Looking After Your Delicate Sheer Hosiery

Looking After Your Delicate Sheer Hosiery

Spring is here and summer will be coming close on its heels. This is the time of year you’ll be breaking out your sheer hosiery the most, and you’ll want your favorite pairs to last all year long and beyond. Sheer hosiery is often a bit more delicate than heavier opaque hose, and this means they’ll also require a bit more delicate care.

The care for your delicate sheer hose begins before you even take them out of the package. Before opening the package your sheer hosiery comes in, make sure that your nails are filed and your hands moisturized. Any snags in your nails or skin could catch onto the hosiery, causing runs or tears before you even get the chance to wear. When you’re putting on your hosiery, moisturize your hands and legs, and delicately roll the hosiery onto each leg. Remove any jewelry you may have on, and make sure any stretching of the hosiery is done carefully. Once your hosiery is on, gently pull on the toe portions to leave a little room and prevent tears from forming at the toes.

When you take off your hosiery at the end of the day, do the opposite of what you did to put them on. Gently roll the hosiery down, and don’t pull harshly from the toe. Roll down until the hosiery simply rolls off of your legs and feet, and then store gently until you’re ready to wash.

Washing your delicate hosiery is something of a process, and if you plan to use a washing machine, using a mesh washing bag is always recommended. Hosiery is ideally handwashed, however, using gentle detergent and kept far away from any jewelry or other garments to discourage snagging. Your hosiery  can be hanged to dry gently, or they can be placed between two dry towels and laid flat until dry.

When you store your fine hosiery, you’ll also want to take special care. Store your hosiery separately from all other clothing, and ideally not directly on a wooden drawer. Wood can have small splinters you cannot see, but that doesn’t mean they won’t snag your hose. Line your hosiery drawer or keep your hosiery stored in small bags or tubs to ensure they remain protected.

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