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Hosiery Lets You Break Your Shorts Out Early In 2023 

Hosiery Lets You Break Your Shorts Out Early In 2023

Maybe you just can’t wait to break out your favorite pairs of shorts, and we can’t blame you! The right hosiery lets you give your favorite shorts a bit of extra mileage. Classic and versatile, shorts with hose is one of our favorite looks for the early spring season. 

First and foremost, you don’t have to settle on a particular type of shorts to try this trend. The easiest way to wear hosiery and shorts is with a tailored short, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your denims a try. For those just trying shorts with hosiery, however, the tailored short is the perfect starting point. 

When wearing tailored shorts with hosiery, try going for a monochromatic look. A black pair of tailored shorts alongside the high denier Calzitaly Opaque Tights with Cushioned Sole creates a simple, uniform look that works for a girls’ night just as well as it works for the office. Paired with a blazer and an oxford shirt, you’re meeting ready. Remove the blazer, unbutton the top buttons of the shirt, and roll up your sleeves, and you’ve gone from day to night in seconds. 

Once you’ve mastered the tailored short and monochromatic look, you can start expanding your looks and playing with the versatility this trend has to offer. Distressed dark denim creates a really interesting juxtaposition against the refined look of hosiery, and we’re really loving this look with patterned hose. Ripped dark denim shorts, the Adrian Hasha Fashion Tights, a tucked in relaxed top, and a pair of fashion shoes might just be the brunching look you’ve been looking for! 

There’s no reason why your shorts must go into hibernation from the early fall all the way into late spring. If you have shorts you love, find a good pair of hose and wear them! At we have classic looks, on-trend hose, and those staple pieces that fit right in the middle so you can take your favorite pairs of shorts with you all year long. Looking to break out your shorts early this year? Check out what we have to pair with them at today. 

Get To Know 4 Must Have Types Of Hosiery 

Whether you’re building, rebuilding, or just padding your hosiery collection, there are a few pieces that everyone must have. These are the hosiery pieces you’ll reach for while you’re getting ready for any occasion, and if you have these in your collection you can rest assured you always have the perfect hose to wear. The 4 must-have types of hosiery you should get to know are: 

1. Opaque hosiery – Opaque hosiery with high denier is your go-to for the cool fall, winter, and even spring months. These can come in a wide variety of colors for all sorts of whimsical and bright looks, but the most classic choice is black. A black pair of opaque hosiery can make short hemlines more accessible, take your shorts all the way into winter, and they go with just about anything. If you’re new to opaque black hosiery, the Bellissima Micro 90 Microfiber Opaque Tights are a great place to start. 

2. Reinforced hosiery – For those who put their hosiery to work, reinforced hosiery is for you. These pieces have reinforced toes and other areas so they’re a bit tougher than your average pairs of sheer hosiery. Reinforced hosiery is perfect for those who wear hosiery to work or while spending long days on their feet. The Calzitaly Ultra Sheer High Heel Pantyhose with Cushion has comfort cushioned pads to provide comfort and stand up to the wear of long hours in heels. 

3. Toeless pantyhose – Maybe you want that perfect leg look, but you also want to wear a sexy pair of open-toe shoes – can you do both? Toeless pantyhose makes it all possible. Sheer pantyhose smooths and perfects the look of your legs, while a toeless construction makes it all look natural even with strappy open toed heels. Calzitaly Toeless Sheer Pantyhose with Cooling Effect are toeless and made for summer! 

4. Control hosiery – Not all fabrics are very forgiving, and maybe you love an outfit a bit more than it appears to love you back. Control hosiery makes any fabric, cut, or outfit that you’ll look stunning in. This type of hosiery sculpts, lifts, and smooths for a perfect silhouette. The Elly Dream 120 – Support Tights with Silver Ions features compression support for comfort and smoothing. 

At we’re here to stack your hosiery drawer with all of the pieces you need to perfect every outfit. To see more of what must-haves we have for you, check us out at today. 

