How To Protect Your Hosiery Against Runs And Tears

There is nothing worse than looking down and noticing you have a run in your tights. Well, except when you get a run while putting on your tights. Fortunately, these are both avoidable scenarios if you know how to properly wear and care for your hosiery. Here are our tips to prevent your hosiery from getting runs, tears, and piling.

1. Buy High-Quality Tights

Although drugstore tights have a lower cost, they are made with inferior fibers. So they get damaged very easily and quickly. Over time, you will have to continuously replace them. Ultimately, the replacement costs add up to more than the cost of a pair of tights that will last for years. The University of Georgia has a really helpful guide to fiber quality to help you select high-quality tights. You can also buy your hosiery from a quality supplier.

2. Buy The Right-Sized Tights

Tights that are too tight will stretch the fibers to their limit. This makes them more susceptible to breakage, tears, and damage like runs. If they are too big, they will sag which can lead to excess friction on the fabric, causing piling and tears. Make sure to read the size guide when purchasing hosiery.

3. Wash By Hand

Most tights can be put in the washing machine and survive. However, it’s not the best thing for them. When fibers are wet, they are more susceptible to damage. The spin of the washing machine can put excess pressure on the hosiery fibers risking runs and tears. If they are washed with other clothing, they can be torn by buttons, zippers, and stiffer fibers. Washing by hand in warm water with a gentle cleanser will protect the fibers.

4. Keep Clear Nail Polish With You

One of the best ways to prevent runs is to catch them while they are still small holes. When you get a small hole or tear in your hosiery, apply a small dab of clear nail polish. This will lock the fibers into place, preventing any further runs and tears from forming. When you wear hosiery, keep a small bottle of clear nail polish with you and you can prevent the damage from getting worse.

These tips will help you keep your hosiery in excellent condition. For the highest quality hosiery, check out the selection at We offer the finest quality products from the most well-known European hosiery manufacturers. When cared for properly, our hosiery will last you a lifetime.