What Is Color-Blocking And Why You Should Try It

What Is Color-Blocking And Why You Should Try It

Color-blocking emerged as a trend in recent years and as people become more and more adventurous with their fashion choices, this style is definitely here to stay. This trend is all about bold choices, leaving an impression, and making a statement, but in order to pull color-blocking fashion successfully, you should have a clear understanding of how it really works!

What Is Color-Blocking?

First things first, let’s define color-blocking. Like we mentioned, this style is pretty adventurous and bold, and these are one of the reasons why understanding it is important. Color-blocking is basically wearing two to three contrasting colors, and by contrast, we do not simply mean wearing black and white, or light blue and dark blue.

Color-blocking is about combining colors that are on the opposite ends of the color chart; colors that you would not dare to imagine together because they seem so different—or at least that’s the impression that they generally leave at first. You would be surprised at how two bold colors, like orange and pink, go well together!

Why Should You Try Color-Blocking?

Wearing blocks of colors are definitely eye-catching as you would expect to really pop out in the crowd. More than that, the unique combinations you create from wearing bold and contrasting colors can give you a fresh, youthful, and uplifting look. It is like being a spot of sunshine in a bleak and gloomy day!

Color-blocking also helps when you need to especially grab attention, like for important talks, client meetings, or parties. If you are able to find the perfect contrasting colors that magically complements each other, we are sure you will totally rock it.

Color-Blocking For Beginners

Finding outfits that you can color-block is easier said than done, but it does not have to be extremely challenging. For starters, you can narrow down your fashion pieces into two: top and legwear. Forgoing your usual denim jeans and black leggings, you might think that you’ve already run out of options for legwear. That’s far from true because Hosieree.com has just what you need: opaque tights!

Opaque tights go in various striking colors and unique textures so you have a lot of options to choose from. For instance, the Girardi Cortina Opaque Tights have a matte finish while the Cecilia De Rafael Uppsala has a smooth and glossy texture.

Finding the right legwear for your color-blocking fashion adventures is not that hard if you look in the right places, like Hosieree.com. We’ll be with you all the way!

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