The Benefits Of Investing In Compression Hosiery

The Benefits Of Investing In Compression Hosiery

For runners or frequent fliers, compression hosiery is far from a new or foreign concept. However, for the rest of us, compression hosiery might not be something that comes to mind first when we consider necessities for our hosiery collection. However, compression hosiery is worth a thought even if you’re not planning to train for a 5k or book a flight anytime soon.

Compression hosiery works to promote venous blood flow through the leg and back to the heart, combating the effects of gravity. For runners, this blood flow helps to keep oxygen flowing throughout the body, on an airplane it combats the effects of gravity and pressure changes, and if you’re sitting at a desk for much of the day, it helps in this regard as well. Just like when you’re on a long flight, gravity will cause blood to pool in the legs. This can lead to discomfort, restless leg syndrome, and even blood clots, which is why, whether on a plane or at a desk, it’s recommended to take breaks every hour or so for a short walk to get the blood back flowing again.

Today’s compression hosiery isn’t yesterday’s compression hosiery. The compression hosiery of yesterday was rarely fashionable, and could rarely pass for elegant hosiery pieces. However, our Diagonal 70 Fashion Knee-Highs and Riposante 40 Support Tights both feature compression elements, and both prove that elegance can be found in compression hose.

Compression hosiery deserves a space in every hosiery collection, and after using compression hosiery just a few times, we at are confident you’ll see just why these pieces are so important. To see what compression hosiery we have in store for you, check out what we have at today.

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