How To Remove Stains From Your White Hosiery

White hosieries are very lovely until you spot a speck of dirt or stain on them. There are many reasons why your whites got dirty, like a dusty surface or an unnoticed drop of sauce when eating. 

Removing stains and dirt can be challenging, so here are 4 tips to get you started. 

  • Wash Them ASAP! – As soon as you get home, do not just throw your stained hosiery into the washer or let it rest in your laundry basket. Doing these can worsen the damage more. For instance, tossing it in the washer and letting the machine handle it won’t fully get rid of the stain. Using the washing machine can also risk your hosiery’s material from thinning, shrinking, or breaking. 

Delaying washing it can cause the stain to dry up and soak in the fabric completely. When this happens, it will be near impossible to remove the stains no matter how much you try to wash them. 

  • Prepare Clean And Cold Water – Get a basin and fill it with cold and clean water. While most of your clothes can be washed in warm water, cool water is actually preferred when washing delicate clothing, like your white thigh highs and pantyhose. Cool water is also known to effectively remove stains compared to warm water.
  • Use A Stain Remover – Usually, soaking your hosiery water is effective but if the stains are persistent, it is time to get a stain remover. But you have to be careful about choosing what to use because different removers are effective only for certain stains. For example,  hairsprays work against ink stains while wipes work against lipstick stains. 
  • Do Not Rub Vigorously – Rubbing them harshly is tempting but can only further the damage. Too much force can cause you to stretch the fabric and make it loose instead of tight-fitting. Instead of rubbing, you can create a paste with your stain remover and pat it against the stains. If you have to rub, do it as gently as you can. 
  • Let It Rest –  Give it another wash to get rid of the soap and other products you used before letting it dry. Do not hang your hosiery using hangers or clips as these can also be damaging. Instead, lay them down on a flat surface until they dry. 

Just remember these steps and you won’t have anything to fear about wearing white thighs, stockings, or pantyhose from