5 Things Pantyhose Are Doing For Your Legs 

5 Things Pantyhose Are Doing For Your Legs

To go with bare legs, or to reach for the hosiery? This is a question that pops into many women’s heads while getting ready for work, a date night, a wedding, or any sort of event. If you’re having this debate, consider what pantyhose are really doing for your legs. 5 things pantyhose do for you are: 

1. Keep you warm and comfortable –  In the fall, winter, and even early spring period, wearing a dress or skirt can get a little breezy. Opaque hosiery with a high denier like the 140 den Elly Sophie 140 Tights with Graduated Compression doesn’t just perfect the look of your legs, they keep them warm at the same time. 

2. Keeps you comfortable – After sitting all day at the office, have your legs ever felt achy, tired, or even a bit sore? It’s a baffling phenomenon, since many believe that there’s no reason for tired legs if you haven’t been moving around all day. However, sitting still can be just as exhausting for the legs as spending all day on your feet. Compression hosiery keeps you comfortable and supported even during sedentary days, which can help to eliminate that tired feeling. Elly Dream 70 – Support Tights with Silver Ions feature medium graduated compression for optimum comfort. 

3. Takes care of imperfections – “Strawberry” legs, visible veins, or bruises can really take away from your overall look. One of the best benefits of hosiery is that a good pair of hose is an instant perfector. From sheer to opaque, it’s the concealer your legs are asking for before you put on a skirt of pair of shorts. 

4. Gives your legs a longer, leaner look – Long legs add to the look of a graceful figure, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed to have them. Patterned hosiery, seamed stockings, and fishnet hosiery can help to elongate the legs for a balanced and feminine look in any outfit. 

5. Hosiery reduces chafing on the legs – Spending a long day walking about in a skirt can go from cute to uncomfortable quickly. Leg rubbing turns to leg chafing, and before you know it you’re feeling sore, raw, and even painful. Hosiery stops that uncomfortable friction and gives you a more comfortable day out. 

From control top hosiery, to open toes, to the fashion looks that add sex appeal to your outfit, we have it all. Find your next favorite pair, and all the benefits that go along with them, at today. 

3 Situations That Call For Hosiery 

Not sure whether the occasion calls for hosiery or not? We’re here to help! While we at believe that every look is made better with hose, we know that sometimes that internal debate can leave you wondering. 3 situations that always call for hosiery include: 

1. It’s starting to get cold – Whether it’s a chilly fall day or a brisk spring breeze, hosiery is made to provide comfort and style when temperatures are less than comfortable. During the fall, winter, and spring months, hosiery helps to make your look complete while keeping you warm and comfortable in the process. During this time, opt for a higher denier hosiery to give you a bit more protection against the cold. 

2. You’re wearing a short hemline – Short hemlines can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. If you’re going out for a nice evening, and you want to break out that mini hem, hosiery is exactly what you need for complete confidence in your outfit. For the shortest hemlines, opt for a higher denier hosiery with a more opaque look and you can never go wrong. The best part? Hosiery will work to elongate the leg making your look even more elegant! 

3. Occasions that require a bit more polishing – If you’re attending a meeting, going to a formal wedding, or attending any sort of event that calls for a bit more polishing, always reach for your hosiery. Hosiery works to provide a complete, refined, and careful look that lends to professionalism and formality. When choosing hosiery for a polished event opt for a style that’s classic, refined, and versatile like our Cecilia De Rafael Hyde Park – Back Seam Pantyhose.

Hosiery has its place in any look, but for some occasions hosiery becomes a necessity instead of an accessory. At we have high denier tights, classic refined styles, and trendy pieces to go right along with every outfit and every occasion you have planned. To find your next pair, see what we have in store at today. 

How To Get The Trickiest Stains Out Of Your Hosiery 

High end hosiery is an investment, so it makes sense that you’d want to keep it protected. Mistakes happen, but that doesn’t mean your hosiery is ruined. We want to take a look at some of the most common spills and stains, and how to get them out of your hosiery without ruining your favorites: 

• Ketchup or coffee – You’re having lunch or drinking your morning cup, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a stain on your hose. Heavily coating the stain in peroxide can help to lift it out of the fabric of your hosiery without compromising the look and quality. 

