The 2 Main Ways To Fix A Panty Hose Run

The 2 Main Ways To Fix A Panty Hose RunAt, we know all about the inconvenience and annoyance that comes along with a run in your hose. Runs never seem to appear at a convenient time, they never seem to manifest themselves in an invisible location, and they never seem to stop growing, but there are ways that you can stop runs in their tracks no matter where you may be when they occur. Whether you catch the run before you leave the house, or you notice it while sitting at a table during a party, these 2 methods can be carried out quickly and discreetly in order to stop your panty hose runs in their tracks!

The first method is the clear nail polish method, and a tiny bottle of clear nail polish is something that any woman can easily incorporate into her evening bag. When you notice the run, simply go to the restroom and dab a bit of clear nail polish on the area. Holding the area of hose away from your skin, lightly blow on the polished run in order to help the polish to dry a bit more quickly. Once dry, apply a second, and perhaps third if necessary, coat on the area until you find the region of the hose becomes optimally stiff. The clear coated area will be invisible to the naked eye, and it will stop the run from spreading as you move throughout the day or night.

The second method can be a bit more difficult to carry out while out, but certainly not impossible, and this is the hairspray method. Using a pump or aerosol hairspray, simply spray the run area with a little bit of hairspray at first, and layer as needed. While it may be difficult to fit a full-sized bottle of hairspray in a small bag or clutch if you’re at a formal event, you can find smaller travel-sized bottles at many drug or big-box stores that are much more portable.

We at know how stressful it can be to be at an event, or in the office, and find a run creeping up your hosiery. With these methods, you can save your hosiery, and your look, from anywhere your day may take you!

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