warm if you’re going to be outdoors. Not only does it polish your look, it serves a practical purpose in keeping you comfortable as well. 
  • Attending religious services – If you’re attending a religious service of any kind it’s also important to top off your look with a high quality pair of hosiery. In these spaces and for these types of events modesty is a priority, and the right hosiery can provide a modest and refined look to just about any outfit. 

If your hosiery collection has been running low, we have all the hosiery pieces you’ll need for these occasions and more. See what we have at today and always have the right pair for every occasion!