• Red wine – Spilling on yourself during a date night doesn’t have to ruin the evening. Saturate the stain in a bit of club soda and allow the fizzy bubbles to lift the red wine pigment out of your hosiery. 

• Cosmetics like lip balm or lotion – Lip balm and lotion can leave greasy stains on your clothing, including your hosiery. If you have a cosmetic mishap with an oil-based product, a bit of flour and salt sprinkled onto the stain can help to cut the stain. Be careful not to rub, as the coarse nature of the salt can damage hosiery when friction comes into play. 

• Lipstick – Lipstick is a bit different than lip balm, as you’re talking pigment alongside the oily nature of the product. With lipstick stains, gently dabbing with a baby wipe can help to lighten or completely eliminate the stain. 

Preserving your hosiery can be easier than you think, and having a spill or smudge accident doesn’t mean your favorite hosiery is ruined. With a few products on hand, you can keep your pieces looking beautiful through just about anything! For your next favorite pair, see what we have for you at today. 

Go Bold And Always Hit The Mark 

Go Bold And Always Hit The Mark

Bold is fun, bold is whimsical, bold is exciting – but it can also be pretty intimidating! A great bold pair of tights is a great way to insert a little excitement into your look, but if you’re feeling apprehensive, you’re definitely not alone. At we want to give you a few fun ideas to play with so you can enjoy all of the bright things the bold look has to offer! 

Bold hosiery offers itself well to the maximalist trend, so that’s a great place to start if you’re looking to embrace more eccentric and free-spirited styles. Take one color from one of your bright and bold patterns, and use that color as your focal point for your tights and your footwear. For instance, a floral pattern jacket or blouse with bright red roses really pops when you pair it with our Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Libero Seamless Glossy Pantyhose in red, and now you have a great maximalist foundation to start with. Build from there with your accessories, your footwear, and a whimsical bag for a look that’s right out of a fairytale. 

Like maximalism, bold tights are a natural fit with retro styles. Mod pops and groovy looks reminiscent of the 60s and 70s have never gone out of style, and your bold tones and hosiery fit right in. Opaque bold colored tights even make it easier to wear those short hemlines so popular with those looks, giving you some much needed coverage to make up for what a skirt or a pair of ultra-short shorts might lack. The Giulia Samba 40 Tights come in a wide array of different pop colors and their ultra-opaque nature is perfect for authentic retro fashion. Feeling a little nervous to break out the color? Stick with neutral colors in your vintage inspired outfit and let your tights do the talking! 

Monochrome looks are a perfect fit for bold hosiery, and monochrome really lets you get bold without getting too busy. For those who want to bring more pops of bright color to the office, this is the way to go. A deep green skirt and blazer looks polished with matching colored tights like the Giulia Blues 70 Opaque Tights in deep green, letting you still go bold but keeping it a little more muted to remain office-friendly. 

At we want you to feel not just comfortable in bold looks, but to embrace all of the fun they have to offer. To find your next favorite bold pair of hose, see what we have at today. 

5 Tips For Mastering The Fishnet Trend 

5 Tips For Mastering The Fishnet Trend

Fishnets are synonymous with 80s and 90s alt-rocker style, even if they’re really so much more versatile than just that. With all things old becoming new again, we’re seeing a huge fishnet resurgence that we just can’t get enough of. 5 tips for mastering the fishnet trend in 2023 are: 

1. Customize with your pattern – Fishnets are far from a “one size fits all” style. There’s larger patterns, smaller patterns, even those with a bit of sparkle like our Adrian Sparkle Fishnet Tights. If you’re going with a classic grunge chic look, a classic medium sized fishnet like the Fiore Passion Fishnet Suspender Tights will never let you down. It creates the perfect pattern to peek out from and contrast with ripped denim. Want to dress it up? Break out those sparkle fishnets instead. 

