The Best Way To Hand Wash Your Hosiery

The Best Way To Hand Wash Your Hosiery

While hosiery bags and special washes encourage women to wash their hosiery with a machine, we at still believe that hand washing is the single best way to keep clean while retaining your hosiery’s longevity. With high-quality European crafted hosiery, you’ll want to take the proper care to get the most from your hosiery investment, and we believe that hand washing gives you your best opportunity at just that. For this reason, we want to outline the best way to hand wash your hosiery for maintaining maximum quality throughout the years:

• Fill up the sink – The first step to hand washing your hosiery should be filling your clean sink with lukewarm water, and adding about a small capful of mild soap. Soap with fragrances and colors tend to be harsher, so we’d recommend steering clear of these. If you’d prefer a natural alternative with baking soda or vinegar, these work well, too.

• Soak – After the sink has been filled, drop in your hosiery and make sure the warm soapy water is fully saturating each piece. Allow your hosiery to soak for around 15 minutes to ensure all dust and dirt is effectively loosened.

• Rub – First, remove any jewelry you may be wearing, and then get your hands into the warm soapy water and begin rubbing your hosiery to dislodge any dirt. Using light and gentle friction, rub fabric against fabric in a soft back and forth motion.

• Drain and rinse – After soaking and rubbing, drain the sink and use lukewarm water to rinse the hosiery of any leftover soap or debris. After rinsing, gather your hosiery into a ball shape and squeeze gently to remove any excess water.

• Dry – To get the rest of the excess water out of your hosiery, never wring out or treat harshly. Instead, lay out a soft clean towel and lay your hosiery on top of it, then roll the towel with the hosiery inside. You’ll find that the towel absorbs the excess moisture without placing any strain on the fabric.

• Finish drying – With the excess moisture gone, you’re ready to lay out your hosiery overnight or until dry and ready to wear again!

With the proper care, your hosiery should be able to last for several years. To find your next new favorite pair of high-quality European hosiery, like our made in Germany Couture 20 Thigh Highs with Back Seam 50315, check out what we have in stock at today!

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  1. Hand washing my hosiery is my only way it makes all my hosiery last much longer. Must take special care I say to all your hosiery.

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