4 Pieces To Complete Your Goth Look

Goth fashion is not dead. In fact, this unique look and taste continue to take over the streets and runways. There’s something about goth that makes you feel young, wild, and free again even if the whole ensemble screams dark, dangerous, and rebellious. And because we embrace all kinds of fashion, Hosieree is here to help you pick the perfect tights and socks that can match your intense look. 

  • Juicy Fashion Socks Start your goth journey with the rips on this pair of black socks. The tears climb up to above your ankles so you can pair it with lowcut boots or black heels, letting the socks carry your footwear fashion entirely. While it is tattered, the socks are made from high-quality materials so you do not have to worry about accidentally ripping them all the way.
  • Gabriella Variette Lace TightsThese lace tights give off strong vintage vibes that truly embody goth fashion’s sexy and mysterious side. The lace flowers are scattered all over the fishnet patterns, making up a subtle combo that goes well with goth dresses and skirts without overpowering your overall look. 
  • Tarantula Fashion Tights It’s not goth punk if you don’t at least give someone a fright. The spider prints in these tights ought to do the trick! The spider patterns are boldly scattered all over the fabric and while Halloween is the first that comes to mind when seeing this, pairing it with the vintage dresses and thick black booths makes it the perfect addition to your goth fashionwear. 
  • Fiore Nocturne 20 Hold UpsThrowing in a splash of red brings out the fierceness and sexiness of goth fashion. The red lace top carries just the right amount of danger and temptation vibes, the perfect combination if you are going for a bold, confident, and proud look. It will definitely turn heads and inspire looks of awe.