2. Layer up if you’re going with a mini skirt – Fishnets with a mini skirt is a classic combination, but pairing it well without losing balance can get a little tricky. Fishnets really draw the eye to the legs and they show quite a bit of skin, so keep layered up on top. If you plan to wear fishnets with a anything mini, like skirt or tailored shorts, go with a higher collar, a blazer or jacket, or a loose menswear inspired blouse. You want your legs to shine, and this draws the eye right where you want it to be. 

3. Let it pop up top – Crop tops are back in style in a huge way, and this lets you show off your fishnets a little differently. Rather than bringing attention to your legs, pair your fishnets with lower waist jeans and let them show off your midsection instead. Wide and high waisted fishnets like our Trasparenze Edera Wide Fishnet Tights can be pulled up above your belt line, giving you a little pop of texture and edge between your jeans and the hem of your crop top. 

4. Fine fishnets are office-friendly – If you think you can’t wear fishnets to the office, think again. While the wide edgy fishnets might not be the top choice for workwear, finer fishnets are perfect. It’s classic, it’s chic, and it’s a look that can be dressed up or down if you plan on going out after-hours. 

5. Fishnet socks are made for booties – Pairing booties with a skirt is a classic combo, but you can sprinkle the look with easy edge just by pairing fishnet socks with the look. Fishnet socks that go to the ankle or knee, like the Intimidea Attraction Rete Fishnet Knee Highs with ankle boots let you get a little taste of the fishnet style without going all the way if you don’t want to. 

Fishnets are a must in any hosiery wardrobe, and we have all the styles you need to embrace each and every look. Find your next fishnets now at! 

5 Styling Tips To Elongate Your Legs 

5 Styling Tips To Elongate Your Legs

Long legs have a way of giving any look an air of grace, but unfortunately, we’re not all born with them! With the right outfit and the right hosiery, faking it is no problem. 5 styling tips to elongate your legs instantaneously are: 

1. High waisted pants do the trick – For short legs and a long waist, flipping the script is as simple as a pair of high waisted pants. It shortens the waist while lengthening the legs, and when paired with a heel it gives that perfect willowy look. To bring it into the 90’s resurgence trend that’s so huge right now, pair some ripped high waisted and relaxed fit jeans with a peekaboo of fishnet tights underneath. 

2. Match your shoes with your hosiery – If you’re wearing a skirt and hosiery, but you’re not trying to go for a patterned hosiery look, there’s a simple way to elongate the leg. Pairing the color of your shoes with your hosiery gives your legs serious length. If you’re wearing nude hose, pair with a nude shoe. If you’re going big and bold with colored tights, let your shoes continue the color pop. 

3. Wear wedges or heels – One of the classic ways to give yourself a taller, longer, and leaner look is to pair your outfit with wedges or heels. For those with open toes, toeless hosiery like the Calzitaly Toeless Sheer Pantyhose with Cooling Effect lets you show off your pedicure in a stunning pair of heels without your hosiery getting in the way.  

4. Never underestimate the power of vertical lines and patterns – Patterns can be your best friend when it comes to elongating. While a horizontal stripe might not do you many favors, vertical lines certainly will. Hosiery with vertical designs like the Gabriella CORE Thigh High Stockings with a cute vertical heart pattern going down the side of each leg draw the eye up and down, giving you immediate length. 

5. Celebrate slits – A slit in a skirt or a pair of pants works much in the same way as vertical patterns. It draws the eye upward, bringing length to your look without much effort. An additional benefit of a slit? It gives a great peekaboo to highlight the hosiery you have on underneath. 

Longer and leaner can be just one simple wardrobe hack away. For the hosiery that gives you the graceful length you’re looking for, see what we have in store at today. 

DIY Hosiery Stain Removal Guide 

DIY Hosiery Stain Removal Guide

Hosiery is made with thinner, more delicate fibers than other clothing like jeans or sweaters. So when it comes to the care of hosiery, it’s really important to exercise extra care. When your hosiery becomes stained, scrubbing too hard or using harsh chemical stain removers can degrade and hurt the fibers. To protect your hosiery from damage, it’s important to understand how to wash them and remove stains. Here is our guide to DIY hosiery stain removal.

