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Try These 3 Modern Fashion Trends With Your Favorite Hosieries

Try These 3 Modern Fashion Trends With Your Favorite Hosieries

In fashion, playing with colors can give you the best styles, combinations, and even smart clothing strategies that would save your days from being repetitive and boring. Even in your laziest moments, simple styling tricks could still make you the best-dressed person wherever you go. These 3 fashion trends are here to prove it.

  • Capsule Wardrobe – Everyone is buzzing about having a capsule wardrobe and we cannot blame them. In this day and age where simple and minimalist styles are trending, capsule wardrobes fit right in. This fashion style is all about having a few pieces of clothing that you can mix and match many times, and they would still look fresh and unique. 

    The trick here is to choose a bunch of clothes and accessories that fall under a single palette. To make things easier, you can stick to neutral colors like white, black, beige, grey, and pastels. Having natural-colored pantyhose that can be paired with any neutral skirt, dress, or shorts is a good start.
  • Monochromatic Fashion – Those who say that monochrome colors are boring are probably those who have not tried it yet. Monochrome fashion is basically wearing pieces of clothing that are in the exact same shade. There are many perks to monochrome fashion besides being unique and eye-catching. 

    Monochrome is an excellent style for people who are just beginning to explore fashion. It is also a favorite go-to style if you are in a rush or too lazy to experiment with your clothes. 
  • Color Blocking – This style is what you can consider the opposite of monochromatic fashion. Color blocking is all about mix-and-match! Instead of choosing colors in the same palette or shade, what you are aiming for are colors that are super in contrast with each other but still go well together. It sounds challenging at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, color blocking is easy peasy. Opaque tights and leggings are perfect for this fashion. 

3 Fun Ways To Style Your Opaque Tights

3 Fun Ways To Style Your Opaque Tights

Opaque tights carry strong and bold vibes that can instantly boost your confidence. Wearing them is not the problem, but wearing them with what is the real question. While they come in solid colors, finding the perfect ensemble for opaque tights can be challenging. Lucky for you, Hosieree’s long mastered the art of dressing up with unique tights!

Here are 3 fun ways to slay with opaque tights.

  • Wear Animal Prints – You might think that pairing your opaque tights with animal prints may be over the top. On the contrary, pieces like wet-looking tights can go boldly with patterns to create a fierce look. Animal prints are loud on their own, and with opaque tights being as eye-catching as tiger patterns, they would make you really stand out.

If you are worried about two strong styles clashing, don’t worry because patterns and plain or solid designs actually complement each other. 

  • Neutral Colors – If you want to tone it down a bit, wearing neutral-colored dresses and coats is the way to go. Neutral tones like browns and beige will highlight your opaque tights without them eating up your whole style. It’s a well-balanced combination perfect for casual walks outside or quick trips to your favorite hangout places. You can also pair it with plain shoes and boots. Trust your opaque tights to make you glamorous on the streets. 
  • Make It Mono – Do not be afraid to try a monochromatic approach with your opaque tights. In fact, your opaque tights are the best piece of clothing you can wear for monochromatic fashion. Color blocking can be fun but monochrome has its own pros. 

For instance, it’s fast and perfect for days when you are in a rush because you do not have to spend time deciding which colors go best together. Second, monochrome will definitely make you stand out without trying too hard. From your top, tights, and down to your shoes, you can brighten everyone’s day. 

What To Do With Your Hosieries

What To Do With Your Hosieries

It will always be delightful to have new pieces of hosiery to try and wear. However, it is also absolutely true that getting rid of old favorites is difficult. There will come a time when your favored stockings, leggings, and tights need to go after months and years of use. 

