The Evolution of Fashion Tights

Fashion tights of all varieties have come a long way through
the years. Opaque tights (Arika, Caracas, Isabel, Nelly), patterned tights ( Cipriana, Silvana, Tamira, Ankara) and sheer tights (Agata, Debby40, Edera15,
Summer8) may seem as if they
have been around forever but the truth is that fashion tights have evolved
significantly through the years and they are not today what they once were.
Back in the day, black leggings and other types of tights were worn primarily
by men and they were fashioned out of silk and wool. By the time the 1960s had
arrived, people were looking at things like nude pantyhose (Velato15, Sol8, Elegance10, Lunelle8) and sheer tights in
a completely different way. Women wearing short skirts were wearing nylons
underneath, keeping their legs looking soft and shapely.

Designs for tights were primarily quite simple back in the
day. Tights came in a variety of colors, but they were very rarely patterned or
textured, and instead were quite simple in nature. At first, opaque tights were
just tan or black, and there really were not many different options to select
from. As time went on, however, the fashion tights industry evolved
significantly to the point where there are now hundreds if not thousands of
different options that you can choose from, including tights for both men and
women and to suit a myriad of different purposes.

In today’s fashion world there are unique style tights to
fit every fashion sense. You will find fashion tights featuring multiple colors
or textures, patterns and images, you will find fishnet tights (Amy, Carlota, Carmen, Ronny) and a wide
variety of other designs in between. There are also a myriad of
fashion tights
and sheer tights to fit different purposes, such as hosiery for toeless shoes (Falke Shelina,Toeless Summer Pantyhose) ,
hosiery that provides support around the tummy (Panty Bra, Silhouette30, Sophie70), hosiery that mimics thigh-highs
and garters without the hassle
(Rodger Velvet, Lady15, Strip) and so on. All of these different types of
hosiery are proof that the fashion tights industry is constantly evolving.

Fashion tights,
and similar products are suited for many different purposes. Athletes wear
athletic tights and business women wear sheer tights under their skirts.
Finding the right pair of tights to suit your needs does not have to be
difficult since there are so many options out there, you simply need to know
where to look and do a little bit of shopping around to find what it is that
you are looking for. Having a nice collection of fashion tights and other
fashion tights will certainly benefit you in the long run.

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