Announcing the Arrival of the Luisa Maria Lugli’s New Collection

are proud to announce the arrival of Luisa Maria Lugli’s newest
collection. This set of four new tights and pantyhose are well
made to bring
comfort to their wearer all the day long. The diversity of
styles and
personality in these stockings guarantee you’ll need a selection
of each in
various colors to keep with your other hosiery all year round.
These gorgeous
are completely versatile and you’ll have great fun
mixing and
matching in front of your mirror.

might enjoy the eye-catching looks you’ll get when wearing any
of these tights
during the day, maybe layered with a cute pair of shorts, thigh
high stockings
anklet socks, sneakers or heels for a more fun look. At night
you may decide to
change it up and go with an ultra-sexy dress that hugs every
curve and sleek
high heels or a boldly patterned and brightly colored skirt and
a pair of
matching platforms or peep-toed shoes.

Maria Lugli’s Agata
mock suspender tights are nothing less than
sexy. These
featured front suspender stockings will have a passerby tempted
to reach out
and touch. These tights are particularly seductive as they show
not only a
darker thigh high stocking with ribbon accents, but a
tantalizing peek of
garter when worn with a short dress, sassy skirt, or shorts.

Luisa Maria Lugli Lucrezia pantyhose
perfectly mix elegance and
allure. These
sheer stockings are designed with the outlines of full stemmed
strategically placed to draw the eye up the length of legs made
to look their
best in the perfectly smooth grip of these delicate looking
pantyhose. Pair
with a sophisticated dress or flirty skirt and matching heels.

more sex appeal? Luisa Maria Lugli’s Stella answers the call
with a sensual
display of flowers and vines on a sheer background that entices
the viewer to
see if he can follow the blooms from beginning to end. These
come hither
stockings look best when worn with a curve hugging dress or
boldly colored
skirt and matching peep-toe heels.

San Remo pantyhose by Luisa Maria Lugli are a classic that never
goes out of
style. These luxurious pantyhose promise flirtatious days and
decadent nights
you don’t want to end. Accentuating the leg, these delicious
stockings feature
a single seam on the backs of the legs that delivers on
attention grabbing
enticement. Mysterious or bold and brash, either look wins.

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