The good news is you do not have to throw them straight into the bin, never to be seen again. Your hosiery may be old and not fit for wearing anymore, but its good quality still makes it functional for other uses! Consider these options before throwing them away:

  • They Make Great Hair Ties – The material of your hosiery is soft, elastic, and durable. Reusing them as simple hair ties is definitely a good idea you would not regret! Just give your hosiery a good wash, cut them up into smaller pieces, and decorate them by stitching or sticking beads and sequins on the fabric. From fabulous legwear, you now have extra fabulous DIY hair ties! 
  • Clothes Storage – Remember when you were trying to find ways to organize and keep them properly in your closet? Now, it is time for your hosiery to return the favor! They could be turned into a clothes bag or storage that would prevent your favorite dresses, shirts, and other clothing from getting wrinkled and snagged.
  • Turn Them Into Scent Bags – Your old hosiery is not ready to be tossed out of your closet yet because they still have a role to fulfill. By filling them up with potpourri and other dried fragrant plants, you can keep them inside your closet, cabinets, shoe racks, and even small rooms to keep the space fresh and free from odors. 

There are more creative ways to reuse your old hosiery. It is absolutely amazing to know that good-quality stockings, tights, socks, and other pairs could last long and be reused as other helpful items. That is why it is important to check the quality of the pairs you are getting.’s collection offers long-lasting, high-quality brands that you will enjoy in more ways than one.

Unleash Your Wild Side With Animal Prints

Unleash Your Wild Side With Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the head-turner styles in fashion. They are often seen in dresses, tops, and pants. Well now, you could also wear them as your favorite hosiery pieces for a fun and wild moment! Here are’s top animal print picks to get you started.

  • Fiore Instinct 15 PantyhoseThis pantyhose is decorated with light animal patterns that would certainly give you good camouflage. The light brown spots perfectly embody subtleness and flashiness as it easily blends into your skin without looking unnatural. The light colors also reflect its soft material that also magically feels like your second skin! It’s a good choice for casual everyday wear. 
  • Fiore Tigris 15 Pantyhose The bold tiger prints on these pantyhose is certainly going to make the crowd roar! Wearing this will give you that extra fierceness if you are gearing up for a wild and sexy night. It also comes in three colors for your every mood and for every time of day.
  • Fiore Glam Rock Sheer Tights There is always room for more boldness, fierceness, and sexiness. Let your confidence overflow with the strong, bold prints on these tights! It is definitely giving “queen of the jungle” vibes. Dominate the game and make everyone’s jaw drop by putting these Glam Rock Sheer Tights on.
  • Gabriella Fashion Tights Caty Be the center of attention with these tights because it is certainly hard to ignore those predatory wild cat prints. Littered with spots from your waist to your toes, these tights look like a second skin because there seems to be no end to the patterns as they disappear up your skirt and into your shoes. It’s an effortless and sexy way to look glamorous and mysterious. 
  • Dog Tights Add a unique and fun twist to animal prints with these dog-printed tights! A cute doggie face is waiting just atop these pair so it is best to wear this with shorts or a mini skirt. 

How To Properly Store Your Hosiery

How To Properly Store Your Hosiery

With how many pretty hosieries there are, it is not surprising that your collection of stockings, tights, leggings, pantyhose, and socks is continuously growing. If your wardrobe is already overflowing, you might find it challenging to store your extensive hosiery collection. It is important to know how to properly keep them because simply chucking them in an available corner could actually be damaging. 

Here are some helpful tips that you could follow to keep your closet tidy and your hosieries intact.

  • Pair Them Up – You won’t have a problem with your pantyhose because they will always be in one piece. However, you cannot say the same for your stockings, thigh highs, and other hosiery pieces that go by pair. 

Before you put them aside, the first thing you should always do is to pair them together. This way, you would not need to spend hours finding their missing half when you’re about to use them.

  • Get A Pocket Hanger – After pairing them up, you should continue to keep each pair separated from one another to avoid confusion. This also saves you from digging into a huge pile and possibly tangling and untangling them in the process. 

Besides making sure that each pair has its own space, pocket hangers also are great space savers. With your growing mountain of hosiery, you will surely appreciate how pocket hangers could clear up lots of closet space where you could put new shirts, dresses, and of course, new pairs of hosiery! 

  • Use Small Individual Bags – Another option is to put them inside their own small bags, preferably transparent ones like ziplock and sandwich bags. Each of your hosiery will remain safe and secured inside their bags even if you move them around. This will prevent any tears and runs from forming on them. As a bonus, they are also travel-ready this way, just waiting to be tossed inside your luggage. 