Wash Your Hosiery

Start by filling a large bowl with warm water. Add the recommended amount of a gentle detergent. We recommend a hosiery-specific wash like Ames Walker. It’s best to wear gloves but if you don’t, remove any jewelry from your hands. You don’t want it catching and tearing. Place your hosiery in the bowl. Use your hands to gently wash the legs, waistband, and feet. While washing, inspect the hosiery for any stains. If you notice any stains that are not lifting, you will need to apply a stain removal solution.

Stain Removal Solutions For Your Hosiery

Depending on the type of stain you will need to add a capful of the following solutions to your bowl: 

● Hydrogen Peroxide: Coffee, blood, fruit, and vegetable stains

● Club Soda: Red wine, grease, and mud

● White Vinegar: Grass, lotion, and sweat

● Isopropyl Alcohol: Ink, makeup, and paint

Let the solution sit to lift the stain. If needed, you can guide it along by gently scrubbing it with a paper towel. You want to use paper towels because they have weaker fibers than your hosiery. So if you accidentally scrub the stain too hard, the paper towel will pile and tear and not your hosiery.

Properly Drying Your Hosiery

Once the stain has lifted, lay out a large towel on a flat surface. Remove the hosiery from the bowl. You then will gently squeeze the hosiery to wring out any excess water. Once you are done, you will lay the hosiery out on the towel. Air dry your tights. Then fold and put away.

Using these washing and stain removal techniques will protect your hosiery from damage during the wash. It will also lift any of the common stains that can occur when wearing them. The best way to keep your hosiery looking great is to invest in quality hosiery from the start. At, we offer the finest quality European hosiery. With proper care, our hosiery will last you a lifetime. 

Seven Winter Tights To Keep You Warm All Season

Seven Winter Tights To Keep You Warm All Season

Cold temperatures won’t stop us from looking stylish this winter season. Thanks to winter tights, we can wear skirts, shorts, and dresses while still staying warm. Winter tights are also great to wear under your pants for an added layer of warmth. They are extremely flexible so they are even good to wear when doing outdoor winter activities. Here are seven of our favorite winter tights to help keep you warm.

1. Cette Opaque THERMAL TIGHTS 300 DEN with Warm Fleece Inner

With a thick, soft 300 denier, our Cette opaque tights have an added layer of warmth. The fleece lining helps keep you warm in the cold weather while also wicking away the sweat when you are back indoors.

2. Bellissima Everest 100 Winter Tights

Made with a blend of cotton and microfiber yarn, our Bellissima Everest winter tights are as soft as they are warm. They are perfect to wear for winter activity because they are made with durable and flexible fibers.

3. Calzitaly Fleeced Line Leather Leggings

Get the look of leather with the warmth of fleece with our Calzitaly Fleece leather leggings. Stylish, waterproof, and warm, these versatile leggings will quickly become a winter wardrobe staple. 

4. Silca Thermal Ice Winter Tights

Our Silca Thermal Ice Winter Tights are like a second skin. They are extremely thick, and flexible, and are ideal for keeping you warm during outdoor activities. We definitely recommend these for under your clothes when you’re out in the cold.

5. Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights

Add both warmth and texture to your outfit with the Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights. These sweater tights are fashionable and the ribbing locks in extra heat to keep you warm. 

6. Pompea Artica 120 Tights in Wool and Cotton

Perfect for a cold day, our breathable Pompea Artica tights will keep you warm without making you sweat. Available in two classic colors, these wool and cotton tights go with everything!

7. Omero Gea 100 Cashmere Wool Tights

For a more luxurious winter tight, try these Omera Gea tights made with cashmere and wool. They’re soft against your skin while also protecting you from cold outdoor temperatures. 

These seven seasonal tights are perfect to add to your wardrobe. They’ll help you stay both warm and stylish all winter long. For more winter tights, check out the selection at We offer the finest-quality, European-made tights in a variety of colors and styles. No matter what the season, we have the hosiery you need.