Going Back To The Classic Black

Going Back To The Classic Black

The world will never run out of beautiful selections of tights. From colorful pastels, elegant sheers, to adventurous bright-colored pairs, you are sure to find one that suits every occasion. However, we always somehow find ourselves drawn back to wearing classic black tights and leggings. The opaque black color may be plain but the lack of prints and patterns is what makes opaque black hosiery a timeless favorite.

You can partner these pairs with almost anything, from dresses, coats, skirts, to oversized hoodies! To help you get ready for the day, here are five of our best opaque black hosiery you can wear anytime without worries:

  • Calzitaly Opaque Tights As we slowly approach cooler days ahead, you would love to have your hands on this pair of tights. Calzitaly’s opaque tights are made from wool and viscose yarn that is sure to keep your legs warm against chilly winds. Pair this up with a lovely coat, turtle neck, and boots, and you are good to go!
  • Cecilia De Rafael Opaque Seamless Tights –  A little more dash of sexy is always a good decision and these seamless opaque tights are just what you need. Besides being completely seamless, it also does not come with a gusset, thus promising you a flawless and smooth look on your legs. Its seamless style makes the Cecilia De Rafael Opaque Seamless Tights perfect to wear with low-riding shorts and skirts.
  • Fiore Opaque 3D Microfiber Leggings Anette Need an extra hug? These 3D microfiber leggings are happy to give you one! It is made with 3D yarns that are super elastic and can hug your body shape perfectly, highlighting your curves and shaping your legs to give you a smooth and sexy silhouette. 
  • Dimension 50 3D Opaque Microfiber Tights –  Sprinkle in a bit of glam with Dimension 50’s fun twist to their opaque microfiber tights. This pair has a light sheen 3D effect that makes it unique and effortlessly fashionable. The extra soft waistband also ensures that you feel comfortable the whole day while wearing it!

The fun thing about opaque black tights and leggings is that they are flexible and can go with any outfit, shoes, and can be worn in any type of event. Go grab a pair from hosieree.com’s opaque collection and style it however you want!

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