High-quality hosieries last long, and handling them with care and respect will make them last longer. One way to do it is by storing them properly. Now that they are all set in their own organizers, it is time to look for new pairs at to add to your collection!

How To Prevent Your Stockings From Shrinking

How To Prevent Your Stockings From Shrinking

Shrinking stockings is one of the most common problems women encounter. Many just learn to live and endure using shrunk stockings, while others would treat them as disposable items. However, hosiery is an investment and it is still important to know how to take care of them properly even if they are high-quality pieces from 

It is time to put a stop to shrinking stockings so here are ways to prevent them:

  • Do Not Put Your Stockings In The Dryer – The intense heat from the dryer is bound to shrink the material of your stockings and even make it rough. Remember that even the highest quality stockings are made from delicate fabrics. Throwing them in the dryer will shrink them and affect their quality as well. 

Instead of using a dryer, it is better to hang them up to dry. Taking a few minutes of your time to wash and hang them up is surely worth it than buying new pairs every time they shrink in the dryer. 

  • Use A Mesh Net – It is highly recommended to handwash your stockings, but busy schedules could leave you with less time to focus on the task. Unlike the dryer, washing machines are not as deadly to your stockings but they could still be damaged inside. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using a secured laundry mesh net. This would prevent them from getting mixed and tangled with your other clothes.
  • No Need For Fabric Softeners – Your clothes may love fabric softeners, but it’s different news when it comes to your stockings. Fabric softeners could instead damage the material that makes your stockings elastic. Avoid fabric softeners together with dryers. Another tip is to keep your washing in intervals because frequent washing could also be damaging.

Spice Up Your Fashion Game With Prints And Patterns

Spice Up Your Fashion Game With Prints And Patterns

We will always love the classics and plains, but every once in a while, it is good to step out from our comfort zones and try something more flashy. Get to play with your outfits by trying out these lovely patterned pieces from’s collection.

  • Argo Fashion Tights – Start your adventure with something classy and sexy. This pair of tights will decorate your legs with beautiful floral patterns that will look especially stunning at dinner parties and late evening meetings. Match it with a plain black skirt or dress and you are more than ready to go. 
  • Fiore Tigris 15 – Unleash the wild animal in you with Fiore Tigris! The tiger patterns are definitely to die for and certainly eye-catching. Wearing something emboldening like this is a sure confidence booster so if you need that extra push, get ready to dominate any event and place with your tiger-patterned pantyhose. 
  • Fiore Zodiac Sheer Tights – The stars aligned for you to discover these zodiac-themed tights. This one is a very unique design that’s perfect for casual walks any time of the day. Zodiac lovers are surely going to be overjoyed with this one too! It is a fun design that anyone will appreciate.
  • Marilyn Emma – It’s time to show your young and hip side with Marilyn Emma’s random cool patterns. While shapes and doodles are scattered around the tights, it is not too heavy with designs, making it a fun and light piece that you can wear when meeting with friends, going for a walk in the park, any other casual, everyday activities. 
  • Mona CELIA – Be bold, daring, and direct with Mona CELIA’s “Express Yourself” pantyhose! Make a statement and be an inspiration to other women too as you confidently walk down the street. From taking little steps to exploring other fashion choices to being confident enough to rock this piece, wearing this print will give you a proud moment. 

4 Myths And Misconceptions About Wearing Hosiery

Hosiery has taken the fashion world by storm but some are still hesitant to try them out. If you are looking to explore but are held back by some whispers you heard about wearing hosiery, now’s the time to learn the truth. 

We are going to debunk some myths and misconceptions about hosiery and tell you why you should definitely give it a go. 

  • Wearing Hosiery Is Itchy – Hosiery such as stockings, leggings, and tights would fit around your legs and rest snugly against your skin. This is why many are given the impression that they are itchy. 

On the contrary, high-quality hosiery is very comfortable to wear and would sometimes even feel like you are not wearing anything at all. They’re like a second skin! Unless you have allergies to certain materials like cotton and wool, hosiery is not itchy to wear. 

