Tips And Tricks For Better Hosiery Storage

Tips And Tricks For Better Hosiery Storage

With a great hosiery collection comes the need for equally great storage. In order to best keep your fine European made hosiery looking its best, storage is a big part of the equation. Whether you’re looking to store your durable and thick Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights or your more delicate Amy Fashion Micro Tulle Pantyhose, these storage methods will work for both. Some tips and tricks you can use to improve your hosiery storage are:

  • The rolling method – If you keep your hosiery in a designated drawer, the rolling method is one of the best methods for keeping your collection neat and tidy. First, fold your hosiery in half length-wise, and then beginning at the toe begin rolling until you reach the end of the waistband. After they’re rolled, they can be placed inside of a drawer organizer, or they can be simply lined up in rows from front to back. Not only will this keep your hosiery organized and protected, but you’ll be able to spot what you need in seconds.
  • Use sandwich baggies – Sandwich baggies aren’t just for lunch anymore! For particularly delicate pairs of hosiery, or hosiery you really want to protect, this method is perfect for keeping them safe, accessible, and run-free. Simply fold your hosiery to fit into a zip plastic bag, insert hosiery, and place in your drawer or designated hosiery spot. Not only do your hose stay organized, but they’re also incredibly well protected from runs, pulls, moisture, or other damages.
  • Use hangers – Your average plastic or velvet hanger can be the perfect hosiery storage apparatus if you’re lacking space elsewhere but your closet. Hosiery may be draped over the base of a hanger in sets of 3 or 4, and simply placed on a closet rod for easy organization. The best way to fit a few pairs of hosiery on one hanger is to fold in half length-wise and drape over so the hanger bisects the folded hosiery.
  • Lining your drawers – The interior of the average dresser drawer is made of wood, and in some instances the wood can harm your delicate hosiery. Before using a drawer to store your hosiery, lining the bottom and sides of the drawer with a satin scarf or pillowcase can make all the difference in protecting your collection.

Proper storage practices do quite a bit to prolong the life of your high-end hosiery. To find the hosiery pieces you’ve been looking for to make up your collection check out what we have at today.

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