Fishnet Fashion – Then and Now

  The history of fishnets was never really clear that it was hard to tell
  how it originated. But all that is known about it is that it came to
  America by 1908 straight from France.Up until the sixties, fishnets
  were seen only worn by the so called ‘loose women’ and there were
  still stockings around which were held with garter belts. By the
  seventies, it was the punks who claimed these fishnets and women
  started wearing them under the micro-minis. It was only in the early
  parts of the nineties that the fishnets became more and more
  popular in the US, seeing them worn by models in fashion runways
  and at a common rate; they were sold to the market as fishnet
or pantyhose.

  By 2000, the fishnets became a sophisticated option for leg wear for
  women. Today these fishnets are seen as hot and sexy fashion that
  are really being demanded by a variety of markets, from older
  females down to the trendy teenagers. Many fashion businesses
  are also getting a lot of considerable income from offering items
  such as fishnet stockings and tights.

  The image of fishnet hosiery has greatly evolved from something of
  low class value to a world class thing of fashion. There are lots of
  hosiery brands that you can choose from in the market today but
  we greatly recommend that you start with our few trendy models
  like Lola,  Prestige and Carmen. So be trendy and get in touch with
  some real fashion with this fishnet hosiery!

23 thoughts on “Fishnet Fashion – Then and Now”

  1. I am 57 & when I was young when we wore fishnets they were just a stocking without any real shape or welt. We wore them under our flat knit RHT Nylons. Way different then todays fashion!

  2. Thank you for your valuable comment and sharing your experience. That creativity in good old days led us to the new hosiery products we can enjoy today.

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