  • Hosiery Cannot Fit All Body Types – Just like other pieces of clothing, hosiery also comes in various sizes that can accommodate different body types. You just need to find the right size for you and you can feel free, comfortable, and sexy in your choice of hosiery too! Whether you are slim or curvy, there definitely is a pair waiting to be worn by you.
  • It’s Hard To Move When Wearing Hosiery – As mentioned before, hosiery is like a second skin. It is very easy to move while wearing them because they have soft and elastic materials that allow freedom of movement. You will not feel restricted at all, making it perfect even for busy and on-the-go women.
  • Hosiery Is Out Of Style – On the contrary, you will never fall out of the fashion trends with hosiery. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they are also very versatile as they can be paired with any outfit. This means that they can also be worn on any occasion, whether for casual or formal events. Hosiery can make you effortlessly fashionable whenever and wherever. 

There are more reasons for you to love wearing hosiery and you can start your journey with’s beautiful collection. 

4 Common Mistakes When Wearing Your Pantyhose

Our pantyhose has become essential for our outfits so it rightfully deserves to be shown some love and extra care. One way to do that is knowing the common mistakes some may be making when wearing their pantyhose. What could be wrong and how can it be fixed?

  • Pulling The Pantyhose Up Your Legs Quickly – The most common mistake most make is pulling on their pantyhose the same way they wear other garments, like shorts and jeans. It is important to remember that your pantyhose is delicate, and pulling them up at the same time can cause the material to weaken, eventually leading to holes or tears.

There’s a proper to wear them, of course. That is by rolling them up on one leg at a time and adjusting them carefully so that they are snug and secure. Wearing them the right way makes them also more comfortable. 

  • Not Moisturizing Before Wearing Pantyhose – Wearing lotion before wearing pantyhose also benefits you, not just your hosiery. After all, anything you wear can feel iffy when they brush against a dry patch of skin. 

By moisturizing, the texture of the pantyhose would feel good against your body and your pantyhose can smoothly fit your legs when you wear them.

  • Wearing Pointy Jewelry – Pantyhose can easily get caught in rough surfaces and pointy objects, like your accessories. Sometimes, even the tiniest stones or crystals in your bracelets and rings can get snagged accidentally in your pantyhose and rip it. 

When wearing pointy jewelry, be careful about getting it near your hosiery. In addition, you should also avoid other pointy objects around you, like screws!

  • Settling For Cheap And Low-Quality Pantyhose – The quality of your pantyhose determines how long and how much you can enjoy using it. It can be tempting to just get whatever’s available within reach in stores, but it can be a bad investment. Cheap and low-quality hosiery can have rough textures, uneven measurements, and have brittle material.

If you do not want to spend again and again on pantyhose after using your old ones just a few times, invest in better pairs. Luckily, you don’t have to look hard because’s got you covered.

3 Hosiery Pieces To Bring When You’re Traveling

3 Hosiery Pieces To Bring When You’re Traveling

Going somewhere? One of the biggest challenges when planning a trip somewhere is choosing what wearables to bring. With the limited space available in your luggage, it is important to be smart about your choice of clothes. 

You will want something that can go with any accessories and something you can wear in any weather and occasion. When it comes to flexibility, here are 3 good choices from that deserve a spot in your travel bag. 

  • Leggings – It does not matter if your trip is just to another city or on the other side of the world. Leggings can make your travel extra hassle-free because it gives you freedom of movement. It is also very comfortable to wear! 

A lot of unexpected things can happen when you travel. You may end up on a hike or a long walk,  but with leggings at the ready, you can get through anything. 

  • Tights And Pantyhose – Some travels are for important business meetings while some are just for fun. Whatever the case, your tights, and pantyhose have got you covered. They are one of the most versatile leggings that can fit any mood and theme when paired with the right outfit, like a dress or a skirt.
  • Socks – If you are looking for peak comfortability, then your socks are absolutely a must. What we like about socks is that you can wear this both for fashion, for comfort, and for protection. They can also be hidden, subtle, or flashy enough to complete and define your outfit for the day. 

What you wear factors in how much you will enjoy your vacation. The fewer things you worry about, the better! 

The best part about choosing leggings, tights, pantyhose, and socks is that they are travel-friendly. You can easily fold them or ball them up without risking wrinkles, and they will not take so much space in your luggage.