New Brand, New Models, New Look

Less than two months to go and it will be an exciting new year for everyone!
  With that, we want to give something fresh to all of you out there with a
  new brand that we are introducing in our boutique. Perfect style, high
  quality, and utmost affordability are the three most important features
  that you will love about the Primavera brand.

  Primavera is known to be one of the leading companies that produce
  high quality woman’s hosiery items along with socks for men and
  children. The company’s humble beginnings can be traced back
  to 1964 at Castel Goffredo and through time, they were able to ride
  smoothly the waves of new technology. This led them to expand all the
  more and became more efficient and highly reliable when it comes to
  serving  their most valued clients.

The Primavera brand is known for being very intricate with their thread designs and styles, particularly with its composition. It is one true brand that you can depend on to genuine made in Italy. The Primavera products range from classic, fashion and sporty designs but we will feature some of their best women’s hosiery products.

Primavera models Shimmer, Lace, Melange,
Lucido, and many more are available now! All of these Primavera products that we have offer are of high quality material with the likings of Eco-Friendly as an eco leather pair, the Micro being set in micro legging with some tulle border, and many more that you would surely love to have!

Visit the site and order now!

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