From Hosieree With Love–New Arrivals From The Hosieree Brand!

As we approach the coming around of holiday season, we offer you warm and unique gift ideas with
our latest arrivals from the Hosieree brand! We have these warm yet trendy tights and leggings that
you can choose from perfect to be worn for your winter days ahead.

                                      Classic Opaque Tights Freedom
   These Freedom Classic Tights have a 50 Denier feature and can make
   your legs look sexier. Its material feels very soft to the skin and is very
   affordable at just $12.69. This style may be truly simple but it cannot be
   denied that these have been seen in various fashion runways and it can
   be made available too in bright and funky colors.
                                       Frou Frou Fashion Cotton Leggings
   This is one outstanding pair of leggings that come with a unique velvet
   ribbon by the ankle.It comes with a sleek finish and lets you remain
   fashionable during the cold winter months. It would go well with your
   usual winter attire of cable knits, boots and some jackets. It is made
   out of 55% cotton to make it utterly comfortable for your skin.
                                      Soft De Luxe Opaque Thigh Highs
   These are made in extra opaque style with a 70 Denier feature. With its
   floral lace design, it will truly make you feel more feminine and sexy as
   you pair it up with some stilettos.
                                      Tatuage Fashion Thigh Highs with Crystal Decoration
   This is the most seductive of all the new arrivals because of its three gold
   crystals embedded near the image of a rose by the ankle spot. This is
   made of 80% polyamide material.

Check out any of these brand new and genuine Hosieree items all made in Italy!

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