How to Wear Black Opaque Tights the Right Way

If you love all things fashion, you probably already have a pair or two of opaque black tights in your wardrobe. They are a versatile, classic, and sleek staple every woman should have available because they pair nicely with various outfits for work and play.

However, since black opaque tights are so versatile, you might sometimes find it difficult to style them the right way. Here are our expert tips on how to wear black opaque tights the right way. 

1. Pair Black Opaque Tights With Any Ensemble

Yes, you read that right. You can pair your new black opaque tights with virtually any ensemble. They work well for a feminine and sophisticated look but are versatile enough to pull off a colorful, fun, and vibrant look as well. 

2. Create a Bold Outfit

If you have a bold dress with a vibrant print or a favorite blouse that is brightly colored, your opaque black tights will pair perfectly. Black also makes you appear longer and leaner, which is always a plus! 

When pairing the black tights with a bold and vibrant print, you dial up the subtlety of the basic tights without going overboard. This look can be sophisticated, fun, and striking and works in even more conservative settings like the workplace.

3. Tone Down an Outfit

Black opaque tights can also achieve the opposite. If you have a bold outfit or statement shoe you want to dress down a bit, then black opaque tights are a great option. They keep the overall look from being too messy or busy. 

4. Wear Under Ripped Jeans

If you have a favorite pair of ripped jeans but avoid wearing them during winter because you will get too cold, consider wearing your tights underneath the jeans. Tights make a great and way more stylish alternative to long underwear during the winter, and you can continue to showcase your grunge and alternative aesthetic year-round.

5. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Black opaque tights are great when you are in a rush to create the perfect ensemble for the day. Grab your tights, a red blouse, and gold jewelry for an ensemble sure to turn heads. It is a great look for a casual day out, the office, a night out, or a more formal affair. 

As you can see, there are many ways you can use black opaque tights in your wardrobe. Ready to stock up? Visit us at and browse our high-quality selection of hosiery to update or upgrade your wardrobe for every season.