How To Prevent Runs In Your Stockings

How To Prevent Runs In Your Stockings

There is nothing worse than stepping out in a great outfit only to discover that you have a run in your hosiery. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you prevent getting runs in your tights. Here are our biggest tips to keep your tights looking great.

Invest In A Quality Pair

Pantyhose like anything else, comes in varying quality. The inexpensive pairs that you pick up at the drugstore are not made with quality in mind. Therefore they are going to rip and tear more easily than a higher quality European style pair. It’s not just brand quality that matters, you also want to look for pantyhose with design features that strengthen the hosiery. A great feature are reinforced toes and heels. These have an added layer of fabric that can prevent runs right at the most common sources. You also want to look for hosiery that have runresistant technology. This is especially important if you are very active. Finally, make sure that you select the right size, if your hosiery is too tight, the thread tension will create a higher risk of runs.

Take Care When Putting On Your Tights

Oftentimes runs happen while putting on your pantyhose. Before putting on pantyhose, it’s always a good idea to moisturize your legs. It’s a lot easier to get hosiery on moisturized legs than dry legs. You also should let your lotion, oil, or body butter soak in, otherwise getting the hosiery on can be a little tricky. When putting a pair on, you want to always gently scrunch from the hip to the toe, then slowly work the stocking up the leg. Finally, take extra care when putting on shoes, clothing, and jewelry to make sure nothing catches on clasps, zippers, or textured fabrics.

Wash With Extra Care

Washing hosiery in the laundry cycle with the rest of your clothes can damage the fibers. It can also put them at risk of getting caught or pulled by the ornaments on your clothes like buttons or zippers. Instead, follow the care instructions on the packaging. If you don’t have the packaging still, we have a helpful guide on our blog you can read here.

All of these tips will help make sure that you’re never caught with a run again. If you do have a run though, we can help you fix them before they ruin the entire pair. At we understand the importance of keeping your stockings free of runs. That is why we only stock the finest quality European tights. Available in every shape, color, and size you could ever need, our pantyhose will make sure your look is never ruined by a run again.

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