Platino Brand – A History of Elegance

As one of the oldest
hosiery brands in the European market, Platino was created back in 1921
making products out of natural silk, and still manages to thrill hosiery
lovers today with its high-end range of silky fabrics. The philosophy
of Platino has been to offer the most innovative products, in line with
the latest fashion trends. This means that today you will find Platino
to be at the top of their game in the Spanish market in particular. They
are internationally recognized, exporting their products to more than
20 countries throughout the world. These products are perfect for day
use as well as for dressing up in the evening for more formal events,
depending on the style and pattern that you choose.

  –Platino Cleancut15

Platino Cleancut9

Platino Frappe Non Slip Sole

Platino Luxe Fata.html

Platino Nacar Nude

Platino Total Comfort

The Platino
product range is divided into two main collections for women to choose
from, including Pantyhose and Stockings as well as a revolutionary new
type of underwear without seams. Within these ranges you’ll find an
array of different product lines, with luxurious fabrics, high-end
yarns, and cutting-edge fashions. Their attention to detail is reflected
in the ultra-smooth yarn composition and knit structure, as well as
their high-end packaging that drips luxury. With new collections
presented twice a year, Platino’s new lines are always ones watched
closely by the fashion-conscious consumer.

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