Spring and Summer Hosiery Trends for 2019

Spring and Summer Hosiery Trends for 2019

With spring here and summer right around the corner, it is time to start rethinking our current wardrobe and pull out pieces that will work well during the warmer months of the year. It may even be time to ditch the old and worn out stuff and visit hosieree.com for some hosiery you will fall in love with.

The following are some of the biggest and hottest trends we are seeing in the fashion world for spring and summer 2019:

Floral is Stronger Than Ever

Highly inspired by the 1970s, floral prints and patterns are hot and perfect for spring. Lace hosiery with a floral pattern can be seen in stockings and knee highs and come in an abundance of different textures and patterns.

For a more folk-inspired look this season, you can add your hosiery with other accessories like macramé styles, feathers, and even fringe. The hosiery will be what grounds the look while adding a slight touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Top Color Trends

Color is always a thing, so why would that change now? Back in the day, it was important to match your bag to what you were wearing; however, this year, the experts think that every item you wear needs to match.

White is a popular color option and is becoming much more than just a bridal trend. Need something with more dramatic flair? Neon colors are also popular along with shades of yellow, emerald green, orange, and fuchsia.

White is also being considered the new black in the fashion world, and white tights and hosiery can be paired with light pastels for a brilliantly inspired spring look.

Bringing Back Knee Highs

Knee highs are also back and better than ever. They look great paired with a cute pair of shorts or even knee-length skirts and dresses. Many are opting for the plain and sheer variety this year.

In addition to knee highs, thigh highs are also making an appearance, and with the warmer weather upon us, they make a great alternative to tights. It is also a great way to add some sex-appeal to any outfit.

Ready to try out some of these hot hosiery trends of 2019 yourself? Visit us at hosieree.com today to fill your cart with new styles and colors to rock for spring